She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 250 - The Past

Chapter 250 - The Past

Chapter 250 - The Past

Meeting a sister?

Cherry had always liked to make friends. Her eyes immediately lit up. "Is she good-looking?"

Mrs. Hunt: ?

The corners of her lips twitched as she smiled. "I don't know yet, but she definitely isn't as good-looking as our Pete."

Although Mrs. Hunt's words were biased, Pete was indeed the most exquisite and good-looking child she had ever seen.

He was even more exquisite than Justin back then.

Cherry grinned. "Great-Grandmother, don't say that. I'll be shy!"

Mrs. Hunt: "…"

She felt that Pete had become even cuter and lively!

She hugged him. "Our Pete is so cute! Great-Grandmother will give you a gift later!"

At the mention of a gift, Cherry immediately stood up. "Great-Grandmother, since I'm meeting my new sister, I'll prepare a gift for her! Wait a minute~"

With that, she ran over to the toy room.

Ever since Cherry became close to Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Hunt would call her over to play sometimes. Therefore, she had prepared a little toy room for Cherry inside her room.

Of course, most of them were cars, and there were very few teddy bears.

But there were still some.

Cherry choose a plush toy and planned to give it to the new girl.

As she watched Cherry run away, Mrs. Hunt slowly retracted her gaze and wiped the smile off her face. She said to the butler beside her, "Pete's personality is a little too good."

The housekeeper, Mdm. Lea, had followed Mrs. Hunt when she got married to the Hunts back then. Although she had been married and had children all these years, she had always stayed by Mrs. Hunt's side and helped her manage the family matters.

Mdm. Lea nodded. "He's too approachable. He doesn't have the arrogance he had when he was silent in the past."

Mrs. Hunt lowered her head. "What do you think we should do if Pete really likes this sister?"

One of the reasons why she asked Melissa to bring cherry over was because she wanted the two children to have a conflict. This way, Pete would resist this marriage.

She really understood Justin too well.

Once he made up her mind, he would not change it again.

Actually, she did not agree to this marriage.

After all, if the Madam of the Hunts was a woman who had given birth and married into the family with a child, she would become the laughing stock of the entire New York.

However, if she resisted, Justin would definitely not listen to her.

Justin's only weakness was Pete.

As long as his son disagreed, this marriage would not be possible.

Mdm. Lea glanced at Mrs. Hunt and lowered her head. "They're children, there will always be conflicts when they interact. After all, if they steal each other's toys… It won't be surprising if they fight."

If they were to fight…

Mrs. Hunt's eyelids did not move, but her eyes darted around before she smiled. "Okay, as long as you arrange it."

After saying that, she sighed deeply. "Speaking of which, this is the first time in so many years that I've schemed against Justin."

Mdm. Lea hurriedly comforted her. "You're doing this for his own good. I don't know what's wrong with Mister. He must have been bewitched to fall for such an immoral woman. The future head of the Hunts definitely can't be such a woman."

When she heard this, Mrs. Hunt lowered her eyes and nodded. Then, she slowly said, "Justin said that he hasn't succeeded in wooing that girl. Actually, this is all because of the Andersons… You don't know this, but back then, his father had also taken a liking to Yvette. He was so obsessed with her…"

Mrs. Hunt felt a little uncomfortable at the mention of the past.

Actually, if the woman Justin liked was not from the Andersons, it might have been better. But she was actually Yvette's daughter…

How much trouble had Yvette caused in New York back then?

Even her son, Justin's father, had been infatuated with Yvette. He had even fought with Ian because of her.

In the end…

Mrs. Hunt nagged. "Yvette chose Ian, and only then did my son leave. But from then on, Justin's father seemed to have become a different person. He used to be such a progressive person. Later on, he didn't care about the marriage anymore. I helped him choose Justin's mother. When I asked him for his opinion, he said that it was fine. As long as it wasn't her, he didn't care who it was, and it was up to me to arrange."

Mrs. Hunt was full of complaints. "I was too anxious back then. I wanted him to get back on his feet and choose Iris, who was not inferior to Yvette. This Iris comes from a better family than Yvette, and she's well-educated. It's just that she doesn't like to be in the limelight, so her reputation isn't as great as Yvette's. But she's really not inferior to her…"

"After they got married, they treated each other with respect. However, Iris was too stubborn. When she found out that he already had someone outside, she couldn't bear it anymore. But in a wealthy marriage, isn't it normal for a man to have one or two mistresses outside? The marriage was based on two good surnames. Even the old man was very infatuated when he was young…"

When Mdm. Lea heard this, she hurriedly interrupted her. "Madam isn't bad. At least, Justin's father's outcome was better than the one in the Smiths…"

Her words stunned Mrs. Hunt. She asked, "I heard that the person from the Smiths is dying?"

Mdm. Lea sighed. "Isn't that so? Back then, he and Justin's father were the two elites of New York. Although Yvette chose Ian, Ian didn't even have a child with her in the end! Now that he's terminally ill, I heard he won't live for long. In comparison, Justin's father is at least still alive…"

Mrs. Hunt sighed again.

At the same time, she was even more dissatisfied with Nora and hated the Andersons even more.

Although they all knew that it was his own fault that Justin's father had come to this point and that the Old Master had given up on him, as his biological mother, she was still filled with anticipation for the brilliant Boss from back then.

In the end, her son had fallen into dire straits. On one hand, she blamed her son for being disappointing. On the other hand, it was convenient for her to vent her anger on the Andersons.

She had her own bottom line.

At the very least, they had not kicked the Andersons while they were down for so many years.

Moreover, Yvette had passed away many years ago, and the Andersons were gradually falling into decline. Logically speaking, everything that had happened in the past was already in the past. After so many years, she could not even remember the Andersons anymore.

If Nora was not Yvette's child, perhaps she would not be so harsh to her.

As she was thinking, she heard footsteps outside.

Mdm. Lea hurriedly reminded her, "Madam, they're here."

Mrs. Hunt immediately sat up straight and looked sharply at the door.

That woman thought highly of herself and refused to come over.. Therefore, she would first take a look at her child and see what she looked like. After all, the daughter would surely be a miniature version of her mother!