She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 232 - Miss Smith Of Quinn School Of Martial Arts! 5

Chapter 232 - Miss Smith Of Quinn School Of Martial Arts! 5

Chapter 232 - Miss Smith Of Quinn School Of Martial Arts! 5

Paul Quinlan was stunned. He turned around and saw Lucas and Nora standing there.

Lucas frowned and reprimanded, "What are you saying?"

When Paul Quinlan saw his unhappy expression, he hurriedly smiled. "Senior Lucas, you're back? I can't speak, I was wrong."

He knew that Quinn School of Martial Arts hated saying things like women and lovers. That old man was very particular and liked to put on an act.

His words earlier were indeed a little too unpleasant.

He pretended to hit his own mouth and looked at Nora again. "Miss Smith, don't mind me. I just spoke without thinking."

With that, he smiled at Jordan and Jimmy's mother.

Jordan and Jimmy's mother stood up and tried to see if they could get something from Lucas and Nora's faces. However, Nora remained calm. Her eyes were filled with sleepiness, and no emotions could be seen.

On the other hand, Lucas' expression was very ugly. Did Miss Smith anger him?

Jimmy's mother clenched her fists.

Miss Smith must have spoken up for them. Lucas was so angry because Miss Smith had delayed his business, right?

She frowned and looked at Jordan. The two of them had been husband and wife for many years. With one look, they understood something. Jordan immediately said, "Mr. Lucas, don't be angry. We're only here to see if we can reduce our losses. After all, buying a club for five million is really no different from robbing!"

Five million?

Lucas was stunned. "Isn't it 50 million?"

Jordan and his wife were speechless.

The two of them looked at Paul Quinlan in unison and saw him stand up straight with a frown. "That's right. We clearly agreed on 50 million yuan. Why are you guys playing the blame game now that you're in Quinn School of Martial Arts?! Even the contract says 50 million! Mr. Hoffman, no matter how much you look down on me, there's no need to slander me like this, right?"

Paul Quinlan straightened his back after saying those words.

He had buried them.

When Jordan and Jimmy's mother found Quinn School of Martial Arts and Mr. Quinn said that he would chase Paul out if he made another mistake, he had thought of this strategy that could turn the tables!

His plan was simple. He could slander the Hoffmans and force them to sell the club for 50 million yuan.

Although it had increased by 45 million for no reason, it was worth it compared to the value of that club!

Furthermore, his price sounded very suitable.

After all, Lucas did not know about the casinos in racing clubs. On the surface, 50 million yuan to buy a club was a very suitable price.

The Hoffmans clenched their fists. "You're slandering us!"

Paul sighed. "I really don't intend to force a sale. Logically speaking, it should be a business that we're both willing to do. But you guys keep changing your minds and now you're accusing me of slander… Where are you going to buy a club for five million? Isn't this robbery? Now that Senior Lucas is here and you guys are in Quinn School of Martial Arts, I want to ask you, Mr. Hoffman, is your club for sale or not?!"

Jimmy's mom was furious. "Even 50 million is not enough!"

Paul frowned. "How can you say that? Don't tell me you want to raise the price again? How can you change your business so quickly? You guys are really bullying our Quinn School of Martial Arts!"

Anyway, Lucas did not know the inside story of the club.

Logically speaking, it should be time for Lucas to stand up for him after hearing his words. As Paul thought about this, he turned his head and saw Lucas staring at him angrily… Wait, why him?

Paul was stunned and immediately caught on to something.

But before he could react, Lucas had already taken a step forward. "Brother Paul, actually, I already respect you in my heart. After all, you're the number one unofficial disciple, the Big Brother of the unofficial sect. Although Master has divided Quinn School of Martial Arts into the internal and unofficial sects, he's actually very concerned about the unofficial disciples. Every time you come, I personally welcome you…"

Paul did not understand why Lucas was saying all this at this moment, but he still took the opportunity to look at Jordan and nodded meaningfully. "Yes, although I'm an unofficial disciple, I'm not someone who can be bullied by just anyone!"

The meaning behind his words was: I, an unofficial disciple, have a lot of weight in Quinn School of Martial Arts!

Jordan and Jimmy's mother were stunned. They did not know what Miss Smith and Lucas were up to, so they could only stay silent.

Paul smiled, feeling that the atmosphere today was enough.

Taking out Quinn School of Martial Arts to oppress the Hoffmans and changing the price from 5 to 50 million would make it easier for the Hoffmans to accept.

It seemed like they could not escape the contract today.

Just as he thought of this, he heard Lucas sigh deeply. "Paul, it has already come to this, but you're still using me."

Paul: "?"

He turned around suddenly and looked at Lucas in disbelief. "Wh-what did you say?"

Lucas glared at him angrily. "I treated you as a good friend and treated you as my superior. Master doesn't like you, so I pleaded on your behalf because I kept thinking about the times we trained together. But what about you?"

Paul was stunned. "Senior Lucas, I…"

Lucas lowered his eyes. "Miss… Miss Smith has already told me that that club is priceless. The Hoffmans have never thought of selling it, either. It was you who used the power of Quinn School of Martial Arts to force a deal!! This has already severely violated our rules! Punishing the strong and helping the weak, eradicating the evil and promoting the good, is what we should do. But you actually used us to suppress the weak. You disappoint me!"

Paul gulped. "Senior Lucas, you've misunderstood. Did you misunderstand something?"

He suddenly looked at Nora and narrowed his eyes. "I understand. Did she say something to you? But Senior Lucas, how can you trust an outsider rather than your junior?!"

Nora, "??"

She scoffed.

Paul tried his best to maintain his dignity. He did not dare to really offend Quinn School of Martial Arts. He immediately said, "Senior Lucas, don't listen to her nonsense. She has always had ill intentions toward me!"

"It was her who killed Winston and the others. This woman is the most promiscuous and goes around seducing men. Senior Lucas, you couldn't have been misled by her beauty, right?"

Lucas, "…"

Furious, he suddenly stretched out his fist and punched Paul. "What nonsense are you talking about?!"

Paul reached out to block his attack and used his arm to block him. However, he shouted loudly, "Then do you dare to bring me to Master? We'll let Master be the judge! Master hates helping outsiders bully his family the most, Senior Lucas! You actually helped an outsider!"

When he said this, Lucas could not stand it anymore and shouted angrily, "Do you know who she is? She's not an outsider!"