She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 223 - Long-Time Friends In Spirit!

Chapter 223 - Long-Time Friends In Spirit!

Chapter 223 - Long-Time Friends In Spirit!

His subordinate was taken aback. As he followed behind Paul, he couldn't help but ask, "Will the Quinn School of Martial Arts really stand up for us? That's Justin Hunt we're talking about!"

Paul stood up straight. Full of confidence, he said, "Whether they stand up for us or not, doing this will only benefit us!"

His subordinate didn't understand.

Paul explained in detail. He spoke as if he was explaining the meaning behind his words to his subordinate, but in truth, he was self-analyzing the situation.

"The Quinn School of Martial Arts values their disciples the most, and Quinn is also well-known for being very protective of his own. Therefore, there's a high chance that they will stand up for us. Of course, it's impossible to make Justin Hunt pay for his actions with his life, but they will make him pay by other things, such as apologizing or providing some kind of benefits.

"If the Quinn School of Martial Arts is cowed by Justin's power and doesn't stand up for us, it would damage their reputation. But if Justin Hunt takes a very aggressive stance, then it's very likely that the sect won't stand up for us and fight a hopeless battle—this is a society governed by law, after all. However, the sect will give us some compensation because of the incident! Going by Quinn's personality, he will feel as if his child has suffered injustice, and will comfort us properly. When that happens, our ties with the Quinn School of Martial Arts will become even stronger!"

The subordinate was enlightened.

After understanding all this, Paul drove straight to the Quinn School of Martial Arts.


On the way back to the Quinn School of Martial Arts, Nora looked straight ahead of her, her expression a little solemn.

The Quinlan Sect had been using the Quinn School of Martial Arts' name to do whatever they want and lord it over others outside. If she hadn't encountered this, she might still have been able to ignore it, but since she had, then she mustn't turn a blind eye to it.

It seemed that she needed to have a good talk with Lucas.

Justin, who had noticed her solemn countenance, asked, "Penny for your thoughts?"

"I'm thinking about the Quinn School of Martial Arts."

Justin's eyes narrowed a little. "Are you scared?"

Nora, "?"

Justin leaned against the passenger seat, his eyes that could bewitch and draw one's soul into them, deep and reserved. The beauty mark at the corner of his eye seemed to flash with an air of dominion. "Don't worry. If the Quinn School of Martial Arts comes to us to make trouble, then we'll just deal with it like how the pugilistic world does—fighting."

Nora, "?"

'If the Quinn School of Martial Arts comes to make trouble'?

She hesitated for a moment before she asked, "Why would the Quinn School of Martial Arts come to make trouble for us?"

Justin, who was about to say "I'll fight them for you", choked on his breath at the question. He explained, "We beat up Winston Myers today. Because he's from the Quinlan Sect, our actions are equivalent to slapping Paul in the face. He definitely won't let the matter rest, so he will definitely get the Quinn School of Martial Arts to stand up for him."

Justin stroked his chin, his fingers long and slender and the joints well-defined. He said, "Even though Pete is learning martial arts from Quinn, I don't think Quinn will give up pursuing the matter with us because of him. There's no one who can really fight in the current generation of disciples in the Quinn School of Martial Arts, though. The only one who can fight is Big Sister, who exists only in legends."

Nora, "…"

The corners of her lips spasmed. "Are you saying that the Quinn School of Martial Arts is incapable?"

Justin's voice sounded a little deep as he replied, "It's not that they are incapable, but rather, there are very few people who train with dedication in the martial arts in modern society! It isn't just the Quinn School of Martial Arts; even the Irvin School of Martial Arts is filled with people that only know a few fancy moves."

Nora did not refute him.

This was also the reason why Quinn valued her so much—because it was simply too difficult to find a successor of direct lineage!

Nora looked at Justin and suddenly said, "Don't worry. The Quinn School of Martial Arts won't make trouble for you."

Her words took Justin by surprise, and he looked at her with puzzlement.

