She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 260 - Alchemy!

Chapter 260 - Alchemy!

Chapter 260 - Alchemy!

Nora slowly said, "Isn't the most common thing in our Harmonia Pharmacy, medicine?"

Melissa: "??"

Nora yawned. "Aunt, lend me a room in the pharmaceutical factory."

Melissa immediately nodded. "No problem!"

After Nora had lunch, Melissa brought her to the Andersons' pharmaceutical factory.

The Andersons' pharmaceutical factory was in the suburbs of New York. It looked very big and neat inside. When they walked in, they could smell the fragrance of medicine.

Sheril was here all year round. When she heard that they were here, she immediately welcomed them. "Mom, Sister, the empty laboratory is ready."

Melissa nodded. "Then I'll go back first. You guys can prepare."

She was a little worried.

The best medicine the Andersons had right now was the Carefree Pill. However, the pill had a price, and it was mass-produced. It was a big gift to give someone else 20 pills, but to Mrs. Hunt, it was only a few thousand dollars.

Was Nora's medicine okay as a present?

She was a little worried.

There was only a week left. She had to find something good so that Nora's pill wouldn't be looked down on and she wouldn't have to take it out to save the situation.

Therefore, Melissa went out early and returned late every day. She went to various auction houses to look for various gifts.

In the laboratory.

Nora only did the preparation work and did it for half a day. It was only at night that she finished preparing all kinds of things.

Sheril, who had been helping from the side, asked curiously, "Sister, what medicine are you going to make?"

Nora thought for a moment and replied, "Calming Pill."

Mrs. Hunt's brain was filled with bruises and lumps. If she took the Calming Pill for a while, it would be very effective.

Sheril immediately let out a sigh of relief. "Calming Pill? Our Harmonia Pharmacy has many of them, and they're very cheap. Just take some… No, the Calming Pill formula doesn't have these ingredients?"

The Calming Pill didn't have so many herbs?

Just as she thought about this, she heard Nora say slowly, "Yes, it's Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill."

Sheril was stunned. "Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill?"

The legendary Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill?

There were many types of Calming Pills.

However, Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill was definitely the best!

It was said that this Calming Pill was offered to the emperor in ancient times. It was similar to a Tao priest refining pills. The prescription was extremely complicated, and the herbs used were also very expensive!

Even with the current high level of technology, this pill was still very difficult to refine. Up until now, Dr. Zabe was probably the only one in the world who could refine one or two pills.

However, Nora actually knew how to make Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill?

She swallowed. "Sister, I heard that only one or two pills can be produced in a furnace. How many do you plan to give?"

Nora glanced at her. "Who said that only one or two pills can be produced in a furnace?"

Sheril: "??"

Dr. Zabe said so!

He had personally refined a batch three years ago and only produced one finished product. It had ruined a lot of medicinal herbs, causing his heart to ache so much that he never refined it again!

Nora rolled her eyes. Master could not perform well because he was old and could not control his behavior well.

This kind of problem would not happen to her.

However, the process was a little long and needed three days and four nights. With all this time, she might as well sleep. Therefore, she had not refined it over the years.

She said nothing.

Sheril decided not to speak anymore. She just looked at the expensive herbs Nora took over, with an aching heart.

There was an old manager at the pharmaceutical factory in Harmonia Pharmacy. He was also an old pharmacist and could be considered Sheril's master. At this moment, he stood outside the door and happened to overhear their conversation.

He waved Sheril over.

Sheril walked out.

The old pharmacist frowned and reprimanded, "Sheril, you guys are too reckless!! Are these hundred thousand dollars of herbs going to be wasted just like that? How can she possibly refine Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill?"

Although Sheril's heart also ached for the money, when she heard her master's words, she hurriedly explained, "Master, Sister Nora was the one who gave us the Carefree Pill formula. So even if money is wasted, it's nothing. My father and mother definitely won't feel the pinch."

The pharmacist sighed. "They only look at money, but do you only care for money too? Do you know how much the 500-year-old ginseng she took is worth now? We could only buy one or two from the entire country. This isn't a matter of money at all, okay? Don't you feel bad that she wasted it?"

Of course, her heart ached!

Now, everyone was growing ginseng artificially. Most of it was just decades old, and it was rare to find one that was centuries old.

These two 500-year-old ginsengs had been preserved by Harmonia Pharmacy. They could be considered the treasure of the store, and were priceless!

People had been asking for 500-year-old ginseng for a long time, but they still could not get one.

After all, most of the older ones had been sent to the auction. The value of ginseng had already far exceeded the medicinal value. Harmonia Pharmacy would not auction them. Most of the people who could auction them were like the Smiths and Hunts. But how could such families sell ginseng to Harmonia Pharmacy?

However, to make Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill, one needed ginseng that was this old!

Actually, if it could be made, this ginseng would definitely not be wasted. After all, the Calming Pill was much more valuable than the ginseng itself.

The problem was!

Dr. Zabe had only managed to refine one pill in a furnace. Could Sister Nora succeed?

The old pharmacist suggested, "Although other herbs are expensive, we can still buy them. Can you talk to your sister and exchange that ginseng for a 100-year one?! If she fails, we'll only lose money!"

When Sheril heard this, she fell into deep thought.

After a moment, she shook her head. "Master, Sister Nora's kindness to the Andersons is too great. I can't say anything about it."

The old pharmacist was instantly furious. He pointed at her forehead and scolded, "You, you're really a blockhead! The Andersons have fallen this far because none of you know how to make drugs! You're wasting herbs!! Even with a Carefree Pill, if you continue to be so willful in the future, you'll eventually go downhill!"

Sheril argued anxiously, "Master, you can't say that. What if Sister Nora really manages to master it?"

The old pharmacist had been working with the Andersons since he was young and had never attended school. He had learned the skills from an older generation and was loyal to the Andersons. At this moment, he was furious. The more he cursed, the more unpleasant he became. He took advantage of his seniority and said, "Dr. Zabe could only produce one pill. How can she master it at such a young age? Stop bragging! If she can master it, I, I won't need any salary in the future! But if she can't, you have to listen to me in the pharmaceutical factory in the future!"

When Sheril heard this, her eyes turned red.

She knew that her master was trying to put her in her place.

Ever since she came to the pharmaceutical factory, she had been using the introduction of new alchemy skills. Her master had been dissatisfied with her long ago, but she was the owner, and her master could only listen to her.

Now, he wanted to use this matter to have the right to speak in the refinery!

She took a deep breath. "Okay!"