She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 224 - His Lover Is Nora Smith!

Chapter 224 - His Lover Is Nora Smith!

Chapter 224 - His Lover Is Nora Smith!

Paul had already thoroughly looked into things while on the way here.

Cherry had claimed that her mother was Nora Smith and her father was Justin Hunt. He'd originally thought that Nora was just a tool that Justin was using to shut outsiders up, but unexpectedly, he had actually stood up for her when she went to save her fiancé.

Paul roughly understood what was going on the moment he thought of her beautiful face—Nora might be Justin's lover.

Even though he didn't quite understand why Justin would allow his lover to have a fiancé, none of that was important at the moment.

What was important was that he absolutely had to get the Quinn School of Martial Arts to stand up for him.

Otherwise, how was he, Paul Quinlan, going to survive in the industry in the future?

He didn't dare to enter the training gym, so he could only stand outside and cry his eyes out.

He was already in his thirties, making him quite unbearable to look at.

Lucas couldn't help but ask, "What exactly happened to you, Paul? You should know that Master never bothers with external affairs. You can tell me if something has happened."

The sobbing Paul said, "Ten of my men have been killed!"

Ten people dying at one go was no trivial matter!

Lucas was stunned. He sounded grave as he asked, "What happened?"

Even Quinn, who was inside the room, got up with a frown.

Nora and Justin exchanged a look upon hearing that ten people had died, and both of them frowned.

Justin had used a very measured amount of force in the fight. Apart from Winston, whose injury had been more grievous which resulted in him possibly not being able to perform his function as a man anymore in the future, the other dozen or so people's injuries had only seemed serious on the surface. He hadn't tried to kill them at all.

Why did they die?

While the two of them were keeping quiet, Quinn had already left the room. He said, "Tell me what happened."

At the sight of Quinn, Paul became increasingly sure that the Quinn School of Martial Arts would stand up for him. He wiped his tears and said, "My men had a small conflict with Mr. Hunt. I didn't expect him to be so ruthless!"

Quinn hesitated for a moment. He cast a glance at the room and asked, "Mr. Hunt?"

"Yes, it's Justin Hunt!" Paul stepped forward and knelt in front of Quinn. He said, "Master, he's too ruthless! He's not showing the Quinn School of Martial Arts any respect at all!"

Quinn's jaw tensed up. "What kind of conflict was it, exactly?"

Paul paused. Then, he replied ambiguously, "It's just a small conflict. Originally, they had already fought. According to the pugilistic world's rules, just achieving the desired effect should have been enough, but I didn't expect him to be so ruthless! He's slapping the Quinn School of Martial Arts in the face! Master, you have to do something about this. Otherwise, would the sect still have any prestige left in the pugilistic world?"

Every word of Paul's made Quinn's expression turn increasingly awful.

Justin was the littlest and most favored disciple of that devious scumbag from the Irvin School of Martial Arts. This identity of his had already made Quinn instinctively dislike him. It was only on Pete's account that he had allowed him to go in and out of the Quinn School of Martial Arts.

But unexpectedly, that guy actually didn't show even a hint of mercy when fighting with disciples of the Quinn School of Martial Arts?

Did he think nothing of the Quinn School of Martial Arts?

He was furious.

Quinn looked at the room again. His voice was frosty as he said, "Justin, don't you owe me an explanation for this?"

Paul was stunned. He looked at the room in astonishment.

Since Quinn had already spoken, Justin could no longer stay out of the matter.

He glanced at Nora, silently asking whether she was going to go out with him.

Nora, however, only raised her eyebrows and leaned against the wall, showing no intentions of going out at all.

Due to Paul's arrival, everyone training inside the Quinn School of Martial Arts had come over. With so many people out there, she mustn't go out. Otherwise, there would definitely be a great deal of trouble waiting for her in the future.

Seeing that she had no intentions of moving, Justin could only walk out the door leisurely.

Paul's pupils shrank when he saw him. He hadn't expected to see him in the sect premises. Was he here to apologize?

Paul frowned. He immediately took on an aggressive stance and said, "Perfect timing, Mr. Hunt. I was just about to look for you to ask you something—just what exactly have Winston and the others done to offend you and make you take such ruthless measures against them?! That's ten lives we're talking about!"

Quinn also frowned and asked, "What exactly is going on?"

Justin explained, "I didn't kill anyone."

Paul didn't expect him to say that. At once, he sneered, "Surely you're not someone who doesn't have the guts to own up to their own deeds, right, Mr. Hunt? They are already dead. If you didn't kill them, then are you saying that they committed suicide?"

A sharp and fierce look filled Justin's dark eyes. His voice was low and deep as he said unhurriedly, "That possibility is too small. However, I indeed did not kill anyone. I only knocked them out."

Paul sneered, "In other words, you admit to knocking them out, right? A huge fire had broken out in the room after that, burning them all to death! Yes, you certainly did not kill them directly, but it's also true that you indirectly murdered them!"

The police had already checked the scene. They had indeed been burned to death alive.

One could only say that they were out of luck. There was a gas tank in the room, and its valve had been opened because of the fight, but the people inside hadn't noticed it. After Justin left, someone had taken out a lighter to light a cigarette because they were simply in too much pain.

The place had exploded just like that.

Justin's pupils shrank, his keen senses catching on to something. A huge fire had broken out? Was this a coincidence or a deliberate act?

Next to Paul, Lucas said, "In other words, this is actually all a misunderstanding, right? Mr. Hunt didn't kill them; it was just a coincidence."

Paul heaved a sigh. "Yes, it was indeed a coincidence, but is Mr. Hunt free of responsibility just because he didn't kill them with his own hands? If he hadn't knocked them out, and if they hadn't fought there, how would this have happened?"

Quinn also became angry after listening to the events this far. Those were so many young lives, after all. He looked at Justin and demanded, "Just what exactly did they do to make you so angry that you would knock so many people out?"

Quinn's fury made Paul breathe a sigh of relief.

The old man had always been protective of his own, so he would definitely take his side this time.

While it was impossible to make Justin pay for it with his life, it would nevertheless still be worth it if the sect could force him to give in and give him some compensation.

With that in mind, Paul took the initiative to say, "One of my men just took an interest in his lover and wanted to lay his hands on her. Isn't it very normal for young people to lose control of themselves and try to snatch a woman from someone else? Mr. Hunt was simply too ruthless!"

The moment he said that, it was Quinn's turn to be dumbstruck. He suddenly looked at Justin furiously and demanded, "You have a lover outside?"

What the f*ck?

His first, littlest, and most favored disciple had already given birth to his kids, yet he actually had the goddamn guts to have a lover out there?

Quinn became even angrier. "Tell me, what's her name?!"

Paul became even more excited when he saw Quinn's reaction. Thus, he spiced up the story further and said, "Her name is Nora Smith. She's from a down-and-out wealthy family, but she likes to put on a really lofty act. She found even Winston Myers beneath her, so she ingratiated herself with Mr. Hunt…"

As soon as he said that, pin-drop silence suddenly filled the entire courtyard.