She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 212 - The School Of Martial Arts?

Chapter 212 - The School Of Martial Arts?

Chapter 212 - The School Of Martial Arts?

When Terence entered their class, the children acted like a huge tiger had entered their class.

They all thought that Cherry was going to be beaten up, but Terence unexpectedly came right up to her and smiled at her. "Cherry, I'll allow you to play with us from now on!"

After saying that, he raised his chin.

At home, his father had said not to have any conflict with Cherry. The Hunts were not to be trifled with, so he wanted him to give in.

When Cherry heard this, she glanced at Terence and said indifferently, "Oh, but I don't like playing with you."

Terence: "…"

His expression darkened. "What did you say?"

Cherry was not afraid at all. There was no such word as fear in her dictionary. She had been raised wild by Nora since she was young, and was very bold.

She looked up and answered cutely, "I said, I don't like playing with you!"


Terence was furious. He stretched out his hand and pointed at her. "Even if you're Justin's daughter, don't be ungrateful! Your father has to be polite when he talks to my father! Besides, do you know that I can bring you into the Quinn School of Martial Arts if you play with me?"

Cherry blinked. "The Quinn School of Martial Arts?"

Terence raised his chin. "Yes, the Quinn School of Martial Arts! Hmph! My father is an unofficial disciple of the Quinn School of Martial Arts. Other than the direct disciples, he has the highest status there. Do you know what the Quinn School of Martial Arts is? It can be considered one of the biggest sects in the pugilistic world right now! There's still the Quinn School of Martial Arts in New York!"

After saying that, he was very proud. "Justin is very polite to my father because of this!"

Cherry, "!!"

So Terence's father was Grandpa Quinn's unofficial disciple?

Terence said again, "So don't think my father is afraid of you! That's not true! My father just doesn't want to make things too ugly. You don't want to play with me? I don't want to play with you either!"

Terence left a childish message and turned to walk towards the door. Halfway there, he suddenly turned back and looked at the person beside him. "Whoever wants to go to the Quinn School of Martial Arts can look for me. But this opportunity is only for those who play with me and listen to me~"

Most of the children were full of admiration. Furthermore, as long as they wanted to strengthen their bodies, their parents would be willing to let them enroll in a martial arts class.

However, the Quinn School of Martial Arts did not open any training classes and only cultivated real successors of martial arts.

Therefore, it was very difficult for them to learn martial arts there at such a young age because it was not just about money.

Everyone knew that Mr. Quinn was not poor at all!

Therefore, everyone looked at Terence enviously.

Some children could not stand this temptation and directly asked, "Can we really go to the Quinn School of Martial Arts?"

Terence scoffed. "Hmph, that's right! My father is an unofficial disciple. If you want to go in and learn, he can make it happen with just a word! A few of our brothers went to learn martial arts, and the Quinn School of Martial Arts specially opened a small training class for me!"

Everyone, "!"

The children were all attracted to Terence.

Terence raised his chin proudly and snorted. "Do you want to play with me?"

The little guys shouted in unison, "Yes!"

Terence looked at Cherry. "Then you guys can play with me, but you're not allowed to play with her! Can you do that?"

When he said this, all the children fell silent. All of them were extremely conflicted.

"I don't want to!"

Brandon appeared at the door and walked over to stand beside Cherry. "Boss, don't worry. I won't abandon you!"

"Me too!"

Mia, who had entered with Brandon, agreed softly, looking timid.

Brandon looked at the children around him. "Are you guys being disloyal? Are you not going to be friends with Cherry just because you want to study martial arts in the Quinn School of Martial Arts?"

Terence sneered. "Hmph. Do you know how rare an opportunity it is to go to the Quinn School of Martial Arts to learn martial arts?"

In order to let him learn martial arts from them without entering Quinn School of Martial Arts, Paul had spent a lot of effort. In the end, he still found a disciple to teach him before Mr. Quinn agreed.

When Terence brought a few good friends to practice with him, those disciples already had objections. If he brought a few more… it would probably be even more difficult.

However, Terence could only use this matter to win.

At most, he would just go home and make a scene and let his father think of a solution!

After saying that, Terence looked at the group of children. "I'll give you five seconds. Do you choose to play with me or with Cherry? Five, four, three…"

Most of the children in kindergarten were young. When he counted, half of them wavered.

"I… I want to go to the Quinn School of Martial Arts to learn martial arts! I don't want to be bullied when I grow up!"

A boy suddenly raised his hand and shouted as he ran behind Terence.

The other children immediately agreed. "Me too!"

"Me too!"

Amidst the shouting, nearly two-thirds of the students in the class stood on Terence's side, facing Cherry.

Someone else said quietly, "I can go to the Quinn School of Martial Arts if I just don't play with Cherry, right? I don't want to bully Cherry, but I can ignore her!"

Terence raised his chin. "Of course!"

Thus, more children joined Terence's team.

Soon, there were only five people left beside Cherry.

Brandon stared at Terence, who looked at them eagerly, but he kept emphasizing, "I don't want to learn martial arts! It's sweaty and dirty…"

But his eyes betrayed him.

Brandon had always liked to be loyal. Otherwise, the others would not have called him 'Boss' in the kindergarten.

Terence saw through his thoughts and seduced him. "Brandon, are you coming? You're from the Smiths. If you play with me, I'll let you study with us first. How about that?"

Brandon's eyes lit up.

However, when he looked at Cherry, the light in his eyes gradually dimmed. He emphasized, "I can't betray my boss!"

Mia nodded. "We can't betray Cherry!"

Cherry was extremely touched. She held Brandon's little hand and asked, "Do you want to study martial arts?"

Brandon: "…I don't! Don't worry, I won't betray you!"

Cherry immediately said, "No, if you want to learn, I can help you!"

Brandon, "?"

Terence, "?"

Terence suddenly laughed. "Cherry, you're bragging again! No, even if your father is Justin, the Quinn School of Martial Arts would not take you in! Do you think that you can enter it just because you have money and power?"

As soon as he said this, Cherry picked up her phone and called Mr. Quinn.. "Hello, Grandpa Quinn. I missed you!…"