She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 243 - Cherry's Mommy

Chapter 243 - Cherry's Mommy

Chapter 243 - Cherry's Mommy

Mrs. Landis was speechless.

Back then, when Justin suddenly had a son, it caused an intense reaction from everyone.

When he came over, Iris asked, "Who's the child's mother?"

At that time, Justin's attitude was very cold. "Does it matter if the child has a mother or not?"

Iris was speechless.

She knew that at that time, Justin was complaining that as his mother, she was always hiding outside and never came home. However, he did not understand her painstaking efforts.

She was protecting him by not going back.

His attitude toward her had always been very cold. Whenever he came over while he was young, he always followed a strict schedule, having already agreed with the Hunts.

It was also because of this that things had changed a little over the years. He would occasionally come over to see her, but they had nothing to say to each other, so he only stayed for a while before leaving.

Perhaps it was because she knew how hard it was to raise her son after she had him.

At the Hunts'.

When Justin received Mrs. Landis's call, he was a little surprised, especially when he heard that special request to bring Cherry along…

He hung up and looked at Cherry, who was playing. He asked, "Cherry, are you willing to come with me to see Grandmother?"

Cherry, "?"

Her big eyes were filled with confusion. "Do I still have a grandmother?"

With that, she immediately covered her mouth.

It was over!

She had let it slip. Her brother definitely knew that there was still a grandmother.

As she was thinking about this, she saw her father bend down and say to her face, "Yes, it's normal that you don't know her. After all, you've only seen your grandmother a few times."

Phew… So that was how it was.

Cherry heaved a sigh of relief and was delighted. "Okay!"

She liked Grandmother!

Like her great-grandmother, she would be a very gentle old lady. She would give her lots of gifts. Recently, Cherry had become the favorite of the Hunt Corporation.

At the thought of this, she said excitedly, "Daddy, I'll go change my clothes!"

Justin nodded.

He still had some work matters to settle, so he went to the study.

Cherry returned to her room and changed her clothes. The moment she went out, she saw Roger standing at the door. He was smiling at her with his eyes narrowed. "Pete, are you going out?"

Cherry nodded. "Yes, I'm going to see Grandmother!"

Roger suddenly smiled. "Pete, I remember that you didn't like to talk much in the past. Why are you talking so much now?"

Cherry tilted her head and said calmly, "Because I've recovered!"

Roger, "?"

Cherry took the opportunity to praise her mommy. "My daddy's girlfriend, who is also my mommy, cured my illness!"

Roger narrowed his eyes. "Your mommy?"

"Yes, it's Nora~ She's a great doctor!" Cherry started flattering her mother without hesitation. "Not only is she beautiful and kind, but she's also cool and brave. She's also very good-looking! Most importantly, my father wants to marry her!"

Roger, "…"

He did not take such a woman seriously. After all, no matter how powerful she was, how powerful could she be when she grew up in a small place like California?

He only said calmly, "You're so young. Have you ever thought that a stepmother would be very bad?"

Cherry, "?"

Roger continued to bewitch her. "You've heard of Snow White's story, right? The stepmother in that story is a witch. With a stepmother, you'll also become Snow White. Then, you'll be in trouble!"

Cherry pursed her lips.

Roger: "If your stepmother gives birth to a younger brother with your father, your position as the leader will no longer be needed. Have you thought about the consequences?"

If Justin was not married, his status on the board would be lighter.

After all, when measuring a person, one would look at their career and family. When Roger heard that he had a girlfriend, his first reaction was to stop him.

Even if he could not stop him, the seed of hatred that had been planted in Pete's heart would still slowly germinate in the future.

If there was a conflict between Justin's wife and Pete, he would definitely be unable to take care of himself. Perhaps there would be a loophole in his control of the company and he could take advantage of it!

His imagination was running wild. He even felt that any five-year-old would be on guard when they heard this. Indeed, the child in front of him was already deep in thought.

Cherry frowned slightly, her smile turning into a little bun. "Little brother? It should be fun, right? But Mommy definitely won't want to have another child!"

Roger was stunned. He sensed something. "Another?"

Cherry nodded. "Yes. My mommy has two… one child!"

Roger was even more stunned. "What? Your mommy had a child? Who did she have it with? How old is that child? A boy or a girl?"

Cherry said, "She's a beautiful, cute, quick-witted, and adorable little princess. She's like a flower in everyone's eyes~"

Roger, "!!"

It seemed like that woman had bewitched Pete a lot. Otherwise, why would he praise that little girl like this?

No, he had to tell the Old Madam!

When he thought of this, it was as if he had found a pillar of support. He walked straight to the Old Madam.

Cherry skipped over to Justin. The two of them then took a car to the villa and saw Iris.

As soon as they entered, Iris's eyes landed on Cherry. Her eyes lit up. "Pete, you're here?"

Cherry looked at her curiously. Her big grape-like eyes were filled with curiosity. When she realized that this grandmother was different from her great-grandmother, with no wrinkles on her face, she was instantly as excited as a little butterfly. She jumped into Iris's arms and called out sweetly, "Grandmother!"

Iris froze.

After being cold for so many years, she suddenly hugged the small and soft Cherry. It reminded her of how she had hugged Justin back then, and her heart suddenly softened.

The cold expression that had always been on Justin's face subconsciously disappeared, and his lips curled into a smile. "Yes."

Justin looked at her.

Her smile was just like when he was young. Every time he returned home after school, she would always wait for him gently at home…

But later, she had chased her father away and moved out.

Justin lowered his eyes.

At this moment, Iris said, "Tina said that you have an unreliable girlfriend and are planning to get married?"

Justin, "?"

He paused and frowned. He was about to speak when Iris suddenly said, "I won't care if you have a girlfriend, but if you get married, can you wait another five years?"

Justin's words suddenly paused as anger suddenly rose in his heart. He asked, "Why?"