She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 219 - Big Sister Is Here!

Chapter 219 - Big Sister Is Here!

Chapter 219 - Big Sister Is Here!

Mrs. Hoffman's intentions were very simple—if they were really going to transfer the car racing club's ownership rights, then she would minimize the profits! So that Paul wouldn't make any money!

However, before she could dial Nora's number, Jordan stopped her.

Mrs. Hoffman looked up to see Jordan with a serious look on his face. With a frown, he said, "Don't call Ms. Smith yet."

Mrs. Hoffman was taken aback. "Have you thought of a solution, Jordan?"

Jordan took a deep breath and said, "I'll head over to the Quinn School of Martial Arts first, and see if we can work with them instead!"

Mrs. Hoffman frowned. "Are we going to let the Quinn School of Martial Arts take part of the dividends without any contributions from them?"

Jordan heaved a sigh. "We don't have any other choice. What kind of status do you think the Quinn School of Martial Arts holds? In front of the powerful, we can only back down and yield the profits. Besides, they may not even give us that opportunity. Don't forget, Paul is their unofficial disciple, whereas we're nothing to them!"

Mrs. Hoffman clenched her jaw, but sighed and nodded in the end.

A decisive Jordan promptly found someone to go to the Quinn School of Martial Arts to find out who he should talk to about such matters.

There were also Quinn School of Martial Arts disciples among the Hoffmans; it was just that they weren't well-known within the sect. However, they did still have connections in the sect, so they quickly found the information they wanted through said connections.

"Lucas is the one in charge of all of the Quinn School of Martial Arts' miscellaneous affairs now, but he has made it clear before that the sect will not take part in any sectarian disputes."

The disciple frowned and went on. "However, the Quinn School of Martial Arts does indeed receive a sum of money in their accounts every month, and it's not a small sum. Everyone secretly guesses that it's Paul Quinlan who's providing them with the money."

Jordan understood what he was implying.

The Quinn School of Martial Arts had strict rules, and it was imperative that they comply with the rules that they had publicly stated. Therefore, they definitely would not accept his peace offering, because it would be too obvious otherwise.

This was different in Paul's case, however. Not only was he on close ties with the Quinn School of Martial Arts, but he also made frequent contact with Lucas. As long as neither party admitted to it, no one would know about the matter!

Jordan was in such a panic that he was pacing around the room. He asked, "Is there no way of getting through to Lucas?"

His subordinate replied, "Lucas and Paul Quinlan are on very good terms. Moreover, Lucas does things fairly and by the book, so there's no way we can convince him. But…"

Jordan prompted him anxiously. "But what?"

His subordinate replied, "I heard that the Quinn School of Martial Arts' Big Sister has returned to the city. Big Sister holds a very high position in the sect. If we can get in touch with her, it won't be impossible for us to replace Paul Quinlan."

"Big Sister…"

Jordan muttered the two words over and over. Then, he sighed. "But where are we going to find the so-called Big Sister? Has any particularly powerful and impressive woman made an appearance in New York recently?"

A particularly powerful and impressive woman?

Mrs. Hoffman subconsciously thought of Nora, but she immediately shook her head. If Nora was the car racer whom Jordan had talked about, then she couldn't possibly be Big Sister or whatever her name was, anymore, right?

Besides, it seemed like her profession was of a doctor!

She sighed. "I don't have any impression of anyone like that."

Jordan gave a wave of his hand and instructed, "Alright, that's enough. Have all of our men search for Big Sister! I simply don't believe that we can't find her if we really search high and low for her!"

"Yes, sir!"


At the Andersons', when Nora woke up after sleeping for another day, she saw a text message on the phone. It was from Pete. He wrote: 'Mommy, I'm at the Quinn School of Martial Arts.'

Nora was taken aback for a moment. She looked at the time—it was only four o'clock in the afternoon.

Classes were about to end for Cherry. It seemed like she would be just in time to have the two children switch places if Pete wanted to come over.

She was too lazy to type, so she sent a voice message instead: "Shall I pick you up?"

Pete was likely training at the moment, so he didn't reply to her message in time. It was only ten minutes later when Nora came out of the bathroom after rinsing her face that she saw his reply: 'I'm alright with anything. Ask Cherry about it.'

Nora raised her brows.

Unexpectedly, her son actually had a sister complex.

She had subtly used a self-concocted calming fragrance to calm and soothe her son's mind when he was with her. In the kindergarten, he was also gradually opening up to the world, and his autism was taking a turn for the better.

When she thought of that, she felt that it was better for him to be by her side for the time being.


Cherry had always been by her side ever since she was born. She also wanted Pete to come over so that she could make it up to him for everything she owed him during the last five years.

Yep, it definitely wasn't because Cherry was too noisy, whereas Pete was just right.

With that in mind, Nora sent another voice message: "I'll come pick you up."

She went downstairs and drove out in the jeep. She went to the kindergarten to pick up Cherry after school first. The little fellow skipped and bounced as she walked, making her look adorable and vivacious. After waving goodbye to all her friends, she finally got into the car.

Tanya also put on a look of astonishment. "Has hell frozen over today? You actually came to pick us up?"

Nora's lips curled into a smile. She replied, "I'm not here to pick you up. Go home by yourself."

Tanya, "???"

Nora nodded at Cherry and asked, "Shall we go to the Quinn School of Martial Arts?"

Cherry nodded at once.

It was great being at the Hunts. Not only did she not have to go to school, but she could even play after just three hours of classes every day! In addition, her handsome Daddy never forced her to do anything she didn't want to!

She would let Pete go to school instead.

When the two of them arrived at the Quinn School of Martial Arts, Lucas hurriedly came out to receive them. When he spotted Nora, he immediately greeted her respectfully. "You're here, Miss Smith!"

Nora uttered a sound of acknowledgment and took the initiative to walk in front leisurely.

Cherry followed her at the back obediently.

Lucas said, "Everyone wants to meet you after they heard that you've come to New York."

"Reject them," replied a direct and decisive Nora. There were so many people in the Quinn School of Martial Arts; how troublesome would it be if she had to meet them all? She mustn't let anyone find out about her identity!

The corners of Lucas's lips spasmed a little. He had already gained a good understanding of what Nora was like a long time ago, so he instead said, "By the way, this month's funds have been credited into the accounts. Is the sum larger than last month's?"

Nora let out an 'oh' and replied casually, "Don't let children come over to disturb the sect. I'm not strapped for cash."

Lucas, "!!!"

The corners of his lips spasmed. He nodded and said, "Okay, I'll cancel the classes for the unofficial disciple's children, then."

Then, he explained, "The sect isn't holding a class for them for the money, Miss Smith. We're doing it free of charge. It's because the unofficial disciple begged the sect to help out, so I gave special permission this once."


Nora didn't hold much of an opinion on these matters. It was fine as long as they didn't bother the old man about it, and in turn, cause him to insist on her coming back to take care of such miscellaneous affairs.

After she entered, she left Cherry to Quinn, picked up Pete, and turned to leave.

Meanwhile, Justin had also arrived.

Even as the car came to a stop, he was still wondering about who he would meet after he entered the sect—was it going to be his sweet-smelling and tender daughter, or the stinky little brat?

It wasn't that he disliked Pete or anything like that, though. It was just that he still hadn't had enough of spending time with his daughter after realizing that he had a cute and adorable one. Besides… Nora was a doctor, so she could treat Pete's illness if he stayed by her side. Pete's depression symptoms had evidently become better when he came back recently. Moreover, his grades hadn't fallen behind, either.

While thinking about it, he entered the sect. As soon as he did, he saw Nora and Pete walking toward him…