She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 253 - Visiting God-Sis

Chapter 253 - Visiting God-Sis

Chapter 253 - Visiting God-Sis

Melissa lowered her gaze and hurriedly reined in her smile. "I was just amused, that's all. These are the Hunts' private affairs. I shouldn't be asking about it."

"Our private affairs?" Mrs. Hunt frowned. "It's not really just our private affairs anymore, is it? Aren't Ms. Smith and Justin in a relationship right now?"

Melissa feigned surprise. "Are the two youngsters dating? I really wouldn't know about that."

She didn't know what Nora's plans were, so there was no way she would agree to any sort of request.

Mrs. Hunt: ??

What was the matter with her?

Melissa wasn't that wary and cautious anymore all of a sudden!

Was it really like what Justin said? Nora Smith wasn't interested in him?

That… wasn't quite possible, was it? Which girl could possibly resist the temptation that was Justin Hunt?

However, since Melissa had already put it that way, she couldn't go on about the topic anymore. She changed the subject tactfully and invited Melissa to stay for dinner.

However, Melissa declined the invitation and hurried back to the Andersons before dinner.

As soon as she entered the compound, she saw the usually asleep Nora looking at her. Her brows were drawn together as she asked, "I heard from Pete that you went to the Hunts'?"


So, the child in their house was indeed the Hunts' little mister!

The news astounded Melissa so badly that her legs turned into jelly the moment she got out of the car. She held Nora's arm for support, grabbed her hand, and asked, "Nora, Cherry and Pete are…?"

"They are twins," replied Nora simply.

Melissa swallowed. Even though she had already guessed it, she nevertheless couldn't help but ask hesitantly, "And Justin is their…?"

"He's their father."

Nora sounded very sure.

In the past, she was sure because Justin must have already done a DNA test for himself and Pete. As for now, it was because Lily had already compared Justin's DNA with the twins', and Justin was indeed their father.

She still remembered what Lily had said then:

"Oh, by the way, I also checked the father's IQ genes while I was doing the DNA test, and it's astonishingly high. It's at the highest end of the range of values for normal people though, so it's still a teensy-weensy, itty-bitty bit inferior to your crazy IQ."

Since she had emphasized how minimal the difference was, it meant that there really wasn't much of one.

However, Nora had been more concerned about the children at the time. "What about the children?"

"… The children's IQs are also out of this world. Pete has the same IQ genes as you—in fact, they're even a bit better. As for Cherry, hers is even crazier. Her IQ is the average of yours and her father's, so it's even higher."

Nora: "…"

Her IQ was obviously a 'teensy-weensy, itty-bitty bit' higher than Justin's. Pete was a boy, so he had fully inherited his IQ genes from her. It was normal for it to be slightly higher than hers.

However, Cherry's was the average of hers and Justin's, so how was it higher than Pete's?

Nora's lip corners spasmed. "You must be mistaken."

An exceptionally serious Lily replied, "Please do not question my professional abilities, Anti. I personally carried out all the tests involving your DNA."

Nora: "…"

Before she hung up, she made it a point to remind her, "Please delete all the data."

"No problem."


Melissa stared at the girl in front of her in shock.

The unattainable Justin was every girl's dream in New York.

When her daughter Sheril met him at a party when she was young, even she had come back saying, "He's the most handsome boy I've ever seen! And he also has an air of elegance around him!"

At that time, Melissa had immediately warned her, "Even so, you mustn't develop feelings for him. People like him can't be tamed."

Sheril had immediately understood then that some people were simply favored by God from the start.

Yet, their Nora had conquered that unattainable man?

An astonished Melissa asked, "Are two of you really going to get married?"

Although Mrs. Hunt looked down on the Andersons—in fact, she even had something against them because Yvette had broken her son's heart in the past—after her chat with her earlier, Melissa was now sure of something: Once Mrs. Hunt realized that Nora was Pete's biological mother and that she could even bring an additional Cherry to the Hunts, Mrs. Hunt would probably treat Nora as the Hunts' most honored guest!

Nora yawned and replied, "No, we're not."

Then, she added seriously, "I've never entertained that thought before."

Melissa nodded. The next moment, she saw Nora pick up her cell phone and make a call. The other party answered very quickly.

"Hello, Ms. Smith. Are you calling me this late because you miss me?"

Nora said, "… Keep your family members in check."

Justin: "?"

Nora was cold and distant as she said, "Don't harass the Andersons."

Justin understood at once. "Was it Grandma?"

"Yeah." Nora said unhurriedly, "She told my aunt to go over and discuss marriage plans."


"Mr. Hunt," Nora said, "Didn't we already reach an agreement about not believing in getting married?"

Melissa: "!!!"

Was that how Nora usually talked to Mr. Hunt?

Why did her voice sound like it was brimming with disdain?!

Mr. Hunt would definitely become angry, right?

While her imagination was running wild, the voice on the other end of the call said, "It's my fault."

Melissa: "????"

Was that the same Mr. Hunt who was always so aloof and overlooked others from high up in the air?!

Why did he sound a little like he was trying to please Nora?

Nora, who also didn't expect him to admit his mistake, raised her eyebrows a little.

For the first time, she developed the illusion that she was being too much of a bully.

While she was thinking about it, Justin, who sounded even more aggrieved now, said, "I will keep my family members properly in check. Grandma was just hoping that I would have my own family soon. I know you're a non-believer of marriage though, so I won't force you into anything."


Nora kept quiet for a long while. At last, she finally coughed and said, "Actually, you can be with other women…"

"Ms. Smith," Justin interrupted her solemnly and said, "You were the one who fell in love with me first, so you mustn't push me away now."

Nora: "…"

"In order to get close to me, you used all sorts of ways and means to get close to my son. You're the only one that he acknowledges as his Mommy now, so you can't just wash all this off your hands and leave. If you do that, not only would you be letting me down, but you'll also be letting Pete down."


"Don't worry. I won't force you if you're unwilling to marry me. After all, I can't let you down when you're so in love with me. Even if Grandma is really old now and wants to see me get married… it doesn't matter. Everything is fine as long as you are happy."


Nora wanted very much to say that he really didn't need to do that, yet she felt that if she were to say that without explaining everything clearly, she would end up sounding like a scumbag.

The corners of her lips spasmed a little. In the end, she could only humbly and guiltily hang up, feeling as if she had bullied someone.

As soon as she hung up, she received another call. When she picked up, Iris' voice rang out. "Ms. Smith, are you free now?"

"Yes, I am. What's the matter?" asked Nora.

Iris said, "I have a pot of flowers here that's dying. Can you come over and take a look at it?"

Nora thought for a moment and replied, "Okay."

At the same time, Justin also received a call from Mrs. Landis. "Mr.. Justin, please come over with Pete if you're free."