She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 222 - Going To The Quinn School Of Martial Arts!

Chapter 222 - Going To The Quinn School Of Martial Arts!

Chapter 222 - Going To The Quinn School Of Martial Arts!

Nora called Mrs. Hoffman, but perhaps she was busy at the moment, she didn't pick up.

She was about to call again after hanging up the first time when Mrs. Hoffman called. She sounded obviously tired as she said, "Sorry about that, Ms. Smith. I was busy just now, so I wasn't paying attention to the phone."

Nora raised her eyebrows and asked, "Is Jimmy having a relapse?"

"No, it isn't about that."

Mrs. Hoffman said, "Jimmy is doing pretty well. He'll be discharged from the hospital and will be able to go to school soon. It's because something has happened at home."

"Is it about the car racing club?" asked Nora.

Mrs. Hoffman hesitated for a moment before she said, "Have you also heard about it? Sigh, it's really giving us a headache."

Nora was a little taken aback. She asked, "Do you need me to help with anything?"

Mrs. Hoffman, however, declined her offer. "No, it's alright, Ms. Smith. It's better that you don't get involved in the matter. After all, you're not in our line of business."

Nora was an excellent doctor who had nothing to do with underworld forces.

Mrs. Hoffman was afraid that she would be implicated if she were to become involved.

After all, the Quinn School of Martial Arts had disciples all over the country. It was as easy as ABC for them to take care of a mere doctor.

Nora didn't make things difficult for her. She nodded and said, "Alright. Let me know if you need anything."

Mrs. Hoffman uttered an 'okay' before she finally sighed and said, "Only one person can help us with this. We're currently looking for her."

Seeing that Mrs. Hoffman was reluctant to say more, Nora nodded and hung up.

Only then did she turn back and look at the men from the Quinlan Sect on the ground.

Nora ignored the rest and looked only at Winston. He had suffered a serious injury to his crotch and passed out from the pain, only to wake up again from the pain. He was currently rolling about the ground all curled up, which easily showed just how hard Justin had kicked him just now.

Nora walked over and stood right in front of him.

Cold sweat trickled down Winston's forehead, and he was as pale as a sheet. He said, "Send me to the hospital… The hospital…"

Nora squatted down and sneered, "Did you say just now that the Quinlan Sect is being a menace outside because they have the Quinn School of Martial Arts backing them up?"

Winston looked at her viciously at once and replied, "Yes, that's right. The Quinlan Sect and the Quinn School of Martial Arts—it's obvious that the two are a family the moment you hear their names. Mr. Quinlan is the top male disciple among the Quinn School of Martial Arts' unofficial disciples, and even ordinary official disciples have to treat him with courtesy when they see him. How dare you all beat me up… All of you are finished!"

Nora raised her eyebrows and slowly got back up. "Is that so?"

Winston stared at her. "Just you wait! The Quinn School of Martial Arts will find you! They won't be scared even if you have Mr. Hunt protecting you!"

Nora scoffed. "Sure, I'll wait for that to happen."

She dusted off her hands and walked over to Justin and Caleb. "Let's go."

The three of them left the dilapidated warehouse. The moment they reached the entrance, they saw a man in a black suit standing there respectfully. At the sight of the three of them, he stepped forward in a panic at once. "Mr. Gray!"

Caleb nodded. The frail man let out a cough and took out a handkerchief to cover his mouth. After holding his assistant for support, he looked at Nora and said, "My assistant has come to pick me up, Ms. Smith. I'll head off first."

Nora nodded. In the end, she still said, "Sorry, I didn't expect that it would implicate you."

Caleb smiled. "It's not your fault. I would like to ask you for a favor, though, Ms. Smith."


Caleb coughed another couple of times, causing the handprint to become increasingly obvious on his fair complexion. He said, "My application for a factory license keeps getting rejected. I'd like to ask the Andersons for help with giving the relevant parties a heads-up about it."

Both the Andersons and the Myerses held a certain status in New York's pharmaceutical industry.

Although the Andersons had fallen into decline, they now had the Carefree Pills. Added to that their status in the past, it was still a cinch for them to just say the word.

Nora nodded. "No problem."

Since she was the one who had caused the problem, she had to resolve it. Otherwise, she would end up owing Caleb a favor.

Caleb smiled, "This way, we won't owe each other anything and you won't have to feel guilty about it anymore."

Nora was surprised.

She hadn't expected the man to actually be so perceptive and see through her thoughts. She nodded. "Okay."

She hated trouble the most, and also hated owing people favors the most.

Caleb coughed again. Nora glanced at him and suddenly asked, "Do you need me to take a look at your illness?"

Caleb waved at once. He smiled and said, "I've been sick for many years. It's tuberculosis. It won't kill me. Even if you give me a checkup, you'll just be prescribing me herbal remedies in the end, so it's fine. If not, I'll end up owing you a favor again, Ms. Smith."

Nora, "…"

She didn't press the matter and nodded instead. "Okay."

Right after she spoke, Justin said dispassionately, "If there's nothing else, we'll go and pick up the children now, Mr. Gray."

Caleb, "…"

Nora, "…"

Why did his words sound like they were going to pick up children that the two of them had from school? … Even though they were indeed children born to the two of them.

Caleb smiled. "No, there's nothing else."

"Let's go."

Nora followed Justin into the car. The two went straight to the Quinn School of Martial Arts to pick up Pete and Cherry, and take them home.


Caleb waited until the black jeep left before he coughed twice again. However, by the time he lowered the handkerchief, the look on his face had already turned cold. The mellowness and gentleness in his eyes had all but disappeared, leaving behind only icy coldness.

The assistant behind him asked, "What should we do with that group of people, Mr. Gray?"

The look in Caleb's eyes turned even frostier at the question.

How would he possibly not know about Winston's handiwork? He had merely gone with the flow and couldn't be bothered to pay any attention to it, that was all. Little did he think that he would be so bold as to kidnap him.

His assistant, Shadow, had been with him at that time. Given his moves, even fighting solo against a hundred men wouldn't be a problem. However, he wanted to see what that man wanted, so he had given Shadow a look and made him lose on purpose and follow them here.

But unexpectedly, that daredevil had actually had the audacity to hit him?

He touched the wound on his cheek and cast his eyes down detachedly. "Dispose of them."

"Yes, sir," replied Shadow.

Caleb opened the car door and got in the car. A short while later, a burst of flames shot straight into the sky in the distance.

Shadow returned to the car silently. When he started the car to leave, he reported, "I severed his arm and leg tendons before letting him go through the pain of being burned alive."

This was revenge for Winston slapping Caleb.

Caleb let out a nonchalant sound of acknowledgment. Then, he closed his eyes and leaned against the backseat.

Shadow shut up at once.


At the Quinlans'.

Paul got up furiously. "What did you say? Justin Hunt killed Winston?"

His subordinate, who had escaped and returned from the fire, nodded. "The place caught fire after he rushed there to save the man, so he must be the one who killed them! What do we do, Mr. Quinlan?"

One must know that that was Justin Hunt!

Paul paced around in a circle. Suddenly, he headed out and said, "Let's go to the Quinn School of Martial Arts! They won't just sit by idly after someone bullies their unofficial disciple!"