She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 233 - Because He's My Son!

Chapter 233 - Because He's My Son!

Chapter 233 - Because He's My Son!

Not an outsider?

Paul was stunned again. While he was still in a daze, Lucas took the opportunity to punch him in the face. Bang! Blood splattered as Paul's nose bled again…

He retreated and avoided Lucas' attack. "Not an outsider? Then tell me who she is!"

Lucas choked and was speechless.

Paul sneered when he saw him. "Tell me? You can't say anything, right? I know. Are you having an affair with her?"

"You're asking for a beating!"

Lucas had always had a good temper. At this moment, he was so angry that he could not speak. He could only punch repeatedly, making Paul run around the room in a sorry state.

"Paul, if you don't explain yourself, this matter will not end today!"

Paul found an opportunity and dashed out to the courtyard.

The other disciples in the courtyard rushed over one after another, not understanding what was going on. Then, they saw Lucas, whom they respected very much, running out of his room and chasing after Paul.

Paul shouted, "Everyone, come and judge! Senior Lucas actually bullied me for his lover! Master, save me!"

With that, someone stepped forward, wanting to stop Lucas. Lucas roared angrily, "Move!"

That person immediately moved aside and did not dare to interfere.

It couldn't be helped. Lucas was now managing the Quinn School of Martial Arts on behalf of the sect leader! Who dared to provoke him?!

However, Paul seized the opportunity and ran straight to Mr. Quinn's courtyard. He ran straight to the martial arts hall. "Master, help! Help!"

Logically speaking, the disciple guarding the door should have stopped him. When he saw that it was Lucas behind him and heard Paul shouting for help, he was momentarily at a loss. Therefore, he let him pass and enter the courtyard.

Lucas followed closely behind.

The other disciples did not dare to enter Master's courtyard casually. They could only stand outside the courtyard and crane their necks to look inside.

The usually refined Senior Lucas had actually beaten up the number one unofficial disciple, Paul Quinlan. Weren't these two people on the best terms usually? What was going on today?

The Hoffmans, who were already stunned, were still standing in the lounge. They looked at the messy room and did not know what to do. Then, they saw Nora sigh silently.

She rubbed her temples and said helplessly, "Follow me."

It had already reached the old man. It seemed like she did not need to cover up her alias anymore.


Therefore, everyone watched as Nora brought the Hoffmans slowly and leisurely to Mr. Quinn's door. Then, under everyone's gazes, she entered the courtyard openly.

At this moment, Mr. Quinn and the children were already standing in the courtyard.

Pete stood beside Mr. Quinn and protected him… After all, Grandpa Quinn looked very old, and his legs seemed very inconvenient.

The other children were frightened and hid behind Mr. Quinn.

Only Mia was hiding behind Pete.

Lucas restrained his thoughts of making a move in front of Mr. Quinn. After all, this was too disrespectful to his Master.

Only Paul's gaze landed on Pete.

Wasn't this Justin's daughter?

He originally thought that she could enter because Justin had exerted his strength and made Quinn School of Martial Arts violate the rules to teach them martial arts. There was no doubt that his reputation could not compare to Justin's.

But how could she be in the martial arts hall?

Only internal disciples could enter this place!

He suddenly remembered that some time ago, Mr. Quinn had taken in a five-year-old disciple…

He was suddenly shocked. "Master, is this your new little disciple?"

Mr. Quinn looked at Pete and the curious disciples of Quinn School of Martial Arts. He knew that he had to rectify Pete's name.

He coughed. "Don't talk nonsense. No!"

Although Mr. Quinn was indeed teaching Pete martial arts and everyone guessed that he had taken in another disciple, he had not held any ceremony.

One was because Justin wanted to protect Pete and never exposed his information.

Secondly, Mr. Quinn had never thought of taking him in as a disciple!

If he was taken in as a disciple, how would Nora and Pete address each other? Wouldn't their seniority be messed up?

The reason why Mr. Quinn taught Pete martial arts was to nurture Nora's next successor. After all, if he had to rely on Nora, that lazy egg, to nurture him, he was worried that the ultimate martial arts of Quinn School of Martial Arts would end with Nora!

No one could say how bitter he felt.

He could only lie to Nora and say that he had taken in a disciple. He wanted her to be nervous and let her know that he was unhappy. He wanted her to take the initiative to beg for mercy.

However, this fellow did not even care about her son becoming her Senior.

She did not care about the eyes of the world, but he did!

Therefore, he had not announced it to the public because he wanted to find an opportunity to tell everyone that Pete was not his disciple!

He was an 80-year-old man. Why would he take in a five-year-old disciple? This was his grand-disciple!

He was only helping his unfilial disciple to train with her grand-disciple!

Mr. Quinn coughed and touched Pete's head.

Paul heaved a sigh of relief. Just as he was about to say something, he heard Mr. Quinn say in a loud voice, "This child has an excellent foundation and is quite talented in the martial arts. Therefore, I want to announce that from today onwards, your Big Sister will officially take him in as a disciple! He's also the first disciple of the direct line of disciples in our sect!"

Mr. Quinn had a grand-disciple a long time ago. Unfortunately, they were not direct descendants.

With that, everyone understood.

One by one, they shouted up, "Congratulations, Big Sister, for accepting a disciple!"

Nora's lips twitched. In this unified voice, she could even hear Jimmy's mother's voice behind her wondering if Mr. Quinn had said something wrong. Wasn't the child Nora's daughter?

Nora: "…"

Paul knew that he was done for.

This child was Nora's daughter. She would definitely side with her mother.

His expression darkened as he rebuked angrily, "Master! I always thought that our Quinn School of Martial Arts was proud and unyielding, but I didn't expect that one day, you would actually submit to the Hunts! You let Big Sister take him in as a disciple because he's Justin's child, right?!"

He stood up straight and descended from the sky like a God of justice, egging everyone on angrily. "I'm really heartbroken! I didn't expect Quinn School of Martial Arts to fall to the point of kneeling and licking Justin! My sect is unfortunate, my sect is unfortunate!"

He shouted a few times before the celebration outside stopped.

Quinn School of Martial Arts was glorious. How could this be? Everyone looked at Mr. Quinn, waiting for his explanation.

But at the next moment—

A delicate figure suddenly stepped forward and sent a kick out at an extremely fast speed, sending the crying Paul to the side. "Shut up! Master asked me to take him in as my disciple because he's my son!"

Nora was really furious. The old man was already in his eighties and was the most superstitious. This person could not say anything good. If the old man was angered badly, wouldn't she have to come back to take charge of the situation?

Paul was kicked a little heavily. He rubbed against the ground for a few meters before hitting the wall in the courtyard. "Pfft!" He spat out a mouthful of blood.

The pain made his mind unable to react to the huge information contained in Nora's words for a moment. He only suppressed the pain and stared at her angrily. "How ridiculous. You? Who do you think you are?"

Nora clapped her hands and drooped her eyes. Her tone was lazy.

"I'm your Big Sister."

"Oh, not anymore."

"You've been expelled."