She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 207 - She Is Yanci!!!

Chapter 207 - She Is Yanci!!!

Chapter 207 - She Is Yanci!!!

Nora went straight into the car after saying that, leaving the other three flabbergasted.

Mrs. Hoffman said, "… No, Ms. Smith, your life is still more important. Don't bother too much about the ranking!"

Logan's friend also remarked, "My word, are girls nowadays not only wild and arrogant but also such big braggarts?"

Nora, however, only whistled at them and ignored them.

She felt as if all the cells in her body were on fire.

She only felt like this whenever she drove a racing car. It was just like she was filled with fuel and raring to go. She had already stopped listening to what the people outside were saying a long time ago.

Nearby, Winston and Linson were talking to each other quietly.

"Mr. Myers, just sit and wait for the Andersons to go bankrupt! I will definitely win!" said Linson.

Winston replied, "Cut the crap. Ms. Smith thoroughly embarrassed me some time back. Teach her a lesson on the racecourse!"

Although one could say that his proposal the other time was a gaffe, it had nevertheless embarrassed Winston. On top of that, the two of them had separated on a bad note when they met again just now.

Since he couldn't get his hands on a beauty like that, then everyone else could forget about getting their hands on her, too!

Linson's eyes darkened. "Give it to me straight, Mr. Myers. What kind of lesson are you asking for?"

On the racecourse, forcing a car to stop or sending a car flying were both within one's control!

Linson was lofty and conceited. Apart from Logan, he didn't think much of anyone else. Thus, he knew that he would have the time and opportunity to engage in such nasty little thoughts.

Winston's eyes darkened.

The woman standing next to him was Tina.

Ever since she was dismissed by the university, her status in the medical profession had been utterly ruined. Jon had asked her about it when she returned to the Myerses, but she simply refused to reveal the fact that Nora was Anti.

This was because she knew that once she told them, the Myerses wouldn't stand up for her anymore.

Based on Jon's character, he would definitely compromise and try to make peace with Nora.

Hence, she hadn't mentioned it to anyone else all this time.

Winston had only brought her here today because she pestered him to. Upon hearing their conversation, she immediately said, "The more ruthless, the better!"

Winston actually wanted to hold back some because Nora was a woman, but Tina held his arm and said, "She's the one who caused me to be dismissed by the university. Winston, are you unwilling to even help me take revenge for that? Besides, she already has a fiancé…"

The word 'fiancé' made Winston want to ruin the woman. The look in his eyes turned cold and he said, "Do as she says."


Upon receiving the instructions, Linson smirked and got into the car.

The race was about to start.

Justin, who had heard their entire conversation, looked absolutely livid.

Halting the race at once and taking Nora's place was indeed a good solution, but not only did that woman have great pride, but she also had a lot of personality. Moreover, it seemed like she was very experienced in car racing. If he were to do that, he might end up making her dislike him.

Yet, if he were to leave her be, he couldn't help but worry that Linson might really do something to her.

Justin promptly made his decision. He walked straight to Team Black and grabbed a racer who was about to enter his car.

The next moment, he put on the helmet that the racer had prepared long ago and got into the car!

"Hey, who are you? You—"

The racer panicked. He was about to speak when Lawrence came forward and grabbed him. He blocked what the racer was about to say with just a one-liner: "This is Mr. Hunt."

The racer was dumbfounded.

Team Black had always been in the last place and had never achieved a good ranking in the races before. He was just here to run through the motion with the others, but unexpectedly, Mr. Hunt was actually getting in his car?

While everyone was absorbed in their own thoughts, the referee suddenly fired the starting pistol!

Following the bang, all the cars charged out.

"Come on! Come on!"

The audience was in full swing on the benches.

Cherry and Pete were in the north and the west benches respectively. Both of them watched Team White's cars excitedly.

"Come on, Mommy!"

"Mommy, you're the best!"

Logan and Mrs. Hoffman stood at the sidelines and stared ahead of them nervously.

His friend said, "This… She seems fine? She's following the crowd. It's just that her takeoff was a little too fast."

Her takeoff was a little too fast…

The thought rang out in everyone's minds.

Logan's jaw tensed up tightly, as did his mind.

It was easy to become unstable if one took off too quickly. In addition, there was a sharp turn not far ahead. Thus, everyone familiar with the racecourse knew that they mustn't take off too fast. Otherwise, it would be very dangerous at the turn!

Nora had a daughter! She had a child!

She mustn't die here!

Logan took a couple of steps forward nervously. He regretted letting her go into the field in this instant.

Justin had watched a few races here before, so he knew that there was a sharp turn ahead. Thus, when he saw that Nora had taken off too quickly and was leading far ahead, he was alarmed.

He didn't have the luxury to think too much about it anymore. He slammed on the gas pedal and went straight after her, hoping that he could stop her in time while she was turning the corner, or help her out or something…

On the benches.

Everyone was also alarmed and nervous.

Someone said, "Isn't that female racer going a little too hard at it? This… Is she sick of living?"

"Oh my god, this is making me panic. What should we do? Will anything happen to her?"

"Did she see the sharp turn in front? Is it really okay for her to drive like that?"

"There is no lack of racers getting into accidents every year. The thought of such a beautiful woman perishing makes my heart kinda ache, though!"


Tina and Winston also exchanged a look.

Winston suddenly smiled and said, "It doesn't look like Linson even needs to do anything anymore."

A hypocritical Tina replied, "This… I never thought of killing her, either. I just wanted Linson to teach her a lesson."

Winston chortled when he heard her.

Hidden among the crowd was Joel, who was constantly paying attention to Mia and Brandon. Like an invisible man, no one paid any attention to him.

He was also staring at Nora at the moment.

At the thought of the DNA test report, he also became a little worried.

Nora didn't know what was on everyone's minds at the moment. The feeling of moving at extremely high speed made her feel as if her blood was seething.

She had already noticed the sharp turn ahead a long time ago.

However, she didn't slow down. Instead, she rushed straight over!

As a result, everyone only heard the sharp screech of wheels rubbing against the ground. The next moment… With a beautiful drift, she made the car change the direction it was going in. Then, she continued rushing forward without any reduction in speed!

Everyone was flabbergasted!

That drift at extreme speed just now was completely something that a novice would not know.

Logan's eyes widened in disbelief… T-the speed of that drift… There was only one person in the entire world who could do it…

That person was the racer who had participated in an international racing competition a year ago—Yanci!

Could it be that…