In his opinion, Nora had shown up in the Quinn School of Martial Arts because of Pete. However, in this split second, he suddenly thought of that time when he had exchanged a few moves with Nora—she was pretty good. In fact, she could even fight on par with him…

Could it be that…

Justin was dumbfounded. He looked straight at Nora and asked, "Are you the Quinn School of Martial Arts' Big Sister?"

Nora's almond-shaped eyes lifted slightly. "Can't I be?"

Justin, "!!!"

Something suddenly clicked in his mind. Back then, when he had taken Pete to the Quinn School of Martial Arts to ask them to take him in, going by how much Quinn disliked the Irvin School of Martial Arts, it stood to reason that he wouldn't accept him as a disciple for sure. However, it seemed like Quinn had immediately taken Pete as a disciple the moment he saw him…

At that time, he had thought that it was because Quinn had seen the martial arts talent in Pete. Thinking about it again now, as it turned out, it was because of Pete's mom?

Justin suddenly let out a low chuckle. "The Big Sister of the Quinn School of Martial Arts, master surgeon Anti, car racer Yanci… May I ask, Ms. Smith, what other identities do you have?"

Nora's fingers rested casually on the steering wheel. "I don't remember. I have too many."


Justin couldn't help but laugh after a short silence.

But thereafter, he couldn't bring himself to anymore—because Nora suddenly said in all seriousness, "Don't ever mention the Irvin School of Martial Arts in front of Quinn. The Quinn School of Martial Arts and the Irvin School of Martial Arts have irreconcilable differences."

Justin, "…"

A sharp glint burst forth in Nora's eyes as she added, "Also, I heard from the old man that the Irvin School of Martial Arts' current Big Brother is very skilled. His moves are the most treacherous and devious ever, and he has completely inherited Irvin's sly and conniving character. He'd best pray that he never lands in my hands!"

Justin's Adam's apple moved up and down a little. He asked tentatively, "What will happen if he lands in your hands?"

The corners of Nora's lips quirked upward, making her look cool and sassy. She replied, "I will let him know what the light of the right way is like!"


The Irvin School of Martial Arts and the Quinn School of Martial Arts practiced different styles of martial arts. The former focused on flexibility, fluidity, and breaking through in one blow after identifying the opponent's weakness. On the other hand, the Quinn School of Martial Arts focused on the training of oneself. As long as one was strong and powerful enough, they would be able to outmaneuver every one of the opponent's moves!

To borrow Quinn's words, the Irvin School of Martial Arts was a sect of cunning and devious scumbags! They tarnished the might and prestige of martial arts!

Justin, who could sense Nora's animosity toward the Irvin School of Martial Arts, asked tentatively, "It's not like you've met their Big Brother, either. You—"

Nora snorted coldly. "But I've been friends with him in spirit for a long time."

Justin, "?"

Nora raised her eyebrows. "The old man uses him to pressure me every day, which has made me develop a dislike for him physiologically."


Justin fell silent. In the end, he decided to hold on tightly to his secret identity and make sure it didn't get exposed.

When the pair arrived at the Quinn School of Martial Arts, they saw the two children walking out.

The little fellow dressed in boys' clothing was beaming.

The one in the skirt was wearing a mask and a cap, and had a frosty look on his little face.

Nora and Justin could tell which was their daughter and which was their son practically the moment they saw them.

Justin stepped forward and took Cherry's hand, who was dressed in boys' clothing, and said, "It's late, Pete. Let's go home!"

Cherry nodded. "Okie-Dokie!"

Nora also took Pete's hand. "Let's go home, too, Cherry."

Pete held her fingers seriously. "… Okay."

The family of four was about to leave the training gym when noise suddenly came from the main entrance.

The four of them paused in their tracks. Nora subconsciously looked out the window to see Paul stepping through the main entrance in tears, a complete change from his refined image of the past.

Lucas held his arm and asked, "What's the matter?"

Paul ignored him. Instead, he shouted straight into the training gym, "Master! You have to help me!"