She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 208 - Yanci Is Invincible!

Chapter 208 - Yanci Is Invincible!

Chapter 208 - Yanci Is Invincible!

Logan stared disbelievingly at the car far in the lead on the racecourse in front of him. He suddenly recalled his conversation with Cherry back then:

"I like car racing, too, yeah! So does my Mommy."

"Do you know who Yanci is?"

"My Mommy doesn't allow me to tell anyone."

Just now, before the girl went into the field, she had said wildly and arrogantly, "Don't worry. Just wait for me to return with the first place for you…"

Her demeanor had been casual and lazy when she said that, but now that he thought about it again, there was only affirmation and certainty in her voice.

Logan's gaze, as he stared at the sports car, became increasingly hot and fervent.

Never had he ever thought that the cousin whom he didn't like would actually turn out to be Yanci, the person he admired the most deep down!

He couldn't help but take a step forward and crane his neck to look over.

Excitement was running through his veins.

Mrs. Hoffman didn't know much about car racing, so the sight only made her heart pound in trepidation. She said, "What was going on with Ms. Smith just now? Why does it look like the wheels were about to catch fire?!"

As for Logan's friend, he merely swallowed hard and uttered, "Oh my god!"

In the benches.

Those who initially weren't optimistic about Nora suddenly stood up.

Someone rubbed their eyes and asked hesitantly, "Were my eyes deceiving me just now? Or did she just luck out?"

"That angle, that speed, that drift… Without a few years of racing experience under their belt, I'm afraid no one can do it, right?"

"… So, it really isn't a fluke? Was it because youth knows no fear, or was she just bold because she knows what she's doing?"

"Is that really something a woman can do?"

The race went on in full swing.

Nora's car was leading far ahead while the cars in second and third places were very close. One was a car from Team Black, which was ranked last in the world of racing, while the other was Linson.

The look on Winston's face had changed.

Tina was even frowning. She said, "What's wrong with Linson? Isn't he supposedly very impressive? Yet he can't even outrun a woman?"

A sullen-faced Winston snapped, "What do you know? Who can outrun that kind of speed? Even Logan in his prime would pale a little in comparison!"

Tina didn't believe him. "How can that be? She's a woman!"

That woman was Anti!

There was no way Anti could accomplish her surgical achievements without a few years of experience, whereas racing also required practice.

It was impossible for a person to have that much energy!

Winston's gaze, however, became rather scorching. He swallowed and said, "A woman who can drive a sports car well is definitely an intense one right down to her bones! She has enough kick in her for sure! I suddenly can't quite bear to part with her anymore!"

A sense of acerbity welled up in Tina upon hearing his words.

She tugged at Winston, took a deep breath, and said, "You're my fiancé!"

Winston looked at her and smiled. "Am I?"

His two-worded rhetorical question made Tina choke.

In order to get rid of Winston and also to deal with Nora back then, Tina had taken the initiative to break off their engagement, and also said that she had only treated him as a brother.

Later, because she had no way out anymore, she had returned obediently and climbed into Winston's bed. Only then did the two of them get back together.

She knew that because she had always been the one to treat Ian's illness at the Smiths, there was no way Jon would give himself a slap in the face and say that her skills or character as a doctor was bad. Therefore, even if no one among the surgeons' community acknowledged her anymore, she still had the world of alternative medicine to turn to!

Therefore, Jon had given tacit approval with regard to this and hadn't brought it up ever again.

Tina knew that she could no longer indulge in the wishful thinking, that was Justin, anymore, so she had to have Winston firmly in her grasp.

She couldn't help but say sourly, "Yes, you are. Besides, what's the use, no matter how beautiful the woman is? Isn't it all the same once the lights are off at night?"

Winston burst into laughter at once. He glanced at her again and replied, "Yes, it's all the same."

Tina, "…"

She couldn't help but feel like he was indirectly insulting her!

She looked at the racecourse viciously, hoping that Linson would make life difficult for that woman later. It would be best if he caused her death on the racecourse!

She clenched her fists.

Justin, who was in Team Black's sports car, was also stunned.

He hadn't expected Nora to actually maneuver the turn ahead so easily when the angle was so tricky. The corners of his lips slowly curled into a smile, and he suddenly thought of the international racer Yanci.

Nationality: American

Gender: Female

He didn't expect Yanci to actually be her!

That woman sure gave him surprises everywhere.

Justin wasn't very interested in sports cars, but he did occasionally drive a few laps for stress relief. He had never participated in a race before, but clever people were able to easily handle everything.

After turning a corner, he saw Linson suddenly taking a shortcut. He was probably going to catch up to Nora.

Justin frowned.

Although Nora had a high level of skill, she nevertheless suffered from the disadvantage of being unfamiliar with the terrain. There was actually a shortcut one could take after the turn, but she didn't know about it.

Additionally, Linson was planning to rush over and hit the car later. With the front of his car ramming into the body of Nora's car, the faster her speed was, the more dangerous it would be for her!

Justin stepped on the gas pedal again and rushed straight toward Linson.

Linson had taken a shortcut, so it would take about ten seconds for him to go over from his position. Going by that woman's speed, she would also pass by in front of him ten seconds later.

When that happened, he would need only to speed up and he would be able to send her flying together with the car!

A racer whose car was overturned would almost certainly end up disabled. In fact, their life might even be at risk.

A triumphant look appeared in Linson's eyes at the thought.

He indeed hadn't expected a woman to drive so well in a race, but so what even if she drove well? This would probably be the only day of her racing career!

A vicious and ruthless look burst forth in Linson's eyes.

If he were to control his speed and direction well, hitting her car that way would only cause some damage to his car at the most. In contrast, the other party would be sent flying. In that case, he would still be the champion!

Linson's lips curled up slightly as he approached the intersection.

Seemingly having heard the hum of his opponent's engine, he immediately accelerated and rushed forward!!

But at this point!

A black and white sports car suddenly rushed up beside him and overtook him, forcing him into the lane on the other side.

An intense screech resulting from friction reached him. Linson's pupils shrank, and he subconsciously turned the steering wheel.

The two cars rubbed hard against each other!


Linson's car was thrown out. Justin's car also swayed unsteadily as it charged ahead.

The car that was sent flying in midair overturned again and again until it reached the sides of the racecourse, only coming to a stop after it overturned a few times. It was unknown whether the person inside was dead or alive.

Justin's car was also heavily damaged in the collision.

However, he didn't stop the car or halt the competition. Instead, he continued ahead after turning the corner and followed after Nora!

Justin, "…"

He stepped on the brakes again but found that the brakes weren't working. He knew that this was because the car had suffered serious damage in the collision just now.

The brakes had failed. What should he do now?