She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 215 - Exam Results~

Chapter 215 - Exam Results~

Chapter 215 - Exam Results~

Pete, "?"

He looked at the question on the worksheet—it was a very simple Mathematical Olympiad problem.

Fatty couldn't even solve a problem like this? Either he was too stupid, or he must be setting a trap for him again.

Pete fell silent. He decided to counter every possible scenario firmly.

Seeing that he was keeping quiet, Fatty became more convinced of what the other child had said just now.

Pete had become obsessed with games and was neglecting his studies, causing his learning progress to fall behind!

A child's learning process was, from the start, one where they tended to immediately forget what they had just learned. It was just like how Fatty himself had behaved in his early childhood, memorizing a poem and then forgetting how it went the very next moment.

To think the Hunts' little genius had also become like that! This was fantastic!

Fatty grinned. "Do you really not know how to solve it, Pete? We're still young, so we mustn't be addicted to games, okay? If your studies continue to fall behind so badly, I'll have to tell Great-Grandma about it!"

Pete, "…"

The few children around them from the Hunts all looked over.

Pete was a loner in the class from the start, but because his IQ was very high and children all looked up to the strong, the distant and brooding image he unintentionally created had inspired awe in them.

Had that genius high up in the air actually fallen into the realm of mortals now, though?

Didn't things like becoming addicted to games and having their studies fall behind as a result, happen only to people like them? Since when was Peter Hunt that lacking in self-control?!

Seeing how the looks in everyone's eyes had changed, Fatty was filled with self-satisfaction at once.

He raised his chin and said, "As the saying goes, God helps those who help themselves. Even though we children of the Hunts have super-high IQs, we mustn't think little of putting in hard work and effort, either. Don't you agree, Pete?"

Pete glanced at him again and sat in his seat.

His seat was in the first row. Additionally, it was a single-seat by itself, which highlighted his position and status.

Fatty curled his lip disdainfully.

Hmph, hadn't he become a lot glibber recently? Why was he being so quiet today? He must be having a guilty conscience!

While he was thinking about it, the tutor came in with the test papers in his hand. He said, "Alright, since everyone is here, let's begin the test for what all of you have learned this month!"

At the sight, Fatty immediately realized something. He thought to himself,

Oh, that's right! It's the monthly test today! The test results will be ranked, and the ranking will be posted for everyone to see!

Pete must be so listless because he was scared!

Fatty smirked and said, "You have to do well in the test later, Pete. After all, you've always been the top student in our class, haven't you?"

Pete's brows knitted together, but he continued to keep quiet.

Soon, the papers were distributed.

The tutor also looked at Pete with a troubled look.

Pete was a relatively special case and he also received very special treatment in the class. Oftentimes, after he attended classes for half a month, Justin would get a tutor to teach Pete in private.

Therefore, he didn't spend much time in the Hunts' tuition classes, resulting in the tutor having little understanding of him.

All he knew was that the child was born with a very high IQ and picked up things very quickly. However, there was also a time after he was taken away for private tuition when the tutor reported that his grades had declined.

But when he came back for the exams, he still took first place in the ranking.

However, during this recent period of time… Pete had been taking naps in class and then becoming full of energy and playing games once class ended. In the past, he could last a full day of classes, but now, he only attended three hours of classes a day before Mr. Hunt would pick him up and take him away to have fun.

The tutor was very troubled about this and had talked to Mr. Hunt about it several times in private before.

However, Mr. Hunt had actually said, "The child is still young after all, so just let him play if that's what he wants. Don't be too strict on him."

The teacher found his response totally unexpected and was utterly bewildered.

Was he the same Mr. Hunt who was so strict on the little mister that he measured and weighed everything the boy ate for each meal?

The tutor hadn't deliberately reduced the level of difficulty for the test this time. After all, Pete's studies had indeed fallen behind too much recently. On top of that, his assignments were also done shoddily, with many simple questions left unanswered because he didn't know how to solve them.

He wanted Pete to score badly in the test, so that both Mr. Hunt and the boy would realize that something was wrong with him lately!

The test was two hours long.

The classroom was quiet, and all the children were answering the questions seriously.

At the end of the test, the tutor collected the papers.

The classroom also became lively in an instant.

Fatty ran over to Pete and shouted boastfully, "Did you finish all the questions on the test, Pete?"

Pete only glanced at him and said nothing, like what he did before.

Fatty, who misunderstood his reaction, said with a smirk, "It's okay. It doesn't matter even if you don't score well on the test. A one-time failure doesn't mean that you'll never get back up ever again. As long as you give up your games and get back on track, everything will be fine!"

Pete, "…"

After keeping quiet for a long time, at last, he couldn't help but ask, "The questions were so simple. Do you mean to say that you couldn't answer them?"

Fatty, "???"

The current Pete was too much like his past self, which took Fatty aback for a moment. But right after, he said spitefully, "Hmph, to think you're still being so stubborn when things have already turned out like this! Fine, in that case, let's wait for the results and see how many marks you score!"

Fatty left the classroom huffily.

After he left, the rest of the children gathered around Pete and said, "Don't be sad, Peter. It's not a big deal even if you score badly once."

"That's right. You were just too addicted to games recently!"

"My father said that one month's grades don't mean anything…"

While the children were talking, someone called out at the door, "Pete."

Everyone turned over as one to see Sean standing at the door. He looked at Pete respectfully and said, "Mr. Hunt has instructed me to take you to the martial arts school."

Pete went to the martial arts school for training twice a week. This was no secret. Though, no one knew which martial arts school it was.

Pete stood up and followed Sean out.

Once they came out, they immediately saw Justin, who was sitting in the backseat of the black Lincoln and looking at documents with his head down.

Sean opened the car door and the little Pete climbed into the car on his own. Justin didn't even lift his head.

Sean fell silent for a moment when he noticed.

What was the matter with Mr. Hunt? Was he in a bad mood? One must know that just a few days ago, he had never let the little mister climb into the car himself like that. Instead, he had always carried him into the car himself!

Pete was completely unaware of Sean's thoughts. After getting in the car, just as the car was about to start, the tutor walked out of the classroom with the test papers in his hand.

Upon seeing Justin, he immediately stepped forward and stopped the car. He said, "Mr. Hunt, I'd like to speak with you about Pete's exam results."

Justin lifted his head when he heard him.

Although he preferred his daughter, he was ultimately still very strict with his son. He also wanted to know if Pete's grades had fallen behind during this period of time, so he asked, "Are the results out?"

The tutor replied, "I will mark them now. I'd like you to also have a look, so that you can understand his learning progress."


Justin got out of the car. He had often communicated with the tutors when he was taking care of his son by himself in the past, so he was accustomed to it.

After the two went to the office, the tutor took out Pete's test paper from the stack and started to review it.