She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 210 - DNA Test Report

Chapter 210 - DNA Test Report

Chapter 210 - DNA Test Report

Joel left quietly and did not attract much attention. He had come anonymously anyway.

However, in the venue, Nora's competition had caused a sensation.

Justin and Nora came together from the racing track. As soon as they left the competition grounds, Logan and the others went up to them. Logan's friend immediately said, "Hey, sister, who on earth are you? You're actually so powerful! That speed, that angle, and your eyesight are simply too good!"

Nora did not say anything. She glanced at Logan and saw that the eyes of the originally arrogant young man, who was usually cold to her, were burning with passion.

He was still silent and spoke little, but his attitude had clearly changed.

He must have recognized her.

Her almond-shaped eyes glanced at him before she threw the helmet to him. "Help me bring it back."

She did not feel comfortable in this tight suit either. After saying this, she went to the lounge and changed back into her black outfit.

When she came out of the lounge, Jordan happened to walk over and was chatting with Logan.

He patted Logan's shoulder and laughed out loud. "Ms. Smith is simply godlike. She always surprises people, making us feel like everything is simple in the world."

Logan nodded. "Yes, she's very powerful."

Jordan winked at Logan and deliberately lowered his voice at this moment. "Little Brother, she's Yanci, right?"

Logan did not answer yes or deny it.

Jordan seemed to have understood something and patted his head immediately. "It's true. Speaking of which, I once said that Yanci and I are more familiar than you. But I didn't expect the two of you to be family! Now that I think of it, it's so awkward!"

Logan, "…"

He was embarrassed to say that he had just found out that this sister was Yanci.

Seeing Nora walking over, Logan hurriedly handed over the helmet in his hand.

Nora asked, "Can you help me bring it home?"

It was quite heavy. Anyway, Logan had a professional basket carrier.

Logan said, "That's not what I meant. I mean, can you sign an autograph?"

Nora, "?"

"… I plan to keep it as a memento."



Seeing that Nora had won first place and Justin had won second place, Pete was very happy. He slowly smiled and slipped to the toilet beside Mia and Brandon while they were not paying attention.

Cherry was hiding there. When the two children met, Cherry immediately said, "Brother, let's switch back. I miss Mommy!"

Pete, "…Okay."

Although he was a little unwilling to leave his mother and be with the tyrant, since his sister had made this request, he had to agree unconditionally.

As the two of them spoke, they changed their clothes.

Then, Cherry skipped over to Mia and Brandon.

Justin went off stage. When he saw that heartless woman changing her clothes, he prepared to leave.

In order to not bring Pete back and ensure that the child he brought back was his daughter, Justin deliberately dawdled for a while longer. When he heard from the bodyguard that Nora had left with the three children, he walked out and went to Pete.

When he saw the little fellow, he suddenly squatted down and smiled. He asked, "Little Pete, was Daddy cool just now?"

His daughter was a face-judger and must have seen what happened earlier.

The reason he asked again was to deepen his daughter's impression of him.

He could almost imagine his daughter turning soft and replying cutely, "Daddy is the most handsome!"

However, he did not expect the little fellow to suddenly reach out and touch his head after staring at him for a while. "Daddy, you haven't been seeing the family doctor lately?"

Justin, "?"

The smile on his face froze. He stared at the child in front of him for a long time before suddenly realizing something.

His entire body was about to split apart. Where was his soft and affectionate daughter?!

Pete was also a little confused. How did the tyrant suddenly become like this?

He even used that indescribable expression and asked for praise… He wondered if the tyrant's soul had been pierced by someone!

Pete shook his head silently and turned to walk behind him. He wished he could cover his face so that no one would know that he was his father.

He said in a muffled voice, "Daddy, you only got second place. Mommy is first. No wonder you can't get Mommy after so long."


Sensing his son's disdain, Justin coughed and stood up straight. "Don't you know how to praise people?"

"Mommy, you were so cool today! Even if I use an earth-shattering amount of power, your handsomeness can't be described with words. Especially that move of the beauty saving the hero at the end. That was amazing! You should let daddy devote his life to you!"

On the way back to the Andersons', Cherry's little mouth never stopped moving.

Although she was already immune to her words, Nora, who was driving, still twitched her lips. "Who taught you that phrase?"

Cherry tilted her head. "It was Aunt and Grandma!"

Nora, "…Don't listen to everything other people say in the future."

"Okay! But mommy, I missed you so much! I missed you so much that my heart almost grew wings and flew over! Mommy, did you miss me?"

The little fellow had a sweet mouth and bright eyes.

Nora looked at her through the rearview mirror and only said, "So noisy."

Cherry immediately shut her mouth aggrievedly. She endured it and couldn't help but ask, "Mommy, Brother isn't noisy. Do you like him and not me?"

Nora, "…No."

The little fellow's expression immediately turned cheerful. "That's good! You have to love both of us at the same time. Let me tell you, Dad and Mom can't be biased!"


At this moment, in the VIP ward of the hospital.

Joel rushed over in a hurry. When he reached the door of the ward, he happened to see a few nurses standing outside with bated breaths. They did not even dare to breathe. It was enough to see how angry Ian was in the ward.

He first looked for the attending doctor and asked about his condition.

The attending doctor said, "Although Mr. Smith is very angry, perhaps it's hatred or resentment, but for some reason, he actually has some desire to live…"

Suddenly, he has the will to live?

This was logically a good thing.

At the thought of this, Joel pushed open the ward door. The moment he entered, he saw Ian sitting on the bed with a blank face. He exuded a vitality he had never felt before.

In the past, he would not be able to do anything. But now, his face was ashen and he was clearly angry.

In front of him was the DNA report that Quentin had done…