She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 209 - Angel's Kiss

Chapter 209 - Angel's Kiss

Chapter 209 - Angel's Kiss

Nora had actually already noticed when Linson wanted to charge toward her and run into her car at the corner.

As a professional racer, she did at least still possess that bit of vigilance in her.

When she missed the intersection, she had immediately realized that she was on the wrong path.

And the moment she heard the revving of the engine, she had realized Linson's intentions. Thus, her lips curled into a smile, and she suddenly stepped on the gas pedal and sped up.

So, Linson wanted to ram his car into hers?

Heh, they could talk about it again when he caught up to her instead.

Just as she charged over with a whoosh, she heard a loud bang—the cars in second and third places had actually collided!

Linson's car overturned as it went flying out. His fate would now lie in the hands of God.

As for the car in third place—in other words, the car from Team Black—it was obvious from its exterior that it had sustained very serious damage, yet it was still following behind her closely! On top of that, it didn't look like it had any intentions of slowing down!

Nora silently gave him a thumbs-up.

Mm, as expected of a racer. He sure was professional!

In addition, his speed was increasing further and further. From the looks of it, he was going to overtake her soon.

To think there was actually an expert racer like that in the States.

The corners of Nora's lips curled upward, and she suddenly found herself full of fighting spirit. Thus, she sped up and continued to defend her leading position.

The two of them chased after each other and went a few full laps. Even when they reached the final lap, there still wasn't much of a distance between Nora's car and Team Black's.

In fact, the two cars were even moving side by side.

The lane was narrow. Nora sped up, but the other party was not to be outdone, either.

Nora suddenly looked over and gave a thumbs-up to the Team Black racer to express her admiration for him. She didn't expect that there would be a racer who was even faster than her!

Justin, who was in Team Black's car, was very miserable at the moment.

The racing track was relatively slippery, causing the car to go faster and faster. He couldn't stop at all.

If this went on, it would definitely be the end of him.

Yet, that woman was actually giving him a thumbs-up at a time like this?

The corners of his lips spasmed a little. All of a sudden, he took off his helmet and yelled at the top of his lungs, "My brakes are broken. Stay away!"

He might not be able to control the car's speed, but he could let the car rub against the lane and slow it down with friction. During the few laps just now, he had also been observing the lane and trying to come up with the most feasible solution.

However, this particular method was a little too dangerous.

Therefore, he absolutely had to inform Nora about it and have her move away, lest it accidentally injured her!

Nora, "??"

She looked at his familiar but anxious-looking countenance in astonishment. She had never expected Team Black's racer to actually be Justin.

That man actually had a hobby of racing?

Also… His brakes were broken?

In a split second, she realized that the car must have sustained the damage during the battle with Linson just now.

So, should she listen to him and move away like he was telling her to?

Nora hesitated for only 0.1 seconds before she made her decision.

Ah, well.

Even though custody issues wouldn't exist anymore once the children's father was dead, should he really die, Cherry and Pete would probably be very sad. Cheering the children up would be kinda troublesome.

As soon as the thought formed, Nora's lips suddenly curled into a smile. She said, "Wait for me."

Justin was stunned when he heard those three words.

The next moment, he saw Nora's car suddenly speeding up!

After going a few laps, her car's speed had already reached the highest it could go. Nobody knew how she did it, but she suddenly overtook him.

On top of that, her car suddenly drifted at a spot more than 100 meters ahead to execute a huge 180-degrees U-turn, thereby becoming face-to-face with Justin's!

Justin's pupils shrank.

His car would definitely ram into hers!

But as soon as the thought formed in his mind, Nora's car suddenly started to retreat, speeding up as it did so. In no time, the speed at which it retreated reached one that was almost the same as his.

And then!

The two cars made contact with each other, bumper to bumper.

The next moment, with one in front of the other, the two cars crossed the finish line. After that, Nora started to slow down, using friction generated by the car to slowly reduce the two cars' speed until they finally came to a stop.

The benches were filled with silence.

Only the sound of the rest of the cars' engines and the rubbing against the racing tracks could be heard in the entire venue. A whole twenty seconds after the cars stopped, Nora finally pushed the door open and got out of the car. All of a sudden, the whole place erupted into fervent applause!!

"How exciting! Oh my god, that was an Angel's Kiss just now, right? How romantic!"

"Ahhhh! I've actually become a fan of a car couple! Team White and Team Black… Aren't they totally a match made in heaven? How is it that I actually want two sports cars to fall in love?!"

"Oh my god! I've never seen such an exciting race before. Linson was sent flying and dropped out of the race. He's seriously injured now, with even his leg broken. Even if he survives, he can forget about ever racing again for the rest of his life! Also, a dark horse has suddenly appeared in Team Black? Just who is he? To think he can actually achieve a result as amazing as first runner-up!"

"Never in this lifetime of mine would I have ever thought that I would want two cars to fall in love."

Jordan, who had hurried over upon hearing the news, heaved a sigh of relief.

He had heard about Justin requisitioning Team Black's car, running into Linson's car and sending him flying, as well as his brakes subsequently failing the moment these events happened.

Should anything untoward happen to Mr. Hunt in his racetracks, the Hoffmans would be a goner!

But unexpectedly!

Ms. Smith had actually saved Mr. Hunt!

She had in turn saved their family again!

In the racecourse.

Justin also opened his car's door and got out of the low racing car. He looked rather sullen at the moment. He had actually been somewhat confident of making the car stop with friction.

Nora's actions were simply too dangerous. The slightest bit of mishandling would have led to both cars getting into accidents.

He was already in danger, so never mind about him.

But what about her?

Even though that was what he was thinking, the moment he spotted that pretty and lovely figure leaning against the sports car with her chin up and looking at him all challenging and bad-ass, he suddenly wasn't angry anymore—because he had suddenly realized that she was aware of all the risks and danger, but she was simply just that confident.

His lips curled into a smile, and his expression returned to normal as he slowly walked toward Nora. He ruffled his hair that had been flattened by the helmet and said unhurriedly, "I didn't think that you loved me that much, Ms. Smith."

Nora, "?"

The corners of Justin's lips quirked upward as he said, "Doesn't what you did just now look like the two cars were kissing?"

Nora, "??"

Justin took another step forward. He lowered his voice and said, "What was even more unexpected was that you actually love me so much that you were willing to take such a huge risk, even if it meant that you would die with me."

Nora, "???"

The corners of her lips spasmed. She couldn't help but wish time could go back to two minutes ago. If so, she definitely wouldn't give herself such trouble.

Please just let that narcissist go to hell!

In the benches, Joel was glad to see that both of them were safe.

His cell phone rang at this moment. No one knew what the caller said, but his expression changed drastically in an instant. He turned to the bodyguard and instructed, "Take good care of Mia and make sure that she goes home safely.. Something has happened to Uncle Ian. I'm going to the hospital to take a look!"