She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 23 - Eating Her Words!

Chapter 23 - Eating Her Words!

Chapter 23 - Eating Her Words!

Nora had a mask, goggles, and surgical cap on, so she was totally covered from head to toe. No one could see what she looked like at all.

Therefore, none of them saw the mocking smile at the corners of her lips.

She really didn't expect her younger sister to be this shameless.

Had it been before, she might have considered being a little nicer, but now…

Nora suddenly smiled and said, "Oh, so you're Nora Smith?"

She had deliberately lowered her voice, which made her voice, which was already deep, sound even deeper as if she had a sore throat.

As soon as she said that, the whole operating room suddenly fell silent. Everyone, including Dr. Larson, looked at Angela.

Angela's smile froze, and a cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

Did that damned fatty actually sign off the email?

Dr. Larson's expression turned sullen and he asked, "What's the meaning of this, Angela?"

Angela braced herself and started to make up a story. She said, "I'm sorry, Professor Anti, Dr. Larson. I was afraid that Professor Anti would reject my request, so I was too embarrassed to use my real name and ended up using my sister's."

Dr. Larson's expression mellowed. "I see."


All of her sister's ingenuity had been put into use here instead.

Nora cast her eyes down. As she walked to the operating room, she asked seemingly curiously, "How did you get hold of my email address?"

Angela, who had just heaved a sigh of relief, was bewildered.

Why would anyone ask about this? Besides, her aunt was the patient. Her claim that she had sent the email made logical sense, so there was no need to press the issue at all.

She wiped off the perspiration that had formed on her forehead again and stammered, "I… I asked a friend for it."

Nora continued her questions as if nothing had happened. She asked, "Can you tell me what my email address is?"

Angela abruptly stood still, the exposed parts of her face already pale.

Her reaction was too telling.

A red-faced Dr. Larson reprimanded, "What's the matter with you, Angela? Were you the one who sent the email or not?"

Angela could only tell the truth. "N-no, it wasn't me."

Having reached the doors to the operating room, Nora opened them. Before entering, she heard Dr. Larson shouting angrily behind her,

"To think you could bring yourself to say something like that in order to observe the operation! A student of poor character and upbringing like you is not worthy of observing Anti's operation. Get out!"

In the operating room.

Irene clenched her fists nervously as she laid on the cold bed and stared at the ceiling.

She turned her head toward the door when she heard it opening. When her gentle eyes met the doctor's, she swallowed nervously.

She knew that she would probably die on the operating table today.

A 10% success rate was too low.

Just as a wry smile appeared on her lips, the doctor suddenly came over. In a low voice, she said, "I'm Anti, Aunt Irene. Go ahead and sleep. When you wake up, you'll be all fine."

Irene's eyes widened suddenly. Past the goggles, a pair of familiar cat-like eyes entered her sight.


On the top floor of Hotel Finest.

"Daddy's a bad man who misunderstood Mommy. I'm not talking to you."

In the bedroom, Cherry hugged the one and only plush toy in the pile of toys and turned her back to the door as she sat in the corner.

The big and tall Justin stood at the door.

The little fellow had such a bad temper. She had been ignoring him since the day before, and she kept staring at him accusingly with her big and teary eyes, making it seem as if he had done some terribly heinous things.

Lawrence was in the room trying to coax her. He said, "Don't sit here anymore, Pete. Why don't we go over to where the toys are?"

Cherry raised her head and curled her lip as she said, "There are only cars and airplanes there. It's no fun! Why aren't there any Barbie dolls?"

Justin's jaw tightened. "…"

He looked at the family doctor and asked in a low voice, "Is the test ready?"

"Yes, it is." After answering, the family doctor walked into the bedroom cheerfully and said in a cajoling voice, "Why don't we do a little test, Pete? I'll give you a Barbie doll when we're done."

Cherry, who was completely unaware that this would put her brother in a rather unfortunate situation, immediately nodded. "Okay!"

Seeing his son happily following the doctor and walking out of the bedroom, worry appeared on Justin's countenance.

The test was over very quickly. A short half an hour later, Cherry bounced out of the study with the Barbie doll that the family doctor had rewarded her with and ran past Justin into the bedroom without looking anywhere else.


While looking at her from the back, Justin, who had an indescribable expression on his face, entered the study and asked, "Are the results out?"

The family doctor coughed and replied, "Yes, it is. Please be mentally prepared, Mr. Hunt."

Justin clenched his fists tightly. The family doctor said tactfully, "It is obvious that Pete pays more attention to men than women. The test has shown that he thinks he's… a little princess."


Justin slammed his fist on the desk. He, who had always faced all the dirty deception and trickery in the commercial world with skill and ease, actually found himself feeling a little helpless.

What was he to do about this?

The sound startled the family doctor. It was only when he looked back and saw Lawrence beckoning him at the door that he finally walked out of the room.

After waiting for another half an hour, Lawrence said, "It's time, Mr. Hunt."

He had already asked around—Anti's operation would take seven hours. The timing would be just nice if they went over now.

Justin stood up solemnly. "Let's go."

He glanced at his son when he was leaving the room—combing her doll's hair. He hummed a little song as he nimbly braided the doll's hair. Then, he picked a set of clothes and started to change the doll into it.

He tried, again and again, to keep his temper under control. At last, he said, "Daddy's going out for a while, Pete. Let's play with the airplanes together when I'm back."

Cherry ignored him.

Justin then said, "I'll buy you a Barbie when I come back in the evening."

Cherry's eyes brightened and she looked at him eagerly. However, she forced herself to look away. She said, "Cherr… Cherry Pit doesn't want a Barbie doll. I want Mommy."

Sob, she had already changed places with Pete for two days. She missed Mommy.


What the heck was 'Cherry Pit'?!

Justin, who felt as if his heart had been pierced by a million arrows, left the hotel brokenhearted together with Lawrence and headed to the hospital in town.

In order to ensure that he could catch Anti, Justin decided to enter the operating room.

While he was changing, next to him, Lawrence said, "This is a psychological issue, Mr. Hunt. How about we ask Miss Smith to come over and talk to Pete?"

Justin cast his eyes down. The thought of Nora irritated him even more.

When he came in to change, he had noticed that her aunt was still in the middle of her operation, yet she was nowhere in sight. A woman like that…

He rejected the suggestion again. "No, it isn't necessary."

Even if his son wasn't normal, at least he wasn't a heartless and callous person.

After leaving him a cold reply, he pushed the door open and entered the operating room.

Inside the operating room, all the lights were focused on the operating table.

His eyes locked directly onto the woman who was currently performing the operation with full concentration!

Upon seeing her, a slightly stunned expression came over his countenance.