She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 249 - Returning To The Hunts

Chapter 249 - Returning To The Hunts

Chapter 249 - Returning To The Hunts

After chatting for a while more, Melissa hung up and went to chat with Mrs. Anderson.

Melissa was worried. "Mrs. Hunt's attitude is quite good, but I don't know if this is her basic upbringing or if she's very satisfied with Nora."

Mrs. Anderson sighed. "If she was satisfied, she wouldn't have called early in the morning to ask Nora to come over."

Melissa clenched her jaw and did not speak.

Mrs. Hunt's behavior was actually very rude.

When ordinary children fell in love, the man would definitely be more proactive. However, there was no reason for an elder to directly call the girl over to their house.

If they really wanted to see what she looked like, most of them would visit personally.

In ancient times, if the royal family took a liking to someone, they would summon them to the palace to take a look.

Therefore, this made Melissa and Mrs. Anderson very uncomfortable.

Although the Andersons were already in dire straits, they were still a prominent family. They were not a small family in New York.

Mrs. Anderson sighed deeply and said the main point. "It's because Nora got pregnant before marriage and gave birth to a child."

Melissa was indignant and her words became a little unpleasant. "But Justin also has a child. I don't know where he got an illegitimate child from!"

Mrs. Anderson shook her head. "Why don't you understand? In their eyes, their family is different! Especially men, they're even more different."

Just like the emperors in ancient times, could it be that with a child, the position of the empress is no longer important?

There were still many women rushing forward.

Who would despise the emperor for having a child outside? But if a girl had an illegitimate daughter, her status would drop.

Although these were already modern times, the more noble a family was, the more particular they were. They valued men more than women.

Take the Andersons for example. No matter how open-minded they were, Sheena had still married off and left Simon to inherit the family business.

Melissa knew that this was not right. It was normal for people to get married twice, let alone have a child. However, when she heard Mrs. Anderson's words, she fell silent.

She sighed. "Alright, I'll go."

Mrs. Anderson nodded. "Yes, we have to put on airs. We can't let them look down on us. Otherwise, Nora will be bullied when she marries over to the family in the future!"

Melissa nodded.

She walked out of Mrs. Anderson's room and walked to the next door. She happened to see Pete writing the Mathematical Olympiad questions seriously at the desk.

She did not know what was wrong with the little guy. He had been quiet recently and was not as lively as before.

Melissa smiled and walked over. "Cherry, how about you go out with your grandparents?"

Pete did not even look up. "I don't want to go."

"…" Melissa stood in front of him and stared at the cluster of hair on the child's head. She said slowly, "Come, I'm going to a friend's house as a guest. Don't stay at home all day."

Pete looked up slowly.

He had originally wanted to continue rejecting her, but he heard Melissa mumbling to herself, "I wonder what's wrong with Cherry lately? In the past, it was impossible for Cherry to stay in her room. She always pestered me to take her out to play…"

Pete slowly swallowed the words that were about to come out of his mouth. He was silent for a moment. "Alright."

"That's great!"

Melissa said, "Wait a minute. I'll find you a dress!"

Pete, "…"

He grimaced. "I don't want to wear a dress. Aunt, Grandma, I like what I'm wearing."

Melissa looked at Pete's clothes. He was wearing a gray suit, and it was hard to tell if he was male or female. His hair was a little long, but he had not cut it in a while, as if he was waiting to grow braids.

Melissa asked hesitantly, "But shouldn't we be more serious when we're going out as guests?"

Pete resisted. "…I think this is good, it's comfortable."


These two words made Melissa calm down. "You're right. We're going as guests, and we're just going to play. There's no need to be too serious. Just do as you wish and be comfortable."

With that, she looked at her own clothes. "I'll change into something comfortable too!"

Pete, "?"

He just did not want to wear a dress. How did his casual words convince her?

Five minutes later, Melissa walked over in her usual clothes and waved at him. "Let's go, Cherry."


Pete followed her downstairs. When the two of them were about to walk out, they bumped into Nora, who had eaten and was preparing to go upstairs.

Melissa greeted her. "I'll take Cherry to a friend's house to play."

Nora heard this and raised her eyebrows. "Sure."

She did not ask where she was going and went upstairs.

The Andersons' chauffeur drove while Melissa brought Pete out.

On the way, Melissa instructed, "Cherry, be more polite and sweet when you see her later. Don't embarrass your mother! Okay?"

Pete nodded. "…I'll work hard."

Melissa laughed instead. "Work hard for what? Isn't being cute and likable your specialty? Hahaha~"

Pete was speechless. That was his sister's specialty, not his.


Who were they going to meet? Why did he have to curry favor with her?

As he was thinking, he suddenly realized that the car was driving on the highway in front of him. Why did the road look more and more familiar?

After making another turn, the Hunts villa appeared not far away. Pete could not help but turn to look at Melissa. "Grandma, are you going to the Hunts?"

Melissa smiled. "That's right. Cherry is really smart!"

Pete: "!!!"

He was about to say something when the driver stepped on the accelerator and entered the Hunts' manor.

The Hunts' manor occupied three thousand square meters. It would take another five minutes to drive all the way from the main entrance to the main hall.

Pete looked at the servants hired by the Hunts and grimaced.

What should he do now?


The car stopped and the Hunts' butler welcomed them personally. He stood at the door respectfully. "Ms. Melissa, you're here. Old Madam has been waiting for you for a long time!"

Melissa got out of the car and nodded at the butler with a smile.

Then, she turned back to look into the car. "Cherry, we're here. Let's get out of the car?"

In the car, Pete was speechless.

The butler of the Hunts knew him!

Furthermore, the butler was Great-Grandmother's subordinate. After the tyrant took control of the Hunts, it was also a form of respect for Great-Grandmother not to fire the butler.

But now, what could he do?

If he got out of the car, the butler would definitely know!

In the room.

Cherry was craning her neck to look outside. As she did, she asked, "Great-Grandmother, who are you bringing me to meet? Why isn't she here yet?"

Mrs. Hunt smiled and spoke very gently.. "You're meeting your sister. See if you like her! If you don't, you don't have to force yourself!"