She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 228 - Miss Smith Of Quinn School Of Martial Arts!

Chapter 228 - Miss Smith Of Quinn School Of Martial Arts!

Chapter 228 - Miss Smith Of Quinn School Of Martial Arts!

Pete, who looked sullen, didn't speak.

However, there was also a devil incarnate in their line of work, Brandon, who stood up for his boss. "Terence, you were chased out yourself and you're taking your anger out on us! Cherry is very powerful. If she says he can bring us in, she can!"

Terence sneered. "My father said long ago that Quinn School of Martial Arts' rules are strict. Did you hear that? Only an unofficial disciple like me can enter to learn martial arts. You want to enter? No way!"

Brandon said, "Then I'll show you how we get in! Hmph! Cherry, let's go!"

Pete nodded and led the way, heading straight for the door.

However, Terence was following behind them. When he saw this situation, he sneered and said, "Cherry, don't tell me you still want to go through the main entrance? Do you know that unless there are important guests or inner disciples, the gates of Quinn School of Martial Arts are not open to just anyone!"

Quinn School of Martial Arts' management was very strict. This was also one of the reasons why Jordan and the others could not enter even if they wanted to be associated with Quinn School of Martial Arts. This was because they would be stopped at the entrance. It was impossible for them to speak to someone with authority!

Pete had been in power since he was young. No matter where he went, he would always go through the front door. He did not know anything about this.

Mia didn't understand either.

But Brandon understood.

His father and Joel were separated by a generation and could be considered cousins. Although they both were Smiths, his generation had to move out.

After all, his lineage was too distant.

The direct descendants and the collateral descendants were very clear in aristocratic families.

Therefore, his father often instructed him to maintain a good relationship with Mia, who was the child of the head of the direct descendants.

Of course, he wasn't protecting Mia entirely because of this. After all, he was still young and wasn't that utilitarian. It was just that his father reminded him every time not to go through the front door, and he was used to it.

Therefore, he subconsciously looked at Pete. "Boss Cherry, are we really going through the front door? Is that not good?"

Pete turned his head in confusion. "Every time I come, I always use this door."

Every time he came to learn martial arts, it was either Nora who brought him here or Justin.

Not to mention that he was an internal disciple personally taken in by Mr. Quinn and would be the one to inherit the mantle of Quinn School of Martial Arts in the future. Out of those two parents, one was Miss Smith of Quinn School of Martial Arts and the other Mr. Hunt of Irvin School of Martial Arts. They both have very important positions in the martial arts world, how could they possibly take the side door?

Hearing his words, Terence instantly felt that Cherry was lying. He immediately sneered and said, "What are you bragging about? Every time my father comes to Quinn School of Martial Arts, he would only be allowed to go through the front door if it's a special occasion. The rest of the time he would go through the side door. Do you think you guys are worthy?"

Pete smirked coldly. "Where did this wild dog come from? Why is it barking in front of Quinn School of Martial Arts?"

Terence, "?"

He looked around, confused. "Is there a dog? Where's the wild dog?"

Pete, "…"

He should not have said so much. Arguing with someone whose IQ was not on the same level as his really damaged his image. He shook his head and simply walked forward.

In the car, Jimmy's mom was still in touch with Jimmy's father.

The two of them looked ahead. When they saw that Terence was being rejected while Cherry was walking toward the main door, Jordan couldn't help but say, "This child is indeed lying!"

Jimmy's mother was taken aback. "What's wrong?"

Jordan said, "That Lucas's words carry a lot of weight in Quinn School of Martial Arts. Since he said that Big Sister had given the order not to open classes for the children, it's impossible for him to open them again. Didn't you see that Paul Quinlan's son was chased out? Although I haven't found out who that Big Sister is, I found out that she has very high prestige in Quinn School of Martial Arts! Since she said she wouldn't open t classes for the children, she definitely won't."

Jimmy's mom sighed. "It's a good thing I didn't call Miss Smith. Otherwise, it would have been awkward if she learned that the children were bragging."

Jordan nodded, but he also sighed in disappointment.

If Cherry and Miss Smith could not find a way, what else could they do?

He looked at the side door. There, after Lucas sent Terence and the others out, he had closed the door and left.

If he could speak to Lucas and get him to convey this to Big Sister, would that work?

With that thought in mind, he said, "I'm going off to do something. Pick Jimmy up later and comfort him for not being able to enter Quinn School of Martial Arts. Then go home!"

Jimmy's mom nodded. "Okay."

Jimmy's father hung up and was about to leave when he saw—

Brandon was too excited. He walked at the front and rushed in when he reached the door. He was stopped by the people guarding the door. "Eh, where did this child come from? Do you know where you are? How dare you rush in?"

Brandon struggled but did not feel anything wrong. Boss was right. "Cherry brought us here. She said we could enter from here!"

The gatekeeper laughed. "Who's Cherry? I don't know her!"

As soon as he said this, Terence laughed out loud. "Did you see that? The main door isn't for you guys to enter. Cherry, even if you really have connections, you should have entered through the side door! You've made a fool of yourself now, haven't you? You were stopped!"

With that, he took a step forward and pointed at Pete. "Brother, this is Cherry! She bragged that she could bring her friends into Quinn School of Martial Arts. She also said that she's very familiar with Mr. Quinn!"

When the gatekeeper heard this, he frowned. "What? I want to see who dares to brag like that? I'll have to find your parents and teach you a lesson…"

When he saw Pete slowly walking over, he suddenly stopped talking.

His eyes lit up as he smiled. "Pete, you're here!"

Terence: ???

He was stunned.

He looked at Pete in disbelief, only to see Pete nod very calmly. "Yes, is Grandpa Quinn here?"

The gatekeeper stepped aside enthusiastically. "Yes, Master has prepared delicious desserts. Are these your friends?"

Pete nodded. "Yeah."

"Then hurry up and enter! Master has been waiting for you for a long time!"

In the car, Jordan and Jimmy's mother were so shocked that they could not speak.

Before Jordan could say anything, Jimmy's mother had already swallowed her saliva. She took out her phone and called Nora. The other party picked up quickly and said in a muffled voice, "Hello."

Jimmy's mother said, "Miss Smith, well, Cherry seems to be quite familiar with Mr. Quinn now that she's at the Quinn's. Can we trouble her to introduce us to someone?"

Nora was clearly sleeping. "Who is it?"

Jimmy's mother's tone turned grave. "The Big Sister of Quinn School of Martial Arts."