She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 245 - What's Your Name, Ms. Smith?

Chapter 245 - What's Your Name, Ms. Smith?

Chapter 245 - What's Your Name, Ms. Smith?

Roger was taken aback. "What?"

Justin glanced at him.

He hadn't brought Pete and Nora back home yet, so he mustn't let Roger know that the two children look just like each other. Otherwise, given how intelligent he was, he would quickly realize that Cherry was a fake.

He would make trouble for Nora when that happened. It would be terrible if he accidentally hurt the two of them.

The moment he thought of that, though, Justin suddenly recalled that Nora was the Big Sister of the Quinn School of Martial Arts. Should Roger really send someone to take Pete's life, he reckoned that he would probably be the one to end up injured instead.

Regardless, this was ultimately still a lot of trouble, and that woman hated trouble the most.

He coughed and refrained from answering.

As for Roger, he seemed to understand something after he processed Justin's words. "Are you saying that she's not going to bring her child with her when she marries you? So, the child will stay with the Andersons instead? This isn't a question of a single child or of money; after all, how much money can a little girl spend? Justin, the fundamental problem here is that woman… C'mon, Grandma, talk to him!"

The elderly Mrs. Hunt frowned. She disapproved of this marriage an awful lot, but even so, she couldn't just embarrass Justin in front of Roger. Thus, she said, "These are Justin's household affairs. Why don't you leave for now?"

Roger nodded and left the room.

After he left, the old lady stretched out her finger and jabbed Justin. "You… Are you really going to marry that woman?"

Justin heaved a sigh. His tone became more intimate and he said, "Grandma, it's still too early to talk about marriage!"

Mrs. Hunt was surprised. "Huh? What do you mean? I knew you're just fooling around and aren't serious about her… Are you just dating her out of novelty…"

Justin's face twitched a little. He hurriedly interrupted her and said, "No, it's because I'm still trying to court her."

The elderly Mrs. Hunt, "…"

Justin sighed. "She isn't interested in me."


Mrs. Hunt felt like she had just heard the biggest joke in the world. Utterly stunned, she rebutted, "There's actually a woman in New York who isn't interested in you?"

Her grandson was well-known for having a high IQ and was very outstanding in every aspect. Added to this his good looks, the daughters of all the wealthy families flocked to him, despite the fact that he already had a child.

Over the years, there was no lack of people who came to her to secretly or overtly ask about his marriage matters, recommend potential candidates, or even recommend themselves!

Even that girl from the Smiths… was interested in him.

The Hunts and the Smiths were actually originally a good match for each other.

It was just a shame that the girl from the Smiths was an adopted daughter… Otherwise, they would have matched each other pretty well, since both youngsters were outstanding. Of course, these were all just her own opinions. She had also asked her grandson for his opinion back then, but unfortunately, he wasn't interested in her.

But now, there was actually someone who wasn't interested in her grandson?

Was she just playing hard to get, or was she really not interested in him?

Mrs. Hunt immediately dispelled one of the two possibilities the moment she thought of them. There was no way her grandson would fail to realize if she were just playing hard to get.

He was even better at reading people than her these days!

This piqued the old lady's curiosity. "That makes me so curious about that young missy. Bring her home and let me have a look someday!"

Justin nodded. "No problem."

After Justin left, the old lady suddenly got someone over and instructed, "Get someone to look into Nora Smith."

"Yes, ma'am."

The old lady frowned.

Although her grandson's happiness was important, the Hunts' honor was also very important!

Even if that woman was great, the fact that she had given birth to another man's child would still be her dark past and would cause her to be mocked and laughed at for a lifetime.

She wasn't optimistic about the two of them.

Therefore, she intended to look for an opportunity to meet Ms. Smith and her daughter.


Meanwhile, at the villa in the suburbs.

Nora was leaning on the sofa and nodding off. Next to her, Tanya had already taken Pete upstairs.

She had already tidied up the three bedrooms upstairs during the last few days. Apart from the master bedroom meant for herself, for the other two rooms, she turned one into a room for boys, and the other into one for girls.

She took Pete into the room for boys and asked, "Do you like it?"

Pete looked at the room, which was decorated fully in blue. The bed was even a Captain America-themed one. The boy, who was rendered a little speechless, replied, "How childish."

Tanya curled her lip disdainfully. "You're too precocious for your age, boy! What is your room decor like at the Hunts'?"

Pete replied, "It's decorated in black, white, and gray tones, which are classier. I'll take you there someda…"

He suddenly paused at this point.

… Because it suddenly occurred to him that the tyrant had already changed his room decor to Cherry's tastes instead!

The whole room was pink!!

The corners of Pete's lips spasmed a little. Then, he asked, "Who is this room for?"

Tanya's eyes looked a little lost but were also determined. She answered, "It's for my son!"

Pete, "?"

He was taken aback. "Do you have a son?"

Tanya hesitated for a moment before she replied, "It may also be a daughter, so I've also set up a girl's room. When Cherry is back, I will ask her if she likes it or not."

She would definitely find her child!

And once she did, the child would immediately have their own room!

She wanted to give her child all the maternal love that she owed all these years.

The thought had only just formed when her cell phone rang. When she answered the call, Joel's voice came from the other side.

"It's me."

Tanya's attitude turned cold. "Is something the matter, Mr. Smith?"

Joel kept quiet for a while before he finally said, "My daughter wants to learn to dance. I wonder if it's convenient for Ms. Turner to—"

"No, it's not."

Tanya hung up without any hesitation.

Next to her, Pete was speechless.

Knock, knock!

The sound of someone knocking suddenly came from the door.

Nora, who was sleeping on the sofa, was awakened by the noise. She rubbed her eyes and got onto her feet. When she opened the door, Mrs. Landis immediately grabbed her hand and said, "Ma'am is in a bad mood today, Ms. Smith. She looked like she got along well with you when she was chatting with you earlier today. Can you spend some time with her and talk to her?"

Nora, "?"

She was about to reply when Mrs. Landis heaved a sigh. She said, "Ma'am got into an argument with her son. She's really having a hard time. She is obviously afraid that the young master's son will suffer if he remarries, yet she couldn't tell him anything, which causes him to misunderstand her all the time. After the two quarreled again today, Ma'am has been spacing out in the greenhouse for a whole day now, and she refuses to eat or drink. What should I do?"

Nora, "…"

Just like that, Mrs. Landis dragged and pulled her next door. Sure enough, she spotted Iris sitting in a daze in the greenhouse.

Since I'm already here, I'll just talk to her a little, Nora thought.

But what should she talk about?

What a headache…

She stepped into the greenhouse. She was about to speak when Iris spotted her. A smile blossomed on her sorrowful countenance at once. "You're here, Ms. Smith. I have no idea why, either, but I just feel so happy and find you so likable the moment I see you. Maybe it's because you're good-looking."

Nora, "…"

Iris went on.. "We're already meeting for the third time, so that makes us friends, right? But I don't even know your name. Can you tell me what your name is?"