She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 22 - Anti!

Chapter 22 - Anti!

Chapter 22 - Anti!

Angela said sarcastically, "Did you not understand what I was saying? Unless it's Dr. Anti, the situation won't change, no matter who you've gotten over!"

Scaring a patient before their operation, and making them nervous and full of distrust toward their doctor held zero benefits for the operation.

Nora had come over intending to comfort her aunt right from the start.

At the sight of their pale faces, she was just about to utter the name "Anti" when Irene suddenly said, "I trust you, Nora. Let's get ready for the operation."

Nora paused.

Angela said sharply, "What a fool. Are you also in a hurry to die?"

Lisa became even more nervous. "Mom."

Irene gave her a wry smile and said, "How many doctors have your father and you approached for this operation? No one dares to do it because none of them wants to be held responsible. It's hard no matter who does it anyway, so why bother so much about who the operating surgeon is?"

She would take the risk.

And see if God also thinks that this should be the end of her life.

She looked at Lisa and Will and said, "Remember this, Will, Lisa. No matter whether the operation succeeds or not, this is what I've chosen. It has nothing to do with Nora."

Nora lowered her gaze, her heart warmed.

The door to the ward opened and a nurse came in. "Mrs. Black, we'll be transferring you to the operating room now."

Outside the operating room.

After waiting for Irene to be transferred into the operating room, Nora decided to head off to make pre-operation preparations. However, the moment she turned, she heard Angela's voice.

"Where are you going, Nora? I get it now. You must be having a guilty conscience, so you're too scared to face what's going to happen, right? You're afraid that the Blacks will blame you for Aunt Irene's death when the hospital staff brings her dead body out later!

"You can't go! You have to stay here and take responsibility for Aunt Irene's life!"

Nora paused and slowly said, "I have something on."

Angela scoffed and said, "What do you have that's more important than Aunt Irene's life? Why are you so cold-blooded?"

Will, who was listening to the conversation between the two, clenched his fists. His eyes were filled with fierce disappointment.

No matter whether the operation succeeded or not, he wasn't going to cast any blame on Nora. But as his wife's most beloved niece, couldn't she even stay with her during the surgery?

At this time, a nurse came up and said, "Can I get her family members to sign the medical liability waiver form, please?"

Will's hand trembled at the sight of the surgical consent form and the liability waiver form she handed over.

With her eyes red, Lisa's voice trembled as she asked, "What does this mean?"

Angela stepped forward, her face still sporting a relaxed and happy smile. Obviously, she wasn't concerned at all about the life of the person in the operating room. She said sarcastically,

"It means that the doctor won't have to take any responsibility even if he causes the death of the patient during the surgery! Aunt Irene's surgery is such a difficult one. The doctors aren't fools; they'll definitely ask for liability waiver form to be signed."

Lisa's face turned pale with fright.

Angela was extremely satisfied. Her eyes swiveled a little and she grabbed the consent form from the nurse. Then, she looked at the section naming the chief surgeon at the bottom as she said, "I wanna see who this surgeon is, so brave to actually undertake Aunt Irene's operation!"

The operation was bound to fail, but that surgeon had agreed to operate on her aunt, thereby potentially ruining her grand plans to usurp the company. She wanted them ruined!

There was a sinister look in Angela's eyes, but when she saw who the chief surgeon was the next moment, she suddenly froze!

How could this be?!

"Anti?" Beside her, Lisa exclaimed, "Is this the top surgeon in the world that you guys were talking about just now?!"

"What?" Will also exclaimed, "Let me take a look!"

As the two of them stared at the chief surgeon's name, their eyes started to light up again. Will looked at Nora in surprise and asked, "Nora, how did you manage to get Dr. Anti to do the operation?"

Nora cast her eyes down and randomly made up a story. She said, "Anti likes challenging operations, so I tried emailing them Aunt Irene's CT scans. I didn't expect them to agree."

Will's eyes turned red. "I've misunderstood you, Nora!"

"It's okay."

Nora said dispassionately, "But I really do have something up, so I'm going off first."

The shocked Angela was still frozen in place even after she left, and she watched Lisa and Will sign the forms. Will even cried because of how ecstatic he was, and she felt as if she had been made to eat her words.

"Hurry up, Dr. Anti has already arrived!"

Several doctors from the hospital strode into the operating room. They were representatives that the dean had carefully selected to observe Anti's operation. This was a rare opportunity for them.

Dr. Larson, the head of the Department of Neurology, happened to be among them. When he was about to enter the operating room, he suddenly caught a glimpse of Angela and he stopped immediately. He called out, "Angela, is that you?"

Angela came back to her senses and greeted him. "Dr. Larson."

Dr. Larson was Angela's professor at the School of Medicine in college.

He asked, "Why are you here?"

Angela hurriedly answered, "My aunt's the patient."

Dr. Larson's eyes lit up right away and he beckoned to her. The two went over to the side and he asked, "What's your family's relationship with Anti?"

Angela replied, "My aunt is in serious condition, so the operation's a challenging one. Practically none of the doctors in the States are capable of performing it, so I tried emailing Anti. Unexpectedly, she really agreed to take on the operation! Can you bring me in to observe the surgery, too?"

A scheming look filled her eyes.

It was that damned fatty who had sent the email, but how would Anti know who the sender was anyway?

It is undoubtedly an honor to be able to observe Anti's surgery!

Enlightened, Dr. Larson said, "So, you're the one that got Anti over. You've made a huge contribution to the hospital! Of course, I can bring you in."

Angela hurriedly followed after Dr. Larson. Among those here to observe, apart from the well-known specialists in the hospital, there were only a few promising doctoral students. She was the only undergraduate there.

If she became a well-known doctor, then Anthony definitely wouldn't find her beneath him anymore!

Nora slipped into the operating room through the side door. As soon as she entered, she spotted Lily, her surgical assistant. She had flown into the States overnight in order to help out today.

In order to keep their identities secret, the two of them were the only ones in the dressing room.

Lily put on the surgical gown for her. After completing the disinfection procedures, they entered a room in the second hallway. There, they ran into the doctors present to observe the operation.

They had changed relatively quickly and were currently crowding around Angela and chatting.

"To think you actually managed to get Anti over, Angela! I heard from Dr. Larson just now that he intends to get the hospital and college to focus on training you!"

"Wow, that's so awesome. You'll definitely become a well-known surgeon in only a few years!"

"What an honor it is for undergraduates to observe Anti's surgery!"

Angela, who was surrounded by them, felt as if she was on cloud nine.

At the sight of Anti, she hurriedly walked up to her and said, "Hello, Dr. Anti. I'm the one that sent you that email. Thank you for operating on my aunt. I really look up to you. Can you give me a chance to become a postgraduate student under you?"

Nora was bewildered.