She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 259 - Birthday Party

Chapter 259 - Birthday Party

Chapter 259 - Birthday Party

Mrs. Hunt paused and immediately said, "Yes, she will marry Justin to be Pete's stepmother. Iris, you know stepmothers can't possibly be good. Back then…"

Iris interrupted her again. "Not every stepmother in this world is like that mistress!"

Mrs. Hunt: ??

She was stunned by Iris' words. After thinking for a while, she tried to ask, "But what if she gives birth to a child for Justin again?"

"Mom, I think you're mistaken." Iris' voice was cold.

Mrs. Hunt was stunned.

Iris said slowly, "Being a mother and being a wife is different. A mother wants her son to be better. Justin is getting married, and it'll be good for him to have a woman to please him and take care of him in the future. Isn't that what you told me back then?"

Mrs. Hunt clenched her jaw. "Iris, are you still blaming me?"

"No." Iris' answer was very simple. "I don't blame anyone. If I have to say it, I only blame my bad luck."

As soon as she said this, she hung up.

Mrs. Hunt looked at her phone in a daze. After a while, she sighed deeply and looked at Mdm. Lea. "She still hates me."

Mdm. Lea looked at Mrs. Hunt and wanted to say something, but she hesitated. In the end, she said something fair. "It has been quite difficult for her all these years."

She had stayed at the Hunts for her son.

However, she could not love her son affectionately. This was much more bitter than what Justin's father had suffered.

Mrs. Hunt sighed as Cherry's voice came from the door. "Great-Grandmother, I'm here~"

Mrs. Hunt immediately looked at the door in joy and saw Justin striding in with a smile. His appearance stunned her. She smiled and asked, "Why are you so happy today?"

Justin's expression froze as he asked, "Am I?"

Mdm. Lea teased, "You can't even suppress the corners of your mouth. Aren't you happy? Mr. Hunt, did something good happen today? Tell us, so we can be happy too!"

When Justin heard this, he thought of how he had had dinner with Nora tonight and could not help but smile again.

Seeing that he was silent, Cherry raised her hand. "I'll talk, I'll talk! Daddy had dinner with Mommy tonight. That's why Daddy is happy, right?"

Mrs. Hunt was stunned.

She turned to look at Justin again.

In her impression, this grandson had always been stern. Even after signing a huge contract and earning a few hundred million, he had never smiled like he did today.

It had been five years since he last smiled like this. At that time, he had just brought Pete back. After pulling him back from the brink of death, he had done a DNA test and realized that Pete was indeed his son.

He had hardly ever smiled like this before.

Mrs. Hunt lowered her eyes and touched Cherry's head. "Is that so? No wonder."

She suddenly looked at Justin and said, "Justin, it's my 80th birthday in a week. We can hold a party this year, right?"

Justin was stunned when he heard this.

Ever since his father left and his grandfather passed away, his grandmother had been eating vegetarian food and reading Buddhism. She had never liked the liveliness of birthday parties.

Every year on her birthday, the entire family would gather together for a meal. They had never organized a big banquet before.

Why did she suddenly…

However, he did not ask further and immediately agreed. "Okay. Let Mdm. Lea and Mr. Long handle the party. I'll prepare a guest list."

Mrs. Hunt smiled. "Alright, invite Miss Smith over as well."

Only then did Justin realize that Mrs. Hunt's birthday celebration was actually for Nora.

However, if Nora came over, they could at least publicize their relationship so that the outside world would not have to keep guessing.

He nodded. "Yes."

After chatting for a while more about the details of the birthday banquet, Justin left with Cherry. Mdm. Lea stood beside Mrs. Hunt. "Mrs. Hunt, are you… trying to use this method to persuade Miss Smith to leave?"

Mrs. Hunt's birthday banquet would definitely shock all the influential people in New York.

At that time, if the people from small families could not handle that scene, they would automatically retreat.

However, Mrs. Hunt did not seem to hear this. Her gaze was only fixed on Justin at the door. She suddenly said, "Mdm. Lea, how long has it been since we last saw Justin with such a relaxing smile?"

Mdm. Lea was stunned.

Mrs. Hunt sighed. "Actually, how good would it be if he could smile like this every day? Even I wavered a little just now. If that Miss Smith could make him happy by marrying her, shouldn't I give in a little?"

Mdm. Lea understood her thoughts. She walked to her side and held her shoulder. "Mrs. Hunt, you're not only Mr. Hunt's grandmother, but you're also the Matriarch of the Hunts."

These words made Mrs. Hunt's expression darken.


She had devoted her entire life to the Hunts. Just like back then… when her grandson was only five years old, she would definitely have favored her son more.

However, for the sake of the Hunts, she still chased her son away and kept her grandson with her.

She was not only a mother, but she was also the Matriarch of the Hunts.

The trace of guilt that she had felt instantly disappeared.

She could not disregard the Hunts' reputation just because Justin was happy for a moment.

The Matriarch of the Hunts could not be such a lowly woman like Nora!

She took a deep breath and suddenly looked at Mdm. Lea. "Remember to invite that lady from the Smiths over on my birthday."

Mdm. Lea understood what she meant and nodded. "Yes."


The next day at the Andersons'.

"What gift did you prepare?"

When Melissa woke up in the morning and received the invitation, she had a headache. She complained to Mrs. Anderson, "They're holding a special banquet for Mrs. Hunt's birthday this year. Moreover, our relationship is different now. We can't afford not to bring out valuable gifts. But what kind of treasure have the Hunts not seen? What can we send that would bring out new meaning and show our magnanimity?"

Mrs. Anderson rubbed her temples as well. "I hate thinking about gifts the most, especially a gift for Mrs. Hunt. She has high standards. Sigh! But why don't you ask Nora? She might have some good ideas."

It was almost noon. When Nora went downstairs, she heard Melissa say worriedly, "Nora, you're finally awake! Mrs. Hunt's birthday is a week from now and she has invited our entire family. What do you think we should give her?"


Nora paused for a moment before smiling. "Don't worry. I know what to give her."

After all, she was Pete and Cherry's grandmother. It was only right that she did her best.

Melissa was curious. "What are you planning to send?"