She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 231 - Miss Smith Of Quinn School Of Martial Arts! 4

Chapter 231 - Miss Smith Of Quinn School Of Martial Arts! 4

Chapter 231 - Miss Smith Of Quinn School Of Martial Arts! 4

Nora's car was too fast and too impatient, causing dust to fly.

The four people covered in dust looked at her simultaneously and saw the car stop. Nora pushed the door open and got out of the car.

When she saw that it was her, Jimmy's mother became nervous. She looked at Paul Quinlan, afraid that he would make things difficult for her.

As for Jordan, he stood between her and Paul Quinlan without hesitation. He used his powerful and muscular body to block Paul Quinlan's sudden attack.

After all, this was a "weak girl". He still had to protect her.

Huh, but something seemed off?

When Jordan saw Nora's thin and frail body, he had already forgotten that she had once fought more than ten people alone and rushed into Jimmy's bedroom. After all, he had not seen it himself.

When Lucas saw Nora, he was also stunned. He was about to call her Big Sister when he suddenly realized that there were too many people in front of him. Nora had specially instructed him not to reveal her identity in front of everyone.

Therefore, he opened his mouth and closed it again.

As he was conflicted about how to address her, Lucas did not speak for a moment.

Only Paul Quinlan snorted. "Miss Smith? You're here too? What's wrong? Did you hear that Mr. Hoffman is here and come over to show off?"

Lucas looked at Paul Quinlan in surprise.

Eh? He knew Big Sister?

But why did his tone sound a little off?

As he was thinking about this, he saw Nora raise her eyebrows. She ignored him and looked at Jordan and Jimmy's mother instead. "Why are you guys here?"

Jimmy's mother glanced at him and explained, "Cherry who took Jimmy in to study martial arts in, so we waited here for her to come out and pick him up."

Hearing this, Nora raised her eyebrows.

According to the old man's fondness for Cherry, if Cherry had said anything, the old man would have definitely stood up for Jordan and his wife. However, they had never thought of approaching Mr. Quinn through her.

This made her like Jimmy's mother even more.

She lowered her eyes. "Yes."

With that, she looked at Lucas and felt that it was not nice to talk about Quinn School of Martial Arts outside. Therefore, she said, "I'm afraid there'll be a war of words today. Lu…"

She hesitated for a while, not knowing how to call him. Mr. Lucas? It was so strange…

As she was hesitating, Lucas had already reacted like a smart person. "Yes, yes. Everyone, come inside and find the lounge to sit down and chat!"

Lucas was puzzled by the entire matter.

From the looks of it, Big Sister seemed to treat Jordan and his wife well. But did she know that this couple was bullying their unofficial disciple?

He felt that he should let Big Sister know in private so that she would not bully her family later.

Their Quinn School of Martial Arts was the most protective!

Paul Quinlan frowned in confusion when he saw Lucas's enthusiastic attitude. Then, he followed Paul Quinlan's words and turned around. "Yes, you're a guest. Let's talk inside!"

With that, Lucas added, "Bring your contract so that we can sign it!"

Paul Quinlan's restless heart instantly settled back into his stomach with these words.

As long as Senior Lucas was on his side, there was no problem.

Paul Quinlan glanced at Nora again and thought that Lucas was being more polite to her probably because of Cherry. After all, Cherry was Justin's daughter.

From what happened last time, he could tell that Quinn School of Martial Arts was still very tolerant of Justin.

They did not seem to be as hostile as they were a few years ago.

He was thinking so muddle-headedly and did not notice for a moment that Lucas was leading everyone through the main door. He did not notice that when the gatekeeper saw Nora among them, he respectfully cupped his fists and bowed, while Nora only nodded slightly.

He did not notice it, but Jordan and Jimmy's mother did.

The two of them looked at Nora in shock and swallowed their saliva simultaneously.

Who was this Miss Smith?

Why were the people from Quinn School of Martial Arts so polite to her?

As the two of them were feeling fearful, the group entered the guest room beside them.

Quinn School of Martial Arts was a courtyard house. The waiting room was decorated in a Chinese style, and there was redwood furniture inside. It was obvious that the price was not cheap.

The foundation of an expert martial arts School Arts was revealed.

Some disciples brought tea while others brought fruits.

After everything was prepared, Lucas suddenly said, "Everyone, please wait a moment. Miss Smith, please come with me."

Nora raised her brows.

Coincidentally, she still had not figured out the situation. She wanted to ask Lucas and see if Paul Quinlan was protected by Lucas.

If Paul Quinlan had acted on his own accord, she would definitely have dealt with him.

But if Lucas secretly supported him, then… she would have to ask this junior of hers. Was there not enough money at home? Or did he not have enough money to get married after finding a girlfriend outside?

Should she consider giving him some money?

Yes, the unofficial disciples belonged to others, but the junior brother belonged to her!

Especially him!

Lucas had helped her take care of Quinn School of Martial Arts all these years. Nothing must happen to him. Even if something happened, she had to help cover it up.

With this thought in mind, the two of them went out and walked to the courtyard beside them.

In the courtyard, a few disciples of the Quinn School of Martial Arts were practicing martial arts. Lucas said, "Big Sister, are you very familiar with Jordan?"

Nora thought for a moment. "Not really."

They had a few interactions, but they did not interact much.

Lucas heaved a sigh of relief. "That's good. Your friend is a bully! Paul Quinlan told me…"

He explained Paul Quinlan's words.

Nora, "?"

She raised her eyebrows and looked at Lucas with a faint smile. "He said that he would buy the racing club for 50 million?"

Lucas nodded.

Nora suddenly smiled. "Then do you know how much that racing club is worth?"

Lucas shook his head in confusion. "How much can a club be worth? It can't be worth hundreds of millions!"

Nora sighed silently.

It was more than a few hundred million!

The capital inside was as high as one billion, or even ten billion!

Everyone was racing and gambling. Some people bet tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. As for Jordan's family, they were taking interest from the capital flow!

She patted Lucas's shoulder. "Lucas, you're too naive."

Lucas, "…"

In the guest room.

As he watched the two of them leave, Lucas gave Paul Quinlan a reassuring look before the latter heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed like Lucas was planning to let Nora settle the matter.

Then he would take the opportunity to force the Hoffmans.

He stood up and smiled. "Can we sign the contract now?"

Jordan and his wife were still in shock over Nora's identity. When they heard this, Jimmy's mother was very determined. "Ha, we won't sign it."

Paul Quinlan sneered. "Don't tell me you're hoping that Nora can save you? Who does she think she is? She's at most Justin's secret lover. Quinn School of Martial Arts only gave Justin some face. How could they give her any?"

As soon as he said this, the door was suddenly pushed open.