She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 221 - The Quinlan Sect Is Backed By The Quinn School Of Martial Arts? Has She Agreed To It?

Chapter 221 - The Quinlan Sect Is Backed By The Quinn School Of Martial Arts? Has She Agreed To It?

Chapter 221 - The Quinlan Sect Is Backed By The Quinn School Of Martial Arts? Has She Agreed To It?

A contract to provide her services to the Quinlan Sect?

Nora frowned and looked at the document in his hand.

Winston sneered, "Oh, I forgot to tell you, but the car racing club will be the Quinlan Sect's very soon. We, the Quinlan Sect, warmly invite you to our team. I should think that with Yanci around, our team will always win!"

Nora, "?"

Her brows drew together. She asked puzzledly, "Has Mr. Hoffman agreed to this?"

Winston replied, "Of course."

His eyes flickered and he added, "Would I dare to do something like this if he hadn't?"

Nora didn't care how exactly they carried out their dealings with each other, but… using Caleb to threaten her?

She cast her eyes down dispassionately. "I'm not interested in your club."

She walked straight to Caleb after she spoke. She wasn't intending to waste her breath and was planning to leave immediately after saving the man.

However, before she could walk over, Winston stopped in front of her again. He said, "I know you enjoy a lot of freedom when you race abroad, Ms. Smith, but it's impossible to survive in the car racing industry in the States if you don't have anyone backing you up. Didn't Logan also rely on Jordan Hoffman back then? The benefits you'll enjoy will only be better than that if you join the Quinlan Sect! Do you know who the one backing up the Quinlan Sect is?"

Nora's eyes were still downcast. "I'm not interested."

"…" Winston became anxious. He said, "The one backing up the Quinlan Sect is the Quinn School of Martial Arts! You should have heard of them before, right? They are very well-known in the pugilistic world! As long as you sign the contract, both the Quinlan Sect and the Quinn School of Martial Arts will back you up in New York in the future, no matter what happens!"

Nora was dumbfounded. "The Quinn School of Martial Arts?"

Her reaction made Winston heave a sigh of relief. He replied, "Yes, the Quinn School of Martial Arts! Mr. Quinlan is their unofficial disciple. This is something that everyone knows. It's exactly because of the Quinn School of Martial Arts that even Jordan Hoffman doesn't dare to mess with Mr. Quinlan."

Nora, "…"

What the heck was this mess?

Were all of the Quinn School of Martial Arts' unofficial disciples this arrogant outside?

She broke into a frown.

Winston tried painstakingly to convince her. He said, "You must be scared at the mention of the Quinn School of Martial Arts, right? Then sign this obediently. I can even promise you that as long as you sign the contract and maintain a good relationship with me, I will let your fiancé's pharmaceutical factory open smoothly in New York!"

Winston gazed at Nora greedily when he said that.

That woman was Yanci. She had looked so beautiful and sassy when she was racing, making him itch for her even more. Conquering a woman like her would give him an even bigger sense of accomplishment.

Especially in bed…

His smile turned lewd.

A mellow and gentle voice reached them at this point.

"So, it's your doing that my application to establish a pharmaceutical factory keeps getting rejected?"

Nora looked at Caleb.

Despite being tied up, he remained calm and collected in the face of danger, which gave him an additional sense of frail beauty. That visage of his didn't look like a thirty-year-old at all; he clearly looked like a prince—oh, one that was in distress though—walking out of a comic instead.

His words pulled Winston back from his daydreaming to reality. He looked back at him and said with a grin, "Oh my, so you're finally aware of the reason now! The Grays may be something in California, but you're nothing in New York. So, you want to expand your business in New York? Have you asked us, the Myerses, for permission yet? Have you asked the pharmaceutical industry here for permission yet? Heh, New York is our turf, with the pharmaceutical industry particularly so. Without the Myerses' permission, there's absolutely no way your family's pharmaceutical factory can ever be established here! Even though you've already decided on the factory site, you just keep failing the license application, right? Hahaha!"

Realization dawned upon Caleb. "I see. So, that's why."

Winston glanced at Nora again. "Of course, if Ms. Smiths signs this contract, then that will make us family. Your affairs will also be the Myerses', so I'll definitely take good care of you! We can mutually benefit each other. You should know what I want, right?"

His gaze swept up and down Nora as he spoke, his intentions obvious.

The eyes of Caleb and Justin, who had just entered the room, darkened at the same time.

Caleb cast his eyes down, his long eyelashes casting silhouettes on his cheeks. His glasses were already close to falling off his nose bridge. His eyes were icy-cold as he said, "That's impossible. You don't have to compromise for my sake, Nora…"

Winston flew into a rage when he heard him. He stepped forward and slapped Caleb across his cheek, causing Caleb's head to turn to the side. He looked even more like a meek little woman being bullied now.

A handprint soon formed on his fair cheek.

After slapping him, Winston snapped furiously, "Shut up!"

Only then did he turn back.

He was about to speak when he instead saw Nora's expression turn cold. She said, "You must have a death wish!"

Just as she was about to take action, the guard at the door finally discovered Justin's presence. He bellowed angrily, "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

Nora looked back to see the men at the door walking toward Justin.

For a moment there, she didn't know whether she should save Justin or Caleb first.

In the midst of her hesitation, she saw Justin stride forward. He headed straight for Caleb, kicking away whoever blocked his path on his way there.

His long legs delivered accurate and ruthless kicks, while his punches were quick and unpredictable. Before anyone could even see his moves clearly, Justin had already dropped them all.

Winston had brought more than ten men with him, but all of them were lying on the ground at the moment. Some had outright fainted while some were groaning in pain.

Frightened witless, he stared at Justin in disbelief. He swallowed and asked, "M-Mr. Hunt? Why are you here? I… I'm from the Quinlan Sect. Our boss is from the Quinn School of Martial Arts. Y-you…"

Justin went right up to him and kicked him right at the crotch!


As Winston flew through the air, the pain at his crotch made his vision blacken. He felt that that particular place had likely broken…

Everyone else that was still conscious subconsciously clamped their legs together tightly, suddenly feeling a little worried for their family jewels.

Nora didn't have the opportunity to do anything, nor did she have such worries, so she walked straight to Caleb and untied the ropes around him.

Caleb got to his feet after he was freed. He was about to thank Nora when his legs suddenly gave way, seemingly from having been tied up for a little too long.

Nora was about to subconsciously grab him when another arm held up Caleb faster than she could.

Her line of sight followed the sturdy and powerful arm to see Justin staring straight at Caleb while pulling a long face. He said, "You're welcome, Mr. Gray."

The subtext: 'I was the one who saved you just now, so don't try to get close to Nora on the pretext of thanking her.'

Caleb: "…"

He moved his ankles a little. After he steadied himself on his feet, he finally looked at Winston and the others, who had collapsed on the ground. A dark glint flashed across his eyes as he stroked his cheek, but he lowered his gaze the next moment, concealing the glint within.

Seeing that he was fine, Nora took out the contract that Winston had wanted her to sign. After giving it a rough skim, she took out her cell phone and said, "I'll ask Mrs.. Hoffman what exactly is going on with the Quinlan Sect's acquisition of the club."