She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 213 - Taking Over The Quinn School Of Martial Arts' Affairs?

Chapter 213 - Taking Over The Quinn School Of Martial Arts' Affairs?

Chapter 213 - Taking Over The Quinn School Of Martial Arts' Affairs?

Mr. Quinn was currently sleeping. When he heard this, he immediately became energetic and said loudly, "Aiyo, my Cherry is a big treasure! You finally remembered that I'm here! I don't know why, but Pete hasn't been practicing martial arts lately! How strange!"

Cherry grinned. "Because he's very busy!"

He has been busy helping her attend kindergarten!

Mr. Quinn smiled. "Alright, alright, alright. He's busy. Why didn't you come to see your Grandpa Quinn?"

Cherry looked at Brandon and said, "Grandpa Quinn, I'm going to see you this weekend. Can I bring my friend along?"

Mr. Quinn laughed. "Of course! Cherry's friend is my friend! This is your house, so you can come as you please! Do you think I'm your mother who only knows how to sleep all day? She doesn't let you bring your friends home because she's afraid that you'll disturb her sleep!"

Hearing Mr. Quinn say this about Nora, Cherry was instantly unhappy. "Mommy is not like that! …"

"Okay, okay, okay. You're Nora's diehard fan. I can't say anything bad about her. You can come over this weekend. Grandpa Quinn will prepare delicious desserts for you and let you entertain your little friends. Okay?"


Cherry hung up after chatting with Mr. Quinn excitedly. When she looked up again, she saw a group of children looking at her in shock.

Brandon was simple-minded and did not think too much about it. He directly said, "Boss, your connections are too wide? You even know Mr. Quinn?"

Cherry nodded. "Yes! Grandpa Quinn has always wanted me to practice martial arts, but it's too tiring. My mommy will feel sorry for me, so I refused! If you want to practice, I'll let Grandpa Quinn teach you!"

Mr. Quinn doted on her very much. If she made a small request, he would definitely agree to it!

Brandon clapped. "Awesome! Cherry, this is awesome! I can go to the Quinn School of Martial Arts~! Mia, you can come too!"

Mia looked at Cherry hesitantly, feeling a little disappointed.

Today, Cherry had become a little girl again. If everyone liked her, they would not take special care of her. However, she also liked this lively Cherry very much.

Mia asked timidly, "Can I come too?"

Due to her poor health, she was small and thin. She could not participate in many sports programs. Furthermore, when most classes heard that she was Joel's daughter, they did not dare to accept her. They were afraid that she would bump into someone, and could not afford to offend the Smiths.

Cherry patted her chest. "Of course!"

Mia's eyes lit up. "Yay!"

Seth, who had not been bewitched by Terence the entire time, said weakly, "Cherry, I want to go too…"

After saying that, he looked at Cherry carefully. That cold and introverted little handsome boy had long changed.

In the past, Cherry liked to stick to him the most. To be honest, he liked Cherry too. Therefore, he did not like to play with other girls and just wanted to play with her.

However, after she became better at Mathematical Olympiad, she stopped paying attention to him. After class, he wanted to hold her hand, but she would force him to back away with her gaze.

Cherry had been distancing herself from him and was no longer playing with him…

She probably wouldn't bring him to Quinn School of Martial Arts, right?

With this in mind, he sighed silently in his heart and prepared to hide in a corner. However, the next moment, his hand was held by Cherry. He looked up and saw her smiling. "Seth, why are you leaving? Why aren't you sitting with me?"

Seth, "?"

His eyes lit up. "Do you agree to let me sit beside you?"

"Of course! Also, come with me to Quinn School of Martial Arts this weekend. You're the best-looking boy in our class. Grandpa Quinn will definitely like you!"


As the children chatted, Terence laughed. "Cherry, you really know how to brag! I think that old man just now is also surnamed Quinn, right? Anyway, he can't be the head of Quinn School of Martial Arts! You're just pretending!"

Cherry couldn't be bothered to argue with him. "My mommy said that people with sh*t in their brains are sh*t no matter what! Terence, why do you like to say that others are pretending? Don't tell me…"

Terence was furious. "Cherry, how dare you scold me!"

Cherry blinked. "Scold you? I never pointed you out. Why are you so eager to admit that your brain is full of sh*t?"

Terence: "…!!"

When he was dealing with Cherry previously, Cherry had always been silent. Why did she become so sharp-tongued now?!

Furious, he turned and left the room, taking out his phone to call his father.

Paul picked up quickly. "Terence, what's wrong?"

Terence cried. "Dad, Cherry said that she and Mr. Quinn are very close. Is that true?"

Paul immediately laughed loudly. "How is that possible? If her father wasn't Justin, she might really have known Mr. Quinn. But her father is Justin, the direct disciple of the Irvin School of Martial Arts. Who doesn't know that these two schools are arch-enemies! In New York, everyone has to give Justin face, except for the Quinn School of Martial Arts! Don't worry, Mr. Quinn hates Justin so much!"

Only then did Terence feel relieved.

Quinn School of Martial Arts was his capital to show off in kindergarten. It could not become something for Cherry to show off!

He then said, "Dad, I want to bring a few friends to Quinn School of Martial Arts to practice martial arts. Is that okay?"

Paul was stunned for a moment before smiling. "Alright, I'll think of a way for you to bring five more friends. You can choose who these five people are!"

"Yes! I love Daddy the most!"

After hanging up excitedly, Terence rushed to the classroom and looked up. "I've already asked my father. It's impossible for you to know Mr. Quinn!"

He then looked at everyone beside him. "And the few of you, if you want to play with Cherry, you won't play with me, right? Alright, I've added five more spots. You can go to Quinn School of Martial Arts this weekend!"

"Cherry, I'll see you at Quinn School of Martial Arts this weekend! Remember to come! You're a loser if you don't come!"

After saying this, he turned around and left with the others.

At the Smiths.

Nora woke up and realized that there were several missed calls.

She yawned and called back. The other party's voice sounded. "Miss Smith, I'm Lucas. When are you coming to Quinn School of Martial Arts?"

Nora, "?"

"Master is old, and you're his last disciple. Therefore, you'll be in charge of all the matters in Quinn School of Martial Arts in the future!"

Nora, "!!"

She yawned again. "I'm not interested!"

However, just as she was about to hang up, the other party said, "Miss Smith, Master is old. He woke up this morning and coughed."

Nora's hand paused slightly.

Lucas seemed to sense it and said excitedly, "Miss Smith, there's something today. An unofficial disciple wants to send his son here to learn martial arts and strengthen his body. We've already prepared a class for him. He called today and said he wants to send five more children over. Do you think…"