She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 248 - Let The Two Children Meet And Get Familiar With Each Other!

Chapter 248 - Let The Two Children Meet And Get Familiar With Each Other!

Chapter 248 - Let The Two Children Meet And Get Familiar With Each Other!

The two of them asked in unison, "Nora, are you not in a relationship with Mr. Hunt?"

As the saying goes, beating is a sign of affection, and cursing is a sign of love.

How could they not be in a relationship?!

Nora: "…"

She rubbed her forehead in pain. How was she supposed to explain this?

Melissa's eyes widened, and he stuttered, "Nora… Nora, is this how you usually talk to Mr. Hunt?"

That was Mr. Hunt!

Even Simon did not dare to scold Mr. Hunt like this.


Melissa swallowed.

For some reason, Nora's face felt a little hot when her aunt and grandmother looked at her like that. She coughed and suddenly said, "Aunt, Mr. Hunt and I are really not in a relationship. We just…"

However, she could not say anything.

Just as she was feeling conflicted and wanted to use a word to accurately express their relationship, Melissa smiled. "I understand, I understand! Nora, you don't have to explain!"

Nora, "?"

She hesitated. "You understand?"

"Yes!" Melissa smiled. "Alright, stop talking. I won't force you! After all, you're young and thin-skinned."

Nora: "?"

She's thin-skinned? Did she have some misunderstanding about her?!

She twitched her lips and heard Mrs. Anderson say excitedly, "Melissa, come upstairs with me later and see how much jewelry I have left. I want to prepare a dowry for Nora!"

Melissa nodded. "Alright, I'll prepare some too!"

She sat up straight and smiled. "I've raised two children but haven't prepared for a wedding yet. We're marrying off our daughters. Mom has to teach me what to prepare!"

Mrs. Anderson smiled. "Sure. Back then, we didn't send your elder sister to get married, but your second sister got married at home. I still remember those customs! The rules here are really big!"

Nora, "!!"

Did they understand?

The corners of her lips twitched. "Grandma, there's no need. Aunt, you don't have to…"

As soon as she said this, the two excited people immediately looked at her.

After a while, Mrs. Anderson lowered her shoulders. "That's true. After I married into the Andersons, they didn't think much of my jewelry. Sigh, it's already old, there's no new design."

Melissa nodded as well. "Yes, the Hunts have assets in hundreds of billions of dollars. We Andersons can't even afford a few hundred million dollars now. Nora, it's because we don't have the ability…"

Nora, "…"

She waved her hand. "That's not what I meant. I…"

Melissa held her hand. "I know that our things are just a drop in the ocean for the Hunts, but these are all our intentions! Also, we have transferred 35% of Harmonia Pharmacy's shares to you! Sign the contract someday and it will take effect!"

Nora, "!!!"

She was about to say something when Mrs. Anderson suddenly sighed deeply. "Justin isn't bad, but the Hunts' life is actually not easy!"

Melissa looked at her. "Mom, what's wrong? Why are you suddenly saying this?"

Mrs. Anderson frowned. "The Hunts are very big and have a lot of businesses. They also have a lot of competitors. Sigh!"

She looked at Nora. "Nora, the second branch of the Hunts is always causing trouble, but they don't have much power in reality. Justin can crush them with a single finger. Being able to marry him might seem glorious, but do you know… Back then, Justin's mother also looked glorious, but in the end, she was chased out of the house."

Melissa frowned. "Speaking of which, Justin can suppress the rest of the Hunts, but he can't suppress his mother. I heard that his mother has a very strange personality. With such a mother-in-law, what should we do with your personality?"

Although Nora looked easygoing, this was only in front of them.

Melissa knew this niece of hers. She was sharp-tongued when it came to ill-intentions.

She was really afraid that after Nora marries Justin, she would have a conflict with her mother-in-law and directly punch her…

As she was thinking all this, Mrs. Anderson sighed. "Actually, there's something important."

Melissa was stunned. "What?"

Mrs. Anderson looked at Nora. "After you marry Justin, do you still want a child?"

Melissa immediately understood something and looked at Nora.

Nora: "…"

Facing their gazes, she answered slowly, "No."

Her body looked strong, but she was very weak internally.

Back then, she had lost a lot of blood and had barely escaped death. Her foundation had long been damaged.

Sleeping for a long time now was a sign of her body's deficiency. Have another child? Wouldn't that kill her?!

However, Mrs. Anderson's thoughts had gone astray. "If you don't give birth, it'll be fine. Then there won't be much conflict. But if you give birth to another child, then the Young Master of the Hunts will become your enemy!"

Melissa nodded. "Now that I think about it, Mr. Hunt is actually not a good person. Sigh, Nora, since you don't want a child, you must tell us about your plan when you go to the Hunts."

The minds of the wealthy families were usually more conservative. The boys' standing was greater than the girls', and the heir was always a boy.

The two of them were worried that the Young Master of the Hunts would have other thoughts if Nora ever had another son.

But if she did not have this thought, everything would be fine.

Nora twitched her lips and stood up. "Aunt, help me reject them. I'm not going."

She did not want to cause any trouble.

Melissa still wanted to say something, but Mrs. Anderson nodded. "Yes, we're not going! Why should we go just because the Hunts asked us to? This is ridiculous! How can they just call a girl over?!"

Melissa thought about what she said and felt that it made sense. She nodded.

Nora saw that the two of them finally stop talking, and went to the dining room to eat breakfast.

After she left, Mrs. Anderson looked at Melissa. "Melissa, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to make a trip!"

Melissa nodded. "Mom, I understand!"

Since the two families were discussing marriage, why would they call the young lady over directly? It should definitely be the parents of the two families sitting together to have a chat.

She stood up. "I'll call Mrs. Hunt right away."

She went upstairs and returned Mrs. Hunt's call. She smiled and said, "Unfortunately, Nora is sick. She's afraid she'll pass the disease to you. How about this? I'll come over and see you."

When Mrs. Hunt heard this, she understood what she meant and immediately made another request. "I remember that Miss Smith's daughter is called Cherry. Can you bring her over? Let Cherry and Pete get to know each other better!"

Melissa understood what Mrs. Hunt meant. She wanted to meet Cherry.. She was confident that Cherry would be loved by everyone. Therefore, she smiled and said, "No problem!"