She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 229 - Miss Smith Of Quinn School Of Martial Arts! 2

Chapter 229 - Miss Smith Of Quinn School Of Martial Arts! 2

Chapter 229 - Miss Smith Of Quinn School Of Martial Arts! 2

Nora was silent for a moment.

Sensing that she was silent, Jimmy's mother misunderstood. "Is it difficult to introduce us to her? Forget it, I was just asking…"

Actually, if Jimmy coaxed Cherry, she could also pass the message to Mr. Quinn.

But this was not good.

To get Cherry to help recommend someone, they definitely had to get the approval of the parent. After all, New York was filled with wealthy families. No one knew who had a relationship with whom. Children did not know the severity of the matter, and she could not ask her children to help resolve it.

Jimmy's mother's thoughts were simple. Cherry might have been able to enter Quinn School of Martial Arts because of Mr. Hunt. It had nothing to do with Miss Smith, so she couldn't make things difficult for her.

As she was thinking about this, she heard the other party hesitate for a moment. "It's not that… Is something the matter?"

If she wanted her to help introduce her, she would have to explain the situation. Otherwise, what if what they asked the Big Sister to do went against her own interests?

With the most sincere attitude, Jimmy's mother sighed. "I want you to be magnanimous and let our Hoffman family off."

Nora, "?"

She was stunned. "What does Quinn School of Martial Arts have to do with the Hoffmans?"

If the Hoffmans had hurt someone from Quinn School of Martial Arts, then as the Big Sister, Nora would definitely seek justice for them.

This was not something that could be glossed over with friendship.

In Nora's impression, Quinn School of Martial Arts was managed by her master. Her junior brothers were all strong, handsome, and very obedient.

It was impossible for the internal disciples of Quinn School of Martial Arts to make mistakes.

At this thought, she heard Jimmy's mother say, "The thing is, isn't Quinlan Sect's backbone the Quinn School of Martial Arts? Forget it, Miss Smith. You're not an outsider, I won't beat around the bush about this. Paul Quinlan came to our house the other day and said that he wanted to buy the racing club for five million yuan. Apparently, this is Quinn School of Martial Arts's intention."

Nora, "?"

Jimmy's mother continued, "I know that the development of Quinn School of Martial Arts these past few years has not been without the support of flowing capital. Quinlan Sect has provided Quinn School of Martial Arts with a lot of money over the years, so it is a tool for Quinn School of Martial Arts to accumulate wealth outside. However, Hoffmans' foundation in New York is that racing club. As you know, there are countless people who love racing. The wealthy and influential are all in this circle, and Hoffmans became friends with them because of this. I want to contact that Big Sister. Our racing club can also give Quinn School of Martial Arts a bonus. I just hope that they won't be so ruthless!"

Nora, "!!"

While lying on the phone, she suddenly sat up. Her voice was very cold. "What did you say? Quinn School of Martial Arts is accumulating wealth outside?"

Jimmy's mother sighed. "Quinn School of Martial Arts has made a lot of money using Quinlan Sect these past few years. They're really bullying us this time! We Hoffmans can give up any other place other than the racing club, but not this racing club! Our boss has already thought about it. If Quinn School of Martial Arts doesn't accept our surrender, we'll fight it out with Quinlan Sect!"

She was furious. "We can't afford to offend Quinn School of Martial Arts, but Quinlan Sect has been abusing us all these years. We're not pushovers!"

Then, she realized that her tone was too harsh. "I'm sorry, Miss Smith. I couldn't control my emotions."

Nora frowned.

She knew Jimmy's mother well. She was an energetic woman. Otherwise, she would not have rushed to school to hit someone.

However, such a person was actually the most straightforward and did not have many sinister thoughts.

She said slowly, "It's okay. I understand what you mean, but as far as I know, Quinn School of Martial Arts has never borrowed Quinlan Sect's reputation to make money."

Jimmy's mother was stunned for a moment before saying, "Miss Smith, you heard about this too, right? However, Paul Quinlan keeps saying that it's because of Quinn School of Martial Arts. We can't be wrong. After all, this concerns the racing club…"

"I know." Nora interrupted her. "Now, I need to confirm the entire story. However, I can guarantee that this is definitely not the intention of Big Sister and Mr. Quinn. You don't need to sell the racing club!"

Jimmy's mother was stunned by her domineering words. "Ah, okay, okay."

After saying that, Nora hung up.

Jimmy's mother stared at her phone in a daze.

At this moment, there was a knock on the car window. She opened it and saw Jordan walking over. He opened the car door and sat beside her. Looking at her phone, he asked, "You called Miss Smith?"

She nodded in a daze.

Jordan misunderstood. "Miss Smith is unable to help? I was just thinking that since Cherry is Mr. Hunt's child, she might have been able to enter Quinn School of Martial Arts because of his help. Although I don't know why Mr. Quinn would accept a child from Irvin School of Martial Arts. After all, he hates everyone there the most!"

Upon hearing this, Jimmy's mother suddenly said, "What if that child is also Big Sister's child?"

Jordan, "?"

He was stunned and turned his head slowly. "What?"

Jimmy's mother quickly shook her head. "I guess I was too hot and dizzy. I actually said such nonsense."

Miss Smith's tone earlier, especially when she spoke of Big Sister and Mr. Quinn, made it seem as if she was Big Sister herself.

But how was that possible?

However, Miss Smith definitely knew Big Sister. Perhaps the Big Sister was also a racing fan of Miss Smith?

She shook her head and abandoned the unrealistic thoughts in her mind. Then, she heard Jordan say, "If Miss Smith can't help, she must have her own difficulties. Don't take your anger out on her because of this…"

"No," she interrupted him and said slowly, "Miss Smith said that we don't have to sell the racing club. That's not Quinn School of Martial Arts' intention."

Jordan: "…"


Quinlan Sect.

After Terence cried bitterly on the phone, Paul Quinlan rushed over. He did not expect to see the Hoffmans' car not far from the entrance.

Why were they here?

Paul Quinlan narrowed his eyes. After getting out of the car, he walked straight to the two of them and knocked on the door. However, he realized that the couple was in the car and could not enter.

He instantly felt superior. "Mr. Hoffman, why are you here?"

Jordan pursed his lips and suddenly said, "Mr. Quinlan, let me ask you a question. Was it really Quinn School of Martial Arts' idea to acquire our racing club?"

Paul Quinlan raised his eyebrows and chuckled. "Mr. Hoffman, what do you mean? Do you think I'll lie to you? Why don't I look for Lucas to sign the contract with our families?"

At this moment, Nora was racing over.