She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 258 - The Secret!

Chapter 258 - The Secret!

Chapter 258 - The Secret!

When Nora saw these words, her eyes narrowed.

It was an anonymous message.

She picked it up casually. Before the traffic light turned green, her fingers moved nimbly to trace the sender's number. However, she realized that the phone number had not been registered with an identity card.

She hacked into his phone again, trying to find his location.

In the blink of an eye, she had locked onto him!

Position: New York!

The exact location was near her car!

When she saw that the red dot was less than a few meters away from her green position, the other party seemed to have sensed her tracking. The red dot flickered a few times and disappeared.

Nora clenched her fists tightly and suddenly looked around.

Although it was already 9 PM, there were still many cars on the road in New York. Because of the traffic lights, most of the cars behind were already blocked.

In other words, that person's car was also blocked inside.

She unbuckled her seatbelt and instructed Pete, "Stay in the car."

Hearing her grave tone, Pete nodded in understanding. "Okay."

He was not afraid because, on the way home, he knew that Justin had assigned a few bodyguards to secretly protect him.

After Nora got out of the car, the car made a clicking sound and was locked up to prevent the bad guys from taking Pete away.

Nora then ran in the direction she remembered.

From the map, she could tell that the other party was less than 200 meters away from her.

The car was not more than 200 meters away from her…

She used her eyes to estimate and agilely weaved through the cars.

100 meters… 150 meters…

The traffic light was relatively long. It took about 90 seconds to go green, and it took her 80 seconds to locate the other party and get there. There were still 10 seconds!

If she could not find that person, she might miss this opportunity.

Although Justin had said that she had killed the other party back then, she had no memory of it at all.

Therefore, even if Justin remembered that night, the two of them had still been schemed against.

The person who had schemed against them and made her give birth to two children was a mystery. As for how she got pregnant, it was even more of a mystery.

And the mystery was only 50 meters away.

Nora took a few steps forward suddenly. The cars beside her were already honking impatiently. There were too many cars in New York, and the roads were filled with cars.

200 meters!

About seven to eight cars were parked 200 meters away from her!

She walked over quickly and knocked on the window of the first car.

The car window rolled down and the driver looked at her impatiently. "What are you doing? Do you want to die?"

That person's expression was very real. It was obvious that he was a passerby.

It wasn't him.

Nora walked around him and continued to walk back.

But at this point!


A car suddenly honked. Nora was stunned. She turned around and saw a black Land Rover parked two cars away from this car.

The car window rolled down, revealing a familiar face. "Miss Smith, what are you doing?"

This person was… Morris, Captain Ford!

While she was in a daze, the traffic light in front changed. The cars started to move, but because Nora's car was parked in front, this line of cars could not move.

Seeing the two cars driving away slowly, Nora was no longer anxious. Instead, she narrowed her eyes and looked at Morris. "Captain Ford, what a coincidence. Why are you here?"

Morris looked ahead, his cold face sharp and clear. "Miss Smith, I should be the one asking you this, right? If you stop the car, it will seriously affect the traffic rules. It will be a violation of the rules and you will be fined. Of course, if you still don't leave, I'm afraid it will be so serious that your driver's license will be revoked."

Nora was unmoved. "This is the traffic police's jurisdiction, right? Captain Ford even cares about this?"

Morris was expressionless, but he took out a document from the car and handed it to her. "Special Case Departments, I have the right to ask about all illegal matters."



"F*ck? What's going on in front? Why aren't you driving?"

"Is it an accident? Or did the car break down?"


The other drivers started honking wildly. Some got out of the car and looked forward.

Nora knew that she could not delay anymore, so she nodded at Morris. "I'll leave now."

She looked around again but did not see any familiar cars. Then, she walked forward and followed the cars to the front.

A driver in the back had already gotten out of the car and was pointing at her nose and shouting, "What are you doing? Do you have any courtesy? Don't you know you're delaying us by stopping here?"

However, when he raised her head, he could clearly see that it was a young lady's face. This lady was also as beautiful as a fairy. Furthermore, although Nora did not smile, her apology was still considered sincere. "I'm sorry. I'll leave now."

She was simply using her beauty to commit murder.

The driver's cursing voice became softer and warmer. "It's fine, it's fine. It was just a minute. Let's go!"

Nora got into the car and started it. The cars parked behind her then returned to normal traffic.

On the way home, she looked ahead with a serious expression.

Who was the person who had followed her and controlled her pregnancy back then?

Why was Morris around her again? Was he the one who had sent her the message?

Once or twice could be a coincidence, but so many times? What was his motive?

Also, special department… What was that? Why had she never heard of such a department?!


At the Hunts'.

Mrs. Hunt frowned. After thinking about it for an entire day, she finally decided to make a move. "Although they don't admit it now, once they do, it'll be too late for them to acknowledge it! I can't control them in this matter, but someone can."

Mdm. Lea was stunned. "Who?"

Mrs. Hunt took out her phone and made a call that she had not made in a long time. The moment the call was picked up, she lowered her eyes and slowly said, "Iris, this is Mom. I'm calling you for the sake of Justin and Pete…"

Iris's attitude was very cold, but she didn't hang up. Instead, she asked, "What? What do you want me to do this time?"

When Mrs. Hunt heard the words "this time," she instantly felt guilty, but she still hardened her heart and said, "Justin likes a woman from a small family. She definitely can't be Pete's stepmother! You're probably the only person in the world who can stop him! You…"

Before she could finish, Iris sneered and asked, "Stepmother?"