She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 251 - Meeting

Chapter 251 - Meeting

Chapter 251 - Meeting

The first to enter was the butler.

He looked a little surprised, but he still held it in. When he saw Mrs. Hunt, he bowed. "Madam, Ms. Melissa is here."

Only then did he move aside and reveal the person behind him.

Melissa was wearing a casual family suit. She did not look like she had specially dressed up. However, her clothes were fitting and elegant. She was smiling as well, but her smile was appropriate and did not appear flattering. She was poised and composed.

When Mrs. Hunt saw her, she nodded secretly.

At least in this outfit, she was not the type to curry favor with the Hunts, and would not be hated.

She looked at Melissa and behind her. After a while, she asked in surprise, "Where's the child?"

When she said this, Melissa revealed an awkward expression.

She looked at the butler and felt a little uncomfortable when she thought of the situation earlier.

Just now, when Melissa looked at Pete, she realized that he was hugging his head and burying it on the sofa in the backseat. After she spoke, he directly said gloomily, "Aunt, my… my stomach hurts. I want to go home…"

Melissa was shocked and hurriedly asked, "Where does your stomach hurt? Why are you feeling uncomfortable? Cherry, let me take a look!"

"I don't want to," Pete said firmly. "I want to go home and find Mommy. Mommy is a doctor. She can treat all illnesses."

Melissa was anxious. "Then I'll accompany you back."

No matter how important it was, it was not as important as the child.

However, just as she finished speaking, she saw Pete look up from inside the car. He blinked at her and said softly, "I'm fine. It's just that this butler uncle looks too scary. I don't want to get out of the car. I want to go home and find Mom."

Melissa: "…"

The butler, who had taken the blame for no reason: "…"

The butler touched his face. If he had not always been famous for being polite and gentlemanly, he would have felt like a monster!

Look at how frightened the little kid was!

Melissa was helpless as well. She coaxed Pete to get out of the car again. "Cherry, Uncle Butler is very kind. If you get out of the car, he'll take you out to play with toys and eat delicious food, okay?"

Pete shook his head like a rattle drum. "I don't, I don't want to. I want to go home and find Mommy!"

Melissa: "Cherry, you're being rude~"

Pete retorted seriously, "I'm a child. I'm unreasonable!"

Melissa, "…"

Pete said, "Besides, bringing me in like this is embarrassing. You might as well let me go home to Mommy."

Melissa: "…"

She had been convinced!

In the end, she could only get out of the car and get the chauffeur to send Cherry home first. The chauffeur would pick her up later.

Facing Mrs. Hunt's question, Melissa could only explain, "The child is very clingy to her mother. She didn't see her mother and wanted to go home. I got the chauffeur to send her back first. Mrs. Hunt, how have you been lately?"

Looking for her mother?

Mrs. Hunt glanced at the butler and saw him nod.

She looked down on Nora even more.

She had indeed grown up in a small place and was not generous at all. Her daughter was also so willful. She had already arrived at the door and had left again.

As she thought this, she revealed some impatience on the surface.

She pointed to the chair beside her. "Have a seat first."

Melissa's body stiffened.

This condescending attitude was obvious, and even though she was experienced and concealed her expression, she still revealed a little impatience. It made Melissa very uncomfortable.

After she sat down, Mrs. Hunt smiled and said, "You can't spoil a child too much."

Melissa lowered her eyes. Although Cherry had indeed lost her composure today, she still protected her own family. She smiled. "You're right. However, Cherry is a delicate girl. Aren't all wealthy families raising their daughters like gems? This has always been the case in our family. Our daughters are all very precious! Boys are tougher, on the other hand."

In other words, "Our girls are willful! Nora is also very willful!"

Melissa felt that she could not lower her stance and blindly pander to her. She had to tell Mrs. Hunt that Nora had also been pampered by the Andersons since she was young!

Mrs. Hunt understood and smiled. "Isn't this how wealthy families raise their children? But why do I hear that Nora grew up in California?"

Melissa smiled. "Yes, my elder sister married into California back then and set up a company there. However, it's more difficult to raise children there. Nora's good skin is all because of her. Also, you haven't seen her fingers before. They're as fair as freshly peeled onions without any creases."

Mrs. Hunt smiled and remained silent.

Mdm. Lea said, "That's because you raised her too carefully. The boys in our family are raised roughly. Our family has only raised one child who is not rough. That child is our Young Master. Sir raised him himself since he was young."

Mdm. Lea smiled. "Sir fed Little Young Master milk powder and changed his diaper. Speaking of which, even in an ordinary family, a father who can do this is already a good father. Moreover, our Sir highly values Little Young Master. He never left his side for more than three days since he was young and even taught him personally… At that time, we said that we would find a mother for Little Young Master. Sir said that the child was still young and was afraid that a stepmother would be bad. We would talk about it when the child grew up. He even said that he wanted to find someone from a small family. Someone who would not dare to bully Little Young Master. Speaking of which, Little Young Master is already five years old!"

In other words: Justin cared about the Little Young Master the most. Even if he married, it could not affect the Little Young Master's status.

Melissa clenched her fists.

After Nora marries Justin, it was her freedom to have children or not. However, the Hunts were clearly looking down on them by saying all this in advance.

What small family?

She was instantly furious, and her smile stiffened.

Mrs. Hunt scolded, "Mdm. Lea, what nonsense are you talking about? The Andersons aren't a small family!"

Mdm. Lea immediately slapped her mouth gently. "Ms. Melissa, don't take it to heart. I didn't think before I spoke. That's not what I meant. Of course, the Andersons are not a small family. Your Carefree Pills are too famous. Even our family has a few for emergencies."

Melissa: "…"

She clenched her fists tightly, but she knew that even if this marriage did not succeed, they could not fall out. After all, the Andersons could not compare to the Hunts.

However, she had already made up her mind to persuade Nora to break up with Justin.

She could not marry into such a family!

As she was thinking to herself, a clear and cute voice suddenly sounded. "Great-Grandmother, is my little sister here?"

With that, a small figure ran over.