She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 244 - Raising Her Daughter?

Chapter 244 - Raising Her Daughter?

Chapter 244 - Raising Her Daughter?

Of course, it was to give Pete more room to grow.

When Pete turned 10 years old, learned about good and evil, and had his own thoughts, he would at least be able to protect himself before pursuing his own happiness.

However, Iris would not say those words.

She only said coldly, "If you get married, there will be a lot of trouble. I don't want to bother about it. Besides, you're only 25 years old this year. It's the time to be impulsive. You might have been bewitched by a vixen outside. When you're 30 years old, if you still like her, it won't be too late to get married!"

Justin suddenly clenched his fists.


Was this how she saw the woman he liked?

He sneered. "You make it sound like you've managed me all these years. Since you haven't, then don't bother."

He lowered his eyes to hide the coldness in them. The mole at the corner of his eye exuded the same coldness and distance as Iris. "Besides, I'm already old. You don't have to worry about me anymore."

With that, he extended his hand to Cherry. "Pete, let's go."

Cherry looked at her beautiful grandmother and then at her father.

Thinking of the beautiful grandmother's words, she looked at Justin hesitantly. In the end, she broke free from Iris's embrace and walked to Justin.

Justin bent down and picked her up before saying respectfully, "If there's nothing else, I'll take my leave first."

Iris didn't say anything.

Justin added, "Also, if I get married in the future, I'll bring her to see you. You'll like her. Of course, you can also dislike her because you've never liked anyone, right?"

After saying this, he turned around and left.

After the sound of the car disappeared at the door, Mrs. Landis walked toward Iris. Her voice couldn't help but tremble. "Ma'am, why… why are you doing this? After so many years, your relationship with Young Master has finally eased a little. Why are you arguing again…"

Iris sighed deeply. "That's good."

Mrs. Landis was stunned.

Iris looked at the sky. "The worse our relationship is, the less trouble we'll cause him."

Mrs. Landis sighed again and asked, "Then should we investigate that Nora?"

Iris shook his head. "No need."

Mrs. Landis was stunned.

Iris said hesitantly, "The woman he likes could not be a bad person. Besides, even if we investigate, it's useless. His personality is still the same as when he was young. He won't turn back once he has decided on something."

Seeing her pitiful state, Mrs. Landis couldn't help but sigh deeply. She took a step forward and held her shoulder. "Ma'am, it has been hard on you all these years."

"What's there to be bitter about? It's all the role of a mother. It's worth it for the child."

Iris stood up and walked to the greenhouse.

Mrs. Landis stood outside the door and looked at the greenhouse quietly.

Ma'am was like this. The more upset she was, the calmer she looked. Every time she was troubled, she liked to water the flowers.

She had already watered the Inkland pot twice, but she did not notice it at all.

On the way back to the Hunts, the more Justin thought about it, the angrier he became.

Many years ago, Iris and his father had a marriage change.

At that time, his grandfather was so angry that he kicked his father out of the house, leaving behind Iris and him.

He did not know who was right and who was wrong. At that time, he was young, but when he grew up, all traces of his childhood had been wiped away. He could not find anything at all.

Moreover, both Iris and his father said that Iris didn't love his father anymore.

She had used him to threaten his father and grandfather. If his grandfather kept her, he would have to chase his father away. If he kept his father, she would leave the Hunts with him.

At that time, his grandfather had high hopes for him. He was only five years old but his grandfather had already determined his IQ. Therefore, he had chosen him and Iris without hesitation.

When he grew up, he realized that there was no absolute right or wrong in a marriage. Moreover, his father had spent the rest of his life with another woman while his mother was growing old alone in this small villa.

Whether his mother was right or wrong, he did not care.

However, he could not understand why his mother had to leave even after his father had left.

Didn't she say she would stay?

When he went to look for Iris when he was young, she was always cold and even hated him. Not long after he came, she would chase him away.

He could not feel any motherly love from her.

When Justin thought of this, he lowered his eyes and sighed.

Even if his mother was not good, she was still his mother.

Therefore, all of this could not be blamed on her. Only the real culprit could be blamed.

At this thought, he picked up his phone and called Sean. "I don't want to see that Dr. York again in New York."

Sean was stunned for a moment, but then he realized something and answered, "Yes!"

After hanging up, Justin's mood finally relaxed a little.

Then, he remembered that Miss Smith was a celibate when it came to marriage. It was very troublesome.

How could he lie to that woman and register their marriage?

While he was deep in thought, the car had already arrived at the Hunts.

As they entered, the butler walked over. "Sir, Old Madam wants you to go over."

Justin, "??"

What was going on today?

They were all looking for him?

He asked, "What happened?"

The butler lowered his head. "Young Master Roger is with the Old Madam."

He must have said something bad again.

Since that was the case, he should not let Cherry go in case she harbors a bad impression of the child.

Justin got someone to take Cherry back before going to the Old Madam's room.

As soon as he entered, he called out, "Grandmother."

The Old Madam frowned, her voice trembling. "Justin, I heard that you found a woman who has already given birth? You, why are you so muddled?! How can such a person be worthy of you?!"

Justin lowered his eyes and glanced at Roger. "You heard?"

Roger instantly put on an obedient look. "Big Brother, I'm doing this for your own good. There are so many women outside. Every socialite in New York wants to marry you. Why are you being charmed by such a woman? She had a child before. Do you want such a secondhand woman?"

A fierce look flashed across Justin's eyes. "Coincidentally, I also have a child. Then am I also a second-hand man?"

Roger instantly smiled. "Big Brother, don't joke around. How can a man and a woman be the same… Moreover, if you marry her, won't the Hunts be laughed at by others? They'll say that you picked up someone else's broken shoes. Moreover, you'll even help her raise another man's daughter…"

Justin sneered. "Who said we're helping her raise another man's daughter?"