She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 21 - The Operation!

Chapter 21 - The Operation!

Chapter 21 - The Operation!

The expression of Justin, who wasn't interested in the movie, instantly darkened after he saw what she had done.

Instead of feeding her own daughter, she was feeding his son.

If even something like this wasn't her attempt at trying to please him and pursue him, then how else was he supposed to interpret her actions?!

Upon sensing a cold aura coming from the side, Nora slowly opened her eyes and looked over.

When confronted with Justin's deep and dark eyes, which also had a bit of a sharp look in them, she was taken aback for a moment.

Was she dreaming?

Otherwise, why was she seeing Justin in the movie theater?

Her sleepiness disappeared instantly.

She lowered her eyes lazily and wondered, Is this a coincidence? Or is Justin here because he suspects that I'm Anti and has come to sound me out?

Things had gotten troublesome.

She wanted to pretend that she didn't see him, but her instincts told her that the man seemed to still be staring at her at the moment. On top of that, he had a rather hostile look in his eyes.

Nora turned to the side and gave a perfunctory greeting. "What a coincidence, Mr. Hunt."

A coincidence?

The look on Justin's face turned darker. "Never mind that we're watching the same movie, but even our seats just so happen to be next to each other's? What a coincidence, indeed!"

Nora was puzzled.

Why did he sound so sarcastic?

She frowned. "What do you mean by that, Mr. Hunt?"

Justin replied coldly, "I told you, I hate it when people try to approach me by using my son. Did you forget what I said, Miss Smith?"

Nora was astonished.

He was misunderstanding her again and again. Had he had enough yet?

Nora slowly retracted her gaze and looked in front of her seriously. She said, "You are indeed an attractive man, Mr. Hunt, but you shouldn't be too narcissistic, either. Men like you who look prettier than women aren't my type."

Justin sneered, "Your actions are so blatant, Miss Smith, yet you're still trying to hide your intentions? Let me make things clear—I'm not interested in you. If you have the time to seduce me, why don't you think about how to cure your aunt's illness instead?"

His words angered Nora. That man must be sick in the head! She said coldly, "Don't worry, you needn't bother yourself with my aunt's illness at all!"

When he heard how she glossed over the topic, Justin became even angrier. He was about to retort when the moviegoer with their children seated in the row in front of them suddenly turned around and snapped, "Hey, we're in the middle of a movie here. Can the two of you refrain from quarreling with your other halves in here?!"

Justin was bewildered.

Nora was bewildered.

The movie theater was pitch-dark. Justin didn't know why, but he didn't immediately feel any disgust when someone else misunderstood him and Nora as a married couple. Instead, a dazed feeling, not easily detectable, arose in him.

The moviegoer added earnestly, "Can't the two of you, as husband and wife, control yourselves a little better in front of the children? You're scaring them!"

Nora looked at where the moviegoer was pointing and looked down to see Cherry who was sitting there with a mask on and only her eyes exposed.

Justin bent over and picked her up. He said with displeasure, "This is the last time I'm warning you, Miss Smith. The next time I see you approaching my son, I'm not holding back!"

He strode away right after saying that.

Nora was bewildered.

She glanced at the other side, finding herself mystified when she saw Pete there. It seemed like her hand had gone the other side instead when she was feeding Cherry just now, right?

While she was hesitating, Pete held her hand silently and said, "Let's go too, Mommy."

He hereby declared that the first date had failed.

When they returned to the hotel, it was already four in the afternoon.

Nora went to sleep again. The next day's operation would last seven or eight hours. If she didn't get enough sleep, she wouldn't have enough strength and energy to support her through it.

Pete, who was next to her, anxiously sent a text message to Cherry: "How's it going over there, Cherry?"

Meanwhile, on the top floor.

Cherry was facing off with Justin.

Justin ordered, "You're forbidden from making contact with that woman in the future."

Cherry's large eyes were full of grievances as she asked, "Why?"

Knowing that it wasn't right to speak badly about other people in front of children, Justin didn't answer right away.

However, Lawrence, who was next to him, answered, "It's because she's someone that just sits on the sidelines and watches without doing anything even though her aunt is sick. On top of that, she's even going to the movies! That woman is too cold-blooded!"

Cherry panicked and retorted angrily, "Mommy isn't cold-blooded! She's someone that values relationships the most! She'll definitely save Grandaunt!"

Justin's expression darkened. Never mind that she was cajoling his son to call her Mommy, but he's even addressing her aunt as Grandaunt now?

"You're a bad Daddy! You can't say that about her! I'm ignoring you!"

Cherry pouted aggrievedly. With tears in her eyes, she ran straight into the bedroom.

Justin clenched his fists angrily. He had been getting along well with his son today, yet now, he had actually made his son cry because of that woman!

At this point, Lawrence came over and said excitedly, "Mr. Hunt, we've received news that Anti is coming to the hospital in town for an operation! Observers are allowed during the operation. I've asked for a spot, and I plan to send someone there to stand guard. We'll catch hold of her this time for sure!"

Justin thought for a while, then looked at the bedroom. At last, he said, "I will go in person!"

The next day.

Nora didn't go to the operating room after entering the hospital. She went to the ward to visit her aunt first, intending to comfort her.

As soon as she entered, a worried Lisa came over. "Nora, is the message you sent me yesterday saying that Mom will undergo surgery today true?"

Nora nodded. "Yeah."

Next to them, Angela sneered, "You're such an unlearned piece of trash, Nora. Do you know that Aunt Irene's tumor is located in a very risky area? It's impossible for ordinary surgeons to operate on her!"

Nora looked at her. "I know that."

"Since you do, then why did you still look for someone to operate on her? You're obviously taking her life lightly!" Angela looked at Will and Lisa and said, "I've already shown Dr. Larson Aunt Irene's CT scan a long time ago, and even he is hesitant to take on the task. Do you really think she can get a better doctor than Dr. Larson?"

When Will heard this, he asked somewhat hesitantly, "Tell me the truth, Nora. How high is the operation's success rate?"

Before Nora could even reply, Angela scoffed and said, "I'll tell you the truth—there are only two doctors in the States that can achieve a success rate of 50% in this operation. Apart from them, everyone else can only achieve 10%! If you don't undergo the operation, Aunt Irene can still live for another two months, but if you do, there's a 90% chance that she won't be able to come out of the operating room alive today!"

Her words frightened Lisa so badly that blood drained from her face. "I-isn't there a better doctor?"

"Oh, there is!" Angela said, "There's Dr. Anti, the top surgeon in the world. To her, there is no surgery that cannot be done! She can achieve a 100% success rate. Unfortunately, Dr. Anti is currently abroad and a great distance away from here. Even so many of the wealthy and powerful can't find her, so how can ordinary people like you possibly convince her to do it?"


The ward was dead silent.

Just as Angela was all smug and both Will and Lisa had lost all hope, the three suddenly heard Nora's low voice:

"In that case, do you know who the doctor I got is?"