She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 252 - Nora Is Pete's Biological Mother??

Chapter 252 - Nora Is Pete's Biological Mother??

Chapter 252 - Nora Is Pete's Biological Mother??

Melissa looked over subconsciously, but the moment she lifted her head, she froze all of a sudden.

She stared incredulously at the child running in, and swallowed hard. Cherry also noticed her while she was running in. The little fellow came to a stop, and a touch of surprise appeared in her big round eyes.

An astonished Melissa said, "Ch…"

But before she could say '… erry, why are you back?', the little fellow suddenly exclaimed, "Ooh! Hi, Grand-aunt!"

She interrupted Melissa, ran up to her, and sat on her lap.

Melissa: "?"

She couldn't understand how Cherry could go in and out of the Hunts' residence at will. Moreover, she had clearly come from the inner premises. Shouldn't she be in the car going back to the Andersons right now?

While she was in a daze, Mrs. Hunt frowned and asked, "Grand… Aunt? Pete, do the two of you know each other?"

Cherry nodded at once. "Uh-huh! Great-Grandma, this is Grand-Aunt. Grand-Aunt, this is my great-grandmother~"

Even more question marks filled Melissa's mind: ???

She suddenly turned to Mrs. Hunt and asked, "W-what did you call the child just now?"

Pete? What Pete?

Before Mrs. Hunt could explain, Cherry said, "Don't you remember who I am, Grand-Aunt? I'm Pete Hunt! My father is Justin Hunt!"

Then, she looked at Mrs. Hunt again and said, "Are they the guests you were talking about, Great-Grandma? I've been to their house! Daddy took me there before, yeah!"

Cherry's young and tender voice rang out in the living room, shocking Melissa so badly that she was practically crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

What nonsense was Cherry spouting?

Pete Hunt? What nonsens…

No, wait, Hunt?

And 'Great-Grandma'…

'My father is Justin Hunt'…

She looked at Cherry, who was in her arms, in disbelief after connecting the pieces of crucial information. She swallowed hard and asked, "Y-your father is Justin Hunt?"

Justin was the father of Nora's child???

Cherry blinked at her and replied, "Uh-huh! My father is Justin Hunt, and I am his son, yeah!"

She deliberately placed emphasis on the word 'son'. Then, she asked, "Where's my sister? Didn't she come?"

If Pete had come, he would definitely find a way to escape!

There was absolutely no way he would stay!

Cherry understood her elder brother very well, so there weren't any loopholes in her words at all.

The dumbfounded Melissa's mind was a complete blank.

Mrs. Hunt, however, was very displeased with how close and intimate the two of them were. She beckoned to Cherry and said, "Come to Great-Grandma, Pete."

Cherry nodded and ran to Mrs. Hunt.

After getting her to sit beside her, Mrs. Hunt looked at Melissa and asked with a fake smile, "So, Justin has already paid your family a visit?"

Melissa: "…"

When had he ever paid them a visit?!

But when she thought of what Pete had said just now…

She looked again at Cherry, who was sitting beside Mrs. Hunt obediently…

The child in front of her felt more like the Cherry whom Nora had brought with her from California. On the contrary, it was the Cherry, who was always so quiet and taciturn lately, that felt more like she would be the little mister of the Hunts…

Could it be that…

Everything suddenly clicked in her head in this instant.

She looked at Mrs. Hunt again, who said with a smile, "You mustn't be so casual with your terms of address, Pete. You should call her Mrs. Anderson instead."

Cherry blinked. "But Daddy told me to call her Grand-Aunt!"

The clever Cherry had long since discovered that everyone in this family became fearful the moment she brought her father into the picture!

Sure enough, Mrs. Hunt didn't make any more mention about changing the term of address. Instead, she looked at Melissa with a smile and said, "Would you just look at this child? He's just so innocent that he can't even distinguish between who's family and who's not. That said, it's not really a big issue even if he goes along with it and addresses you as Grand-Aunt."

Mrs. Hunt could tell from Cherry's attitude that Justin had already taken care of everything long ago. Knowing that there was no way she could stop the marriage anymore, she heaved a silent sigh inwardly.

In that case, there were some things that must be made clear.

She took a deep breath and said with a smile, "Mrs. Anderson, I asked you over because there's something I want to talk to you about. I should think that you're already aware that Ms. Smith and Justin are dating. What are your thoughts on this? Also, our family has high hopes for Pete. Surely the Andersons won't mind if he becomes close to his biological mother in the future, right?"

Although they didn't know who Pete's biological mother was, they would eventually find her.

In Mrs. Hunt's opinion, no one could compare to their own blood relatives.

It was just like Iris back then. For Justin's sake, hadn't she also willingly suffered injustice for so many years? She was the only person in this world who didn't harbor any thoughts of using Justin and treated him well.

Although she didn't know why Justin had never made any mention of Pete's biological mother, these thoughts of hers had never once changed.

Melissa had already recovered from her shock and consternation by now. As expected of someone who had experienced so much in life, the woman had already understood everything during these short few moments.

No wonder Nora had kept in contact with Justin. As it turned out, the father of her children was none other than Justin himself!

Although she didn't know how Nora and Justin had come to have children, or what exactly had happened back then, what she did know right now was that Mrs. Hunt was obviously unaware that Nora was Pete's biological mother!

She coughed and asked, "Do you know where Pete's biological mother is, Mrs. Hunt?"

Mrs. Hunt, however, misunderstood her.

She thought what Melissa meant was—how was Pete going to become close with his biological mother when they didn't even know where she was?

At once, Mrs. Hunt smiled and replied very meaningfully, "Of course, I do."

Melissa: "??"

Then, Mrs. Hunt puffed herself up at her own cost and said, "It's said that mothers and their children share a connection. You should have heard of that saying before, right? You're also a mother yourself, so you must know how a mother feels toward their children. Although there are some misunderstandings between Justin and her, for the boy's sake, I think Justin will eventually forgive her."

She looked at Melissa again after she spoke, and thought of a way to get her to back down. She said, "Of course, if Ms. Smith doesn't mind, then it's not a problem."

Melissa: "…"

The corners of her lips spasmed a little. She suddenly felt very much like laughing.

She asked, "How do you feel about his biological mother, then?"

Mrs. Hunt became domineering this time. She replied, "I don't care who she is. She deserves my gratitude just for giving birth to such an excellent successor for the Hunts!"

Her words were filled with heartfelt sincerity.

Pete was simply too outstanding. Even his IQ showed signs of surpassing Justin's!

Melissa glanced at Cherry when she heard what Mrs. Hunt said, and she couldn't help but laugh. She suddenly felt like it didn't seem that bad for Nora to marry into the Hunts, either?

Her smile baffled Mrs. Hunt.. "What are you laughing at, Mrs. Anderson?"