She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 24 - Meeting Each Other

Chapter 24 - Meeting Each Other

Chapter 24 - Meeting Each Other

Justin had seen a photo of Anti before, but the woman who was performing the surgery. She seemed much thinner than the one in the photo?

He stood quietly behind the crowd.

No one was allowed to enter the operating room in the middle of the operation. If it weren't for the fact that this hospital belonged to the Hunts, it would also have been very difficult for him to enter.

Therefore, Justin abided by the rules very much and didn't go forward immediately. He intended to wait until Anti had finished the operation before he approached her.

The operating room was very quiet. Only a woman's professional but hoarse voice sounded from time to time:

"What's her heart rate?"

"Her blood pressure?"

"#10 blade."

"Hemostatic forceps."

She had likely already been operating on the patient for six and a half hours. The assistant behind her was constantly wiping the perspiration off her brow, but even now, her hands were still very stable and didn't show any traces of trembling at all.

Her eyes, as she stared intently at the operating table, were focused and serious. Although one couldn't see her face, she nevertheless exuded an indescribable charm.

Justin initially thought that he had arrived too early, and felt rather irked that he had to wait here for twenty minutes. But as he watched her perform the dry and boring surgery, before he knew it, the time had actually already gone by.

This continued until she finally said, "Close the wound."

The assistant who had been behind her all this time replied, "Okay."

The chief surgeon was the one who performed the operation while the assistant did the simple stitching at the end.

Everything had gone smoothly in the operation so far.

But at this point!

It seemed like someone had accidentally bumped the tray that an assistant was holding, and the scalpel on it suddenly fell onto the ground!

The scene instantly became a little chaotic.

The lights around the operating table were very bright, which caused the sides to look a little dark in comparison. Anti was hidden right among the assistants moving about!

Anti, who was among them, reprimanded, "Why were you so careless? It's fortunate that the final stitches are the only thing left. You guys, go and clean up with me!"


The assistants, together with Anti, were all wearing surgical gowns of the same color. They headed straight to the sterile area.

Justin quickly followed after them.

After entering the sterile area, they took off their goggles, masks, and gloves, and washed their hands with running water. Except for one, the rest were all blond.

Anti wasn't blond.

Thus, Justin walked straight behind the only person who wasn't blond there, clapped his hand over her shoulder, and said, "Hello, Anti. I've heard a lot about you."

However, the woman that turned around was a plain Jane. She looked at Justin in surprise and said, "Dr. Anti has already left. I'm Lily, her assistant. You are?"

Justin frowned. It was then that he realized that he had been fooled.

Did Anti really think she could get away today, though?

He took a step back, picked up his cell phone, and called Lawrence. He ordered coldly, "Lock down all of the operating room's exits and check all the personnel inside!"

"Yes, sir."

In the operating room.

From the corner of her eye, Nora could see Justin going out of the ward. She let out a huge sigh of relief as she stood in front of the operating table.

She had already known before she came as Anti to perform the operation that the news would definitely get out and attract the attention of that man with high social status.

Therefore, she had already made preparations for it beforehand.

It was common knowledge that the chief surgeon didn't do trivial things like sutures.

However, Nora demanded perfection when operating on her aunt, so she would definitely do it herself.

To everyone else, Anti had already left with the assistants. Who would have thought that she had merely turned around amidst the chaos earlier and was actually still here?

She moved quickly. Within a mere ten minutes, the stitching was completed.

Finally, after checking her aunt's various data indicators, she announced, "Operation successful."

The duty of postoperative care was given to a professional nurse. She and the two remaining assistants then followed the observing doctors to the sterile area.

Nora yawned sleepily.

The toll that a seven-hour operation took on one was unimaginable. To people who naturally had a weak constitution like her, it was very punishing.

She would probably have to sleep for 14 to 15 hours straight when she gets back later.

She was just thinking about that when she suddenly noticed Lily, who was in the sterile area, giving her a look.

Nora paused. A foreboding feeling suddenly arose in her.

The next moment, she saw a row of bodyguards in black standing at the operating room entrance and checking everyone's identities one by one.

Lily demanded angrily, "What is the meaning of this, Mr. Hunt? We were invited to perform an operation. Why should we undergo your unreasonable cross-examination?"

Justin stood guard at the door with an unwelcoming presence, his tall figure exuding a strong sense of oppression.

Next to him, an expressionless Lawrence replied, "My apologies, miss. You're not doctors employed by this hospital after all. Should any accidents happen to the patient, I'm afraid we'll have to take responsibility. Therefore, please leave behind your contact information."

Nora cast her eyes downward slightly and sighed inwardly, That tyrant is really hard to get rid of.

How about fighting her way out? However, her sore fingers and weak legs were telling her that she currently didn't have enough strength to do that!

She didn't notice that Justin had been staring at her.

Even though she was wearing a surgical gown, her figure was very similar to Anti's.

Everyone in front was cooperating with Lawrence's investigation, but she was the only one standing at the back and looking a little like she had a guilty conscience.

Justin strode over to her. His thin lips parted slightly and he said, "That was a really good trick. You almost had me there."

Everyone looked over, making Nora the focus of the sterile zone.

Justin said solemnly, "Dr. Anti, why don't you take off your mask?"

The man was tall, and there was an intimidating and oppressive air around him when he stood in front of one.

Nora suddenly let out a low chuckle. Then, she reached up and took off her mask and goggles. The goggles hooked onto her surgical cap, causing her dark hair to also cascade along with the action.

Justin's eyes widened at the sight of her familiar and exquisite visage.

How could it possibly be her?

Nora lowered her eyes like she always did and said in a low and lazy voice, "Since you've caught me, I have nothing to say."

Justin's heart skipped a beat. Then, he heard her continue and say, "I am indeed in the wrong for sneaking into the operating room to watch over my aunt. If the hospital wants to hold me accountable, I'll take it."

Then, she looked up and said frostily, "However, as a family member of the patient, I should think that the hospital can understand why I did that?"

Her voice was cool and clear like the clink of glasses, which gave off a sense of steadiness.

The first thought that came to Justin's mind was actually "So, she didn't ignore her aunt!".

Nora observed the man in front of her.

The look in his eyes was unfathomable and his eyes were deep and dark. Even the mole at his eye exuded an unpredictable and mysterious air.

She didn't know whether he believed her or not.

While she was thinking, the man suddenly said, "If Miss Smith agrees to a condition of mine, then on behalf of the hospital, I can promise not to hold you accountable."

"What is it?"

Justin let out a low cough and said, "Come back to the hotel with me and play with my son for two hours."

Pete had been angry with him since the night before and had ignored him even all the way until he went out, and kept asking for Mommy.

Now that he knew that she wasn't such a cold-hearted and unfeeling person, his son would definitely cheer up if he brought her back, right?

Nora was bewildered.