She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 241 - Smith?

Chapter 241 - Smith?

Chapter 241 - Smith?


Tanya panicked. She urged, "Quick, Nora, go and have a look!"

Might something have happened to that beautiful middle-aged lady?

Nora had heard what Mrs. Landis said as soon as she got out of the car, so she was also a little taken aback. For some reason, she quite liked that lady, so she nodded and said, "Lead the way."

Pete, who was hiding in the car, looked at Mrs. Landis in confusion. Wasn't she Mrs. Landis, his grandmother's caregiver?

He got out of the car as well. He was about to walk over when something suddenly occurred to him—if his grandmother saw him, then wouldn't everything be exposed?!

He wasn't worried about his grandmother's health, though, because she underwent a health checkup every year!

Moreover, the tyrant had assigned his grandmother bodyguards, who were all around the place. If something had really happened, there was no way the bodyguards would be this quiet.

Therefore, while Mrs. Landis was preoccupied and hadn't noticed him yet, he grabbed Tanya's hand and said, "Open the door first, God-mom. That kind of environment isn't suitable for kids. I'll wait for you and Mommy here."

Tanya, "…"

To think she didn't even think as far ahead as a child. Nevertheless, she quickly came back to her senses, hurriedly opened the door, and let Pete in. Only then did she go after Nora.

Two minutes later.

Inside the greenhouse, Tanya stared at the beautiful lady in front of her and the pot of flowers in her hand. She was stunned. "When you asked for help, you were talking about the pot of flowers?"

The beautiful woman nodded. "Yes, of course. What else could I have been talking about?"

Both Tanya and Nora fell silent.

When the two of them heard Mrs. Landis' call for help, all they could think of was that something had happened to her.

Now that they thought about it again, wasn't it obvious? It wasn't like Mrs. Landis knew Nora was a doctor after all!

The corners of Tanya's lips spasmed a little. "Then you should have been clearer about it. We ended up running all the way here."

Mrs. Landis was terribly nervous. "These flowers are Ma'am's life itself. I wasn't exaggerating when I asked for help!"


Tanya didn't say any more. As for Nora, she looked at the pot of flowers in Iris's hand. It was likely infested with worms, but because they had used pesticides on it, the worms were gone. However, the flowers had also become damaged as a result.

She frowned. "The pesticide has already penetrated deep into the flower. This flower can't be saved anymore."

Mrs. Landis burst into tears. "It's all my fault, ma'am. It's all my fault! I saw that the young missy managed to save the flowers by spraying them with vinegar, so I thought that pesticide would also be okay. Sob… The vinegar clearly smelled even stronger and more pungent than the pesticide…"

Tanya couldn't stop herself from saying dryly, "Look at what you're saying. Vinegar is edible, but is pesticide edible?"

Her words made Mrs. Landis choke, but she kept her head lowered and wiped her tears.

Iris had only made up her mind to use the pesticide because she had convinced her to. Even though she wouldn't make her compensate for the flowers, it upset her to see Landis sad!

She looked at Nora and asked, "Can you save this pot of flowers, Ms. Smith?"

Iris's brows were also knitted together, and she looked miserable.

"… I didn't say that this pot of flowers is going to die," replied Nora.

Both Mrs. Landis and Iris were taken aback at her words, and they looked at her.

Only then did Nora slowly say, "You can't keep this particular flower anymore, but the pot of flowers itself is still salvageable as long as you…"

She listed a few herbs and said, "Brew them until they fill up only three bowls of water. Dilute the solution and water the flowers with it after that, and this pot of flowers will be fine. Flowers will grow again after that."

Iris was stunned when she heard her verbally listing the prescription so casually.

Why did her method of using traditional medicine to treat flowers resemble Orchidiance's style so much?

But Orchidiance wasn't based in the States!

While Iris was wondering about it, she saw Nora yawn after she finished. Then, she slowly started to walk toward the door. "Just do as I say and everything will be fine. We're heading back."

Iris panicked. She rushed over to Nora, grabbed her, and said, "Ms. Smith, right? Let's add each other on Messenger?"

Nora, "?"

Iris smiled and said, "Don't worry, I definitely won't disturb you! At the most, I'll only approach you when something goes wrong with my orchids."

Nora, "…"

She wanted to refuse. After all, the owner of Villa No. 9 didn't seem like anyone simple. She didn't want to get into any trouble.

But when she saw the anxious and eager look in Iris' eyes, as well as her beautiful, practically blemish-free, face, she suddenly couldn't quite bring herself to.


She would never admit that Cherry had actually inherited her love for pretty faces from her!

She took out her cell phone and they added each other on Messenger. Only then did she go next door with Tanya.

Mrs. Landis went out to buy the herbs that Nora had listed, so Iris was the only one in the villa for a while. She sat on the wooden chair in the yard and opened up Nora's Facebook page.

A master orchid breeder like her would definitely share a lot of tips about cultivating orchids, right? Unfortunately… her page was actually empty?

Iris suspected that the young woman had filtered her out, so she scrolled up the page, upon which she found that the other party's friend list was visible to her.

In which case…

So, Ms. Smith had never posted anything before? Just how lazy of a person was she?

The corners of her lips spasmed a little. In the midst of her surprise, there was another knock on the door. She subconsciously got up and walked over to open the door.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Tina outside.

Iris's expression instantly turned cold. "What are you here for, Ms. York?"

Tina replied, "I'm here to check up on your orchid for you, Mrs. Hunt."

Iris couldn't help but smile upon hearing her reply. "No, it's fine. Someone has already cured my orchid."

Someone had already cured it?

Tina was surprised. "How can that be?"

She had asked for help on various websites and also approached several people who were experts on treating orchids' illnesses, but all of them had said that it was hopeless. How could it possibly have already recovered?

She was still thinking about it when Iris smiled and asked, "Is there anything else?"

Tina bit her lip.

She assumed that Justin must have gotten an expert to look at the orchid, just so he could stop her from getting close to Iris. In any case, her original intention in pleasing Iris was just so she could…

The look in Tina's eyes darkened. Suddenly, she smiled and said, "Actually, I'm just here to inform you about something, Mrs. Hunt."

Iris was a little surprised. "What?"

Tina narrowed her eyes. "Do you know that your son has started dating a woman from a nobody family and made her his girlfriend?"

Iris replied coldly, "I'm not interested to hear about that."

Tina, however, smiled again and said, "You may not be interested to know about his girlfriend, but what about your grandson, the little Mr. Hunt? Are you not interested in knowing about him, either? Aren't you afraid that that foresight-less woman will abuse your grandson after she marries into the family?"

When Tina chatted with Iris in the past, she discovered that the woman was always trying to draw the topic to Pete and make her talk about him.

Although she didn't visit her grandson, she still liked him very much.

Therefore, Tina used her trump card right away. "He's after all not her real son, so she can only be his stepmother. Once she marries Mr. Hunt and bears him a son, do you think he would still keep his position as the heir to the family?"

Iris's jaw tensed up.

She didn't intend to interfere with her son's relationships, nor would she be easily incited by someone's mere words. However, this didn't stand in the way of her investigating the other party's background.

"Who is she?" asked Iris.

Tina answered excitedly, "Her name is Nora Smith."

Iris: "?"