She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 230 - Miss Smith Of Quinn School Of Martial Arts! 3

Chapter 230 - Miss Smith Of Quinn School Of Martial Arts! 3

Chapter 230 - Miss Smith Of Quinn School Of Martial Arts! 3

Nora could ensure that she and Mr. Quinn did not commit any crimes, and she could also guarantee that Lucas, who had interacted with her a lot, was not that kind of a person. However, she could not guarantee if someone had relied on the power of Quinn School of Martial Arts to do bad things outside. After all, there were so many disciples under them.

Therefore, she had to come over and find out what was going on.

Unfortunately, Jimmy's mother and Jordan did not know about this. When they heard Paul Quinlan's frank words, both of them trembled in fear!

The fact that he dared to call Lucas over to confront him at the entrance of Quinn School of Martial Arts meant that either Paul Quinlan's heart was too big or this matter was true.

How trustworthy were Miss Smith's words?

Jordan narrowed his eyes. "He doesn't have to watch the contract. Either you call him out and get him to give us accurate information, or I'll feel aggrieved about the loss of this money."

Paul Quinlan narrowed his eyes and smiled. "Sure. Wait a moment, Mr. Hoffman. Quinn School of Martial Arts is not a place that just anyone can enter."

Jordan, "!!"

Jimmy's mother was even more furious. "Heh, speaking of which, we're not random people, are we? Mr. Quinlan, you have such a high status in Quinn School of Martial Arts. Can't you show us around?"

Paul Quinlan was neither angry nor annoyed. "How is my status high? I'm just the Big Brother of the unofficial disciples. Master loves silence the most. Not to mention me, even Senior Lucas can't bring anyone in! Of course, unless Big Sister comes…"

Jimmy's mother and Jordan looked at each other.

At this moment, their minds were filled with one thought—

"Daddy, why can Cherry bring her friends in?"

Terence asked indignantly. He had lost all his face in front of his friends earlier! Therefore, he was not afraid of ruining Paul Quinlan's show.

Paul, "!"

When Terence had called him to cry and complain, he had said that Quinn School of Martial Arts had stopped him from bringing his friends in. He had not told him the details, so he had not understood.

When he heard this, his pupils constricted. "What?"

Only then did Terence tell him what had happened. "…Why can Cherry bring people in? Why can't I? Dad, are you still the number one Big Brother of Quinn School of Martial Arts?! Why are you so weak?!"

Paul, "…"

He looked at Jordan and Jimmy's mother and then at Terence. "What are you talking about? Don't be anxious. I'll ask around! Did you just say that Cherry brought two children from the Smiths in?"

Terence nodded.

Paul Quinlan sneered. "She's smart. She might not be able to enter with just Justin's reputation, but if the Smiths are involved, Quinn School of Martial Arts will have to give her face no matter what!"

If they did not give face to the two wealthy families in New York, then Quinn School of Martial Arts would be considered too disrespectful!

Therefore, Paul Quinlan still did not suspect anything. He patted Terence's head and got the children into the car before heading to the side door. After knocking on the door, he entered Quinn School of Martial Arts.

When Lucas heard that Paul Quinlan was here, he personally welcomed him. "This is all my fault! Big Sister told me about this, but I forgot to tell you last time! Sigh!"

Paul Quinlan was the best at handling people. "How could you be blamed? It's also my son's mischievousness. I've already taught him a lesson!"

These words made Lucas feel even more guilty.

Paul Quinlan took the opportunity to say, "It's also because I've been too busy recently and haven't had the time to care about him. Sigh!"

As he spoke, he sighed, making Lucas curious. "Busy with what?"

Paul Quinlan sighed again. "I was busy with Quinlan Sect's business. I had originally planned to buy a racing track for 50 million, but the other party changed their mind at the last minute. He even said… Sigh!"

Lucas was furious. "What did you say?"

Paul Quinlan shook his head. "Forget it. It's nothing. I can't let Quinn School of Martial Arts be humiliated."

Lucas became even more anxious. "Tell me, what did he say?"

Paul Quinlan sighed. "He said that he heard that I'm the Big Brother of the unofficial disciples of Quinn School of Martial Arts, and don't have much of a presence. Therefore, he sold it to someone else. Over the years, I've always remembered Master's teachings and never dared to cause trouble outside. But look, others treat me as easy to bully. They're all bullying me!"

Lucas was instantly exasperated. "Not to mention unofficial disciples, even a small disciple of our Quinn School of Martial Arts can't be bullied by others! Who is that person? Where is he? Bring me to see him!"

Paul Quinlan said, "How could I ask this of you? But it's a coincidence, they're outside the door right now. Senior Brother, why don't you help me greet them? There's no need to say anything. Just acknowledge me as the Big Brother."

"Alright, that's easy!"

Lucas had been deceived by his image for a few years and had long believed that Paul Quinlan was a good person. Therefore, he followed him out without any doubts.

When they saw Lucas come out, Jimmy's mother and Jordan were even more stunned.

The two of them hurriedly got out of the car and saw Lucas walking over aggressively with his chin raised.

Jordan frowned.

Could it be that Lucas was angry because he heard that they did not trust Paul Quinlan?

As he thought about this, Paul Quinlan introduced, "Senior Brother, these are my business partners."

Then, he said to Jordan and Jimmy's mother, "This is Senior Lucas, who is considered the second Big Brother of the internal disciples. Other than Big Sister, he's the most prestigious person in the entire Quinn School of Martial Arts."

Lucas praised him as well. "Of course not. Big Brother Quinlan, you're the number one unofficial disciple. Actually, according to your age, I should also call you Senior Brother!"

Paul Quinlan smiled. "Senior Lucas, you're welcome!"

The two of them spoke intimately. It was obvious that they were very close.

Jimmy's mother's expression changed.

Jordan's expression darkened as he said, "Senior Lucas, regarding business…"

Before he could finish, Paul Quinlan interrupted him. "Mr. Hoffman, my Senior Lucas has never cared about business. Let us discuss business matters ourselves instead!"

Lucas nodded. "Yes, Quinn School of Martial Arts never does business, but Paul Quinlan is the number one unofficial disciple of Quinn School of Martial Arts. He's equivalent to Quinn School of Martial Arts' face!"

In other words, no one should underestimate him!

Jordan's expression darkened. He said, "I understand."

Jimmy's mother was indignant. "Mr. Lucas, does your Big Sister also acknowledge Mr. Quinlan?"

Lucas immediately said, "Of course! Although Big Sister never interfered with the affairs of Quinn School of Martial Arts, she treated the disciples very well!"

When Jimmy's mom heard this, she almost despaired.

It seemed like Miss Smith did not know Big Sister well enough. Did Lucas mean that even Big Sister was on Paul Quinlan's side?

Paul Quinlan looked at the two of them proudly and suddenly smiled. "Mr. Hoffman, I brought the contract. Why don't we sign it now?"


At this moment, a car suddenly stopped beside them, raising waves of dust.