She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 220 - Having A Date Behind His Back

Chapter 220 - Having A Date Behind His Back

Chapter 220 - Having A Date Behind His Back

Justin paused in his tracks.

Nora and Pete also stopped.

All three of them simultaneously thought—'It's lucky that we left Cherry in the training gym.' Otherwise, our family of four would have run into one another. I really won't know what to do if that happens!

They stared at one another while facing one another. Due to their guilty consciences, all of them were rather awkward.

Justin was the first to come back to his senses. He asked, "Why are you here, Ms. Smith? Are you here to visit Pete?"

Nora breathed a sigh of relief. "Yeah."

Pete's lip corners spasmed. From the looks of it, he wouldn't be able to leave with Mommy anymore today.

Justin fell silent for a while. Then, he finally suggested, "In that case, how about having Pete go with you to the Andersons' to play?"

Pete, "?"

The tyrant had always kept a very strict eye on him. No matter where he went, he would always be accompanied by a group of bodyguards. Why was he suddenly allowing him to go back with Mommy now?

Pete looked at the tyrant hesitantly, thinking that perhaps he had already sensed something. However, the man remained expressionless and no one could see through his thoughts.

Nora didn't expect the problem to be resolved so easily. The two children could also bond with each other if they went to the Andersons, so she nodded and replied, "Okay!"

She stroked her chin.

This was a rare opportunity. Should she just get a private jet and straight-up run away with the two babies?

Just as she was thinking about it, Justin chuckled and said, "It's my fault."

Nora, "?"

What mistake was he admitting to when everything was fine?

The next moment, Justin straightened his back, adjusted his tie, and said, "I was too busy lately, so I didn't spend any time with you, causing you to have designs on Pete again."

Nora, "!!!"

The corners of her lips spasmed. She was about to speak when the scumbag went on. He said, "It doesn't look like Ms. Smith is very busy every day, either. Why don't we have a date once every two days?"

"… You're a very busy man, Mr. Hunt. We don't have to go to such trouble."

"Not at all."

Justin leaned against the wall and overlooked the adult-child pair from the top. Nora's almond-shaped eyes raised slightly and the corners of her lips spasmed a little.

Pete's lip corners also spasmed and he looked at Justin with disdain.

Justin ignored the look in his son's eyes and calmly said, "You and I have already reached this stage in our relationship. Wouldn't I have lived the past twenty-odd years of my life in vain if I still allow work to chain down my freedom? I can just handle my work affairs every other day instead, just like how you only do two operations a month, right, Dr. Anti?"

Nora, "!!"

The corners of her lips spasmed. Left with no other reason to refute him with, she could only say resignedly, "If you say so."

Then, she took Pete's hand and got ready to leave.

She had only just taken a couple of steps when her cell phone suddenly rang.

It was an unfamiliar phone number. When she answered the call, a sinister voice said, "Long time no see, Ms. Smith."

Nora, "?"

"Never would I have expected Ms. Smith to be Yanci, the famous international car racer. The last time we met, we were in opposing circumstances, which ended up in us separating on a sour note. I wonder if we can meet and talk about partnering with each other for the car racing club?"

Nora raised her brows. "Who are you?"

"…" The other party was clearly gnashing his teeth in fury. "I'm Winston!"

"Who's that?" asked Nora.

Clearly, she had already forgotten who Winston was.

Winston, "…"

His voice became even stiffer. "I proposed to you before. Have you forgotten? My father is Jon Myers of the traditional medicine industry!"

At last, Nora recalled his insignificant existence and uttered a detached 'oh'. Then, she yawned and asked, "Is something up?"


Winston felt as if he was about to crack. He could only force out word after word and say, "Stop pretending, Ms. Smith. I know you understand what I'm saying! Your fiancé is in my hands right now. You'd best come over and meet me for a talk right away. Otherwise, I won't be able to guarantee his safety."

Her fiancé?

Nora clicked her tongue and said, "I don't have a fiancé."

She hung up immediately after saying that, utterly nonplussed about how furious the man on the other side would be.

She had already broken off her engagement a long time ago, so how would she possibly have a fiancé?

She was just thinking about that when her cell phone beeped. She looked down to see that the unfamiliar number had sent her a short video.

In the video was a man who had been tied up. He was in a dimly lit room. Light streamed in through a small window and illuminated his face. The man was bespectacled and looked very polite and refined. He was actually… Caleb Gray?


Winston sent another text message, as well as an address. He wrote: 'I'll give you half an hour. Come over right away. For every minute that you're late, I'll sever one of his fingers!'

Nora, "…"

She massaged her temples. She knew that Caleb had likely been implicated by her.

Moreover, when Henry Smith went to the Andersons' to kick up a huge fuss the other time, Caleb had produced an audio recording that her mother had left behind back then as evidence, and helped her to reverse public opinion. When one thought about it like that, the Andersons actually owed the Grays a favor.

She looked at Pete and ruffled his hair. Her voice was low and hoarse as she said, "Be good and wait for me here."

Pete nodded.

Nora walked ahead right after that. After taking a couple of steps, she suddenly heard footsteps behind her. She turned around to see Justin following her. He said, "It's not quite right of you to go and meet your ex-fiancé right in front of me, is it, Ms. Smith?"

Nora raised her eyebrows. "Oh. Then I'll save him behind your back?"

"…" Justin fell silent but continued to follow beside her.

When the two of them exited the Quinn School of Martial Arts, Nora went straight to her car. When she opened the door and got into the driver's seat, Justin also got into the passenger seat in a practiced manner.

The jeep was very big and spacious. Even at Nora's height, she still looked petite in the driver's seat. However, when Justin sat in the passenger seat, it made the car ultimately still seem a little small.

Nora was a little surprised. "Are you also coming?"

"Of course."

Justin replied confidently, "How can I let you go on a date with your ex-fiancé?"

The corners of Nora's lips quirked upward and she said unhurriedly, "Sit tight."

At practically the moment she said that, she stepped on the gas pedal, causing the car to zoom forward with a whoosh. She drove to the address that Winston had given her at the speed of light.

Inertia threw Justin right against the seat, and he grabbed the handlebar at the top of the car door with his right hand. He looked at Nora—the woman seemed to be a completely different person when she drove. There was none of her usual laziness and carelessness, and her serious demeanor looked exceptionally charming.

Half an hour later…


The car tires emitted a harsh screech as they rubbed against the road. Together with the sound, the car stopped inside a dilapidated abandoned factory.

When Nora jumped out of the car, there was already someone waiting for her. Without even looking at Justin, the person said, "Come with me!"

Nora followed behind the person, took a couple of steps, and entered a room.

Caleb was seated on a chair, all tied up. His shirt was a little dirty and messy, and there was dust on his usually clean face. His hair was in a mess, which actually gave off a disheveled kind of beauty.

Winston jumped out at this point.. He said, "As long as you sign this contract to provide your services to the Quinlan Sect, Ms. Smith, I will let you guys go!"