She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 206 - I Will Take The First Place For You!

Chapter 206 - I Will Take The First Place For You!

Chapter 206 - I Will Take The First Place For You!

Outside the lounge.

Logan, his friend, and Mrs. Hoffman waited anxiously.

Nora was changing inside the lounge.

Logan's friend asked, "Are you really letting her go into the field?"

Mrs. Hoffman also frowned. "Yeah. Can Ms. Smith do it?"

"Does she know how to race? Has she ever raced before? Won't she lose and come last if she goes into the field like that?" asked Logan's friend.

An irritated Logan clenched his jaw and retorted, "Then how about you do it?"

His friend shut up at once.

Logan stared at the lounge.

He knew that he was going to lose for sure this time, but his ankle was hurting even more badly today, making him unable to persevere at all. Just like what Linson had said, he probably wouldn't be able to even step on the brakes!

He had no other choice under such circumstances.

He could only make a Hail Mary effort now!


The door was pushed open. Nora, dressed in a red and white racing suit, walked out of the lounge. Her long hair had been tied into a ponytail, and she was holding a helmet.

The tight-fitting racing suit outlined her tall, slender, and graceful figure, stunning the trio at the door.

Mrs. Hoffman looked her figure up and down and said, "Your figure is so good, Ms. Smith! Also, this is the first time that I find myself thinking that women can actually look so handsome in racing suits!"

Logan's friend also complimented her. He said, "At least your cousin doesn't look like she's all form and no function, Logan! She puts forth a good image! Even if you lose, you'll be able to lose in a more dignified manner now."

Logan, "…"

"All racers, please head to the field!"

As the announcement rang out, Logan stood at the front with his crutch, limping as the four of them walked toward the racecourse together.

Logan loved his car very much, so his car had been modified by him to become nearly the best car in New York.

Although Nora liked to drive, what she liked more was the feeling of going at fast speed. She didn't actually feel anything for the act of racing itself. She touched Logan's car, finding it comfortable.

"Go in and try it."

Logan opened the door to his car and—for the very first time—said that to an outsider.

His sports car was his life itself. He had never allowed anyone to test drive it in all these years.

Nora nodded. She entered the car, sat in the driver's seat, and familiarized herself with the car's controls. Then, she gave Logan an 'OK' gesture and got out of the car.

After staying quiet for a while, Logan finally said, "Keep safety as your top priority. It's fine even if you come last."

He said softly, "At the very least, it's the Andersons themselves who are losing and not someone else losing in the Andersons' stead."

Having a substitute fill in for him would be the same as someone losing the race for him.

However, if the substitute was Nora, then at the very least, it would be the Andersons themselves losing the race.

Nora raised her eyebrows when she heard what he said. She was a little surprised.

Never would she have ever imagined that Logan would say something like that. To be honest, she had conversed a lot with everyone in the Andersons by now, save for Logan whom she had only exchanged a few words with and met only a few times. Unexpectedly, the boy had actually seen her as family?

While she was in a daze, next to them, the other racers also came out one after another. When they saw Nora, all of them were dumbfounded.

Even the rest of the racers spoke up, let alone Linson.

"What's going on, Logan—The Racing King? You actually got a woman to fill in for you?"

"Have you already given up before the race has even started?"

"By getting a woman to compete with us, isn't he looking down on us a little too much?"

"There has never been a female racing champion in the world of racing all these years! In fact, very few women even participate in the races, right?"


Mrs. Hoffman got angry in the midst of them passing comments. She placed her hands on her hips and sneered, "Just make sure nothing's wrong with yourselves and mind your own business. Besides, is there any regulation on the racetracks that states that a woman can't go into the field? How is it that I don't know anything about that?"

Everyone knew who Mrs. Hoffman was, so none of them dared to say any more when they heard her.

Mrs. Hoffman let out a scoff.

On the benches.

The people who had bet on Logan had gathered together. He always won the championship in past years, so he was no longer anyone unusual. Thus, many people had bet on his victory.

However, all of them were cursing at the moment.

"Damn it, what is Logan—The Racing King doing? He actually got a woman to race in his stead?"

"I heard that he injured his leg, so he can't drive."

"Doesn't that mean we're gonna lose for sure?! That's all of my savings, you know?!"

"That's too much of him! Make her get off the racecourse. If Logan—The Racing King loses the race, then he deserves it even if he dies in the car. We didn't spend so much to bet on a woman but on him!"


The group of people shouted, "Get lost!"

They created a huge scene. Jordan, who was seated at the other side, was also dumbfounded when he saw Nora. He hadn't expected that.

However, after the last few days' events, how could he possibly not defend Nora?

He reminded the crowd of the rules of the race at once—substitutes were allowed to take over a racer!

The outraged and indignant group of people were suppressed by him. As a result, all the people in the benches could do was just shout and curse a little. They couldn't do anything else at all.


A few minutes ago, Justin had entrusted Pete and the other children to the bodyguards. He got up and walked toward the lounge.

Lawrence, who was accompanying him, asked, "Where are you going, Mr. Hunt?"

Justin lowered his gaze. "Didn't they say that the Anderson kid has injured his leg? How is he going to compete?"

"… Surely you're not thinking of going into the field yourself, right?"

Justin's lips curled into a smile. He replied, "Yeah, it's been a long time since I last exercised these old arms and legs of mine!"

Lawrence, "…"

Mr. Hunt, you sure are going all the way and beyond for Ms. Smith's sake!

But isn't it obviously Ms. Smith who likes you? Why does it seem like you're the one wooing her now?!

No one dared to intercept or stop Justin, no matter where he went.

When he reached the lounge, he just so happened to see Nora