She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 242 - Children Must Not Be Without Their Mother

Chapter 242 - Children Must Not Be Without Their Mother

Chapter 242 - Children Must Not Be Without Their Mother

Coincidentally, the girl next door who knew how to plant orchids also had the surname Smith, which made her have a good impression of the surname Smith.

She lowered her eyes. "I understand. Is there anything else?"

Tina was stunned by her light tone. "You don't care?"

Iris sneered. "I already said that I'm not interested in Justin's matter. Ms. York, if you want to affect him by using me, you've made a wrong move. Goodbye."

She did not give Tina a chance to speak again and closed the door.

Tina, who was blocked outside, gritted her teeth in hatred as she looked at the door. She clenched her fists tightly and took a deep breath before walking out.

When Mrs. Landis came back from grocery shopping, she happened to see Iris sitting on the swing in the courtyard in a daze.

She was stunned and asked, "Ma'am, what's wrong?"

Iris sighed. "Justin is in love."

Mrs. Landis was stunned.

Then, she could not help but scold him. "This young master is too insensible! Since he's in a relationship, he should have brought that girl here to meet you! Really…"

Iris lowered her eyes. "As long as he likes her, everything else is fine. I just feel that Pete is a little pitiful."

Mrs. Landis knew that Iris had thought of herself.

After hesitating for a while, she walked to her side and squatted down, holding her hand. "Ma'am, Young Master is not like that."

Iris sneered. "He's not. But in a family, the role of a mother is too important. Haven't you heard of a saying? With a stepmother, you have a stepfather."

Mrs. Landis was silent for a while.

Ma'am was not like this in the past. When she trusted someone, she would trust them unconditionally. However, after what had happened to Sir, her heart had completely broken.

So now, she didn't trust any woman too much?

However, Mrs. Landis also knew that the status of the person in charge of the wealthy families was important. It was like the throne of a country.

If a young master got married and the wife gives birth to a new son, which mother would not be biased toward her own son?

Not to mention, they still had to inherit the Hunts' business!

Mrs. Landis sighed. "Ma'am, Pete is actually autistic. It's too demanding for him to take on the burden of a family. Didn't Young Master say so? He never planned to let Little Young Master take over the Hunts."

Iris was stunned.


Pete had autism.

Iris had seen Pete before. Half a year ago, she had secretly gone to see him and had seen that the child was alone and not very social.

She had gone up to talk to him, but he had ignored her.

She sighed. "Although that's the case, if he's willing to be close to me and grow up with me, it might be the best way for everyone. But…"

However, he was unwilling to follow her.

She sighed again. After a while, she looked up and said, "Give Justin a call. Ask him to bring Pete to see me."

Mrs. Landis nodded, wild with joy. This was the first time Ma'am had taken the initiative to look for Justin since she moved out of the Hunts. She hurriedly nodded. "Okay."

She ran into her room to make a call, but Iris was still staring at the sky.

She thought of when she was young…

When she had found out that her husband had cheated on her, she was determined to get a divorce.

Even if they were to get a divorce, she would definitely not be able to take her son away. After all, Justin's grandfather was still around at that time and was the head of the Hunts. He had raised Justin himself and was wild with joy at his intelligence. He had carefully nurtured him.

At that time, she felt that people should live for themselves. Therefore, even so, she was determined to get a divorce.

At that time, Mrs. Hunt of the Hunts had let her go on a vacation for half a month. She would decide if she wanted a divorce after she returned.

She had agreed, and thus, she left.

However, she had not expected that after the biological mother left her son's side, the mistress would visit her.

When she was overseas and heard some news, she was once worried about Justin's safety. However, she also knew that Justin was Mr. Hunt's flesh and blood and that nothing would happen to him.

With this thought in mind, she returned after playing overseas for a full 14 days.

She was still determined to get a divorce.

Her husband claimed that he and his mistress were truly in love. Even if they did not get a divorce, the two of them would only have a marriage of convenience. She did not want such a marriage.

She would rather withdraw and pursue her own happiness.

The pride in her bones made her think of everything too simply.

When she returned to the house, one she had not seen for half a month, she saw her family looking at her strangely.

They whispered, "So pitiful. Ma'am's nickname is gone, and so is her son."

At that time, she thought that the servants were saying that she would give her son to the Hunts as well. She did not think much of it and went straight to the study after entering.

In the study, Mrs. Hunt and Mr. Hunt were both there.

Her husband and his mistress were also there.

The mistress held her big belly and knelt on the ground.

Her husband was holding her hand and pleading with Mr. Hunt. "Dad! She didn't do it on purpose. Let her get up!"

Mr. Hunt smashed his teacup on the ground angrily. "If anything happens to Justin, I'll kill both of you!"


The bag in his hand fell to the ground. Iris looked at Mr. Hunt and Mrs. Hunt in confusion. Her voice trembled as she asked, "What happened to Justin? What happened to him?"

When Mr. Hunt saw her, he did not dare to say anything.

Mrs. Hunt walked over and held her hand. "Justin is gone! He was swindled by human traffickers!"

Her eyes were red and her hands were trembling.

Iris looked at her husband in disbelief. At this moment, he was still defending his mistress. "Iris, help me put in a few good words. She didn't do it on purpose. Her stomach suddenly felt uncomfortable, so she was too careless and didn't watch over Justin…"

Iris was stunned. "She lost the child?"

Justin had only been five years old at that time!!

Her husband frowned. Seeing that she was silent, he could only look at Mr. Hunt. "Dad, Justin is already gone. It's highly probable that he might not return, but do you not even want the child in her stomach?"

Mr. Hunt was stunned.

Her husband continued shouting, "This child is also a son! I've already lost one, nothing can happen to this one!"

With that, he held the mistress' arm. "Get up."

The mistress stood up trembling.

This time, Mr. Hunt remained silent.

At that moment, Iris suddenly understood. Justin was just a successor to the Hunts. Without this successor, there would always be another one.

However, in this world, there was only one person who could not live without Justin. That person was his mother.

A child could not live without a mother.

Iris suddenly said, "Mrs. Landis, how good would it be if Justin's girlfriend was Pete's mother?"