She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 214 - Daughter And Sister Control

Chapter 214 - Daughter And Sister Control

Chapter 214 - Daughter And Sister Control

"If you run out of money, you can ask me for it."

Nora's cold voice traveled over. "How did you end up in a training class?"

Lucas could hear her displeasure and immediately understood something. He said directly, "I understand what you mean! And…"

"Lucas, Master is coughing?" Nora interrupted him.

Lucas agreed, "I knew Miss Smith cared about Master. You're cold on the outside but warm on the inside…"

"Two taels of herb, three taels of chrysanthemum…" Nora gave him a bunch of names for medicine and flower tea. Then, she continued, "Warm up a bowl of water for him to drink every day. It will ensure that he's refreshed. His lungs will be revitalized, and his body will be healthy. It won't be a problem for him to live to 180 years old. When that time comes, Cherry or Pete would have grown up."

Lucas: "?"

Nora yawned again. "If he's sick, look for a doctor. Is there anything else?"

Lucas: "?"

"I'm hanging up."

Nora hung up the phone in a snap.

What a joke.

Quinn School of Martial Arts had been in New York for so many years. Together with the Irvin School of Martial Arts, they were ranked at the top in the martial arts world. There were many miscellaneous matters inside, and they were all intertwined. Why should she take care of them?

It would probably cost her two to three hours of sleep a day!

After hanging up, she turned around and fell asleep again.


At the Quinn School of Martial Arts.

Mr. Quinn looked at Lucas eagerly. He heard Lucas say, "I know what to do." He stroked his beard happily.

Then, Lucas hung up the phone with a constipated expression and looked at him.

Mr. Quinn frowned. "What's wrong?"

Lucas coughed and said Nora's exact words. Mr. Quinn was so angry that his beard trembled. He shouted angrily, "This unfilial disciple!"

Lucas also felt unfair for him. "That's right, Master. Miss Smith is too irresponsible. The majestic Quinn School of Martial Arts still needs you to manage it!"

Mr. Quinn immediately frowned and said coldly, "How can you say that about a senior of yours? Isn't it because she's not in good health? If she doesn't sleep for fourteen hours a day, she'll have a headache! Why don't you know to feel sorry for her? She practiced martial arts and inherited the ultimate arts of Quinn School of Martial Arts. That's already the greatest contribution to Quinn School of Martial Arts! She's not as stupid as you. Master has taught you for so many years and you still haven't understood the essence of Quinn School of Martial Arts!"

Lucas:"…" Master, I was just following your instructions!

However, Lucas did not have any objections to Nora. After all, the essence of Quinn School of Martial Arts' techniques was very difficult to learn. Among the direct disciples, Nora had learned it in the shortest time. She was the fastest to understand it among them.

There was nothing wrong with Mr. Quinn handing over Quinn School of Martial Arts to her!

Miss Smith was just… too lazy!

At such a young age, she was always thinking about retirement. What a headache!

As Lucas was thinking, Mr. Quinn suddenly thought of something. "Speaking of Pete, he hasn't been here for a long time, right? Give Justin a call and ask him when he plans to send Pete over!"

Lucas: "…"

During this period of time, he had called her almost every day to urge her to come.

He had never seen his master so patient with anyone!

However, Justin always found excuses. Things like feeling unwell, it being too stressful on a child, not wanting to learn today, and so on. He had been pushing it back for half a month!

He clearly did not want to learn anymore, right?

However, Mr. Quinn always persevered and made him call to ask.

Lucas had been rejected by Nora and now he was going to meet Justin again. He called him and said politely, "Hello, Mr. Justin. This is Lucas from the Quinn School of Martial Arts. May I ask when Little Young Master will be coming to learn martial arts?"

His words were very marketing!

Miss Smith had just said that their Quinn School of Martial Arts was not a kindergarten or a training class!

As Lucas was cursing in his heart, Justin's deep voice sounded. "I'll send him over later."

Lucas subconsciously repeated what he had been saying for the past half a month. "Okay, I understand. If Little Young Master is unwilling to study, he must… What?"

His eyes widened, "Soon?"


Justin hung up.

Lucas, "!!!"

He looked at Mr. Quinn in disbelief. Mr. Quinn looked at him and sighed. "He's not coming again? Why is he as lazy as his mom…"

As soon as he finished speaking, Lucas said, "He said he'll be here soon."

Mr. Quinn was still looking at his old body when he suddenly jumped up like a rabbit. "Then I'll prepare a martial arts hall for him!"

Lucas: "…"


At the Hunts'.

Pete, who had woken up in the morning, stared at the ceiling for a long time.

The pink color over the entire room pierced his eyes, making him feel like he had entered the wrong room for a moment when he woke up.

Was this still his black-and-white style?

He recalled the situation in this room after returning last night. He immediately looked at Justin silently, but he did not expect the tyrant to say, "Isn't this all according to your request?"

Pete, "…"

Cherry liked pink. She was a little princess, so he could only silently endure it!

There was no other way!

He sighed and got out of bed. After washing up in the bathroom, he walked out and opened the wardrobe. Then, he was stunned.

He saw that the large dressing room was filled with small dresses.

Pink, purple, white, gauze dress, floral dress… There was everything!

After searching through the room, he found a few pitiful old clothes in the corner.

He could only keep them aside and change into them later in the class at the Hunts' old residence.

There was a class at the Hunts' old residence. The children of the Hunts did not go to school. They were all in the class, and the teachers were allowed to teach each child one-on-one.

Before he entered, Fatty was talking to a child from the collateral descendant. "Are you serious? Does Pete really not know how to do it?"

The child nodded. "Yes, I'm sure. Last week, I did see Pete nibbling on a pen at that very simple question. He really doesn't know how to do it!"

Fatty was puzzled. "But why? He had always gotten full marks in the past!"

The child said, "He has been engrossed in Mobile Legends recently! He's playing games there every day. His mind must be muddled!"

Fatty snorted. It seemed like Pete had indeed secretly contacted him to play games. Otherwise, he would not have won against him last time.

But look, games really made people addicted. Their gaming had caused their learning to deteriorate!

Last time, he had lost a large sum of money through gaming. When he returned home, his grandfather had beaten him up. He had to make up for it today!

At this thought, he saw Pete walk in with a straight face.

Fatty turned around and suddenly smiled. "Little Brother Pete, I don't know how to do this question.. Can you help me answer it? I remember that you have already learned this question. Did you forget?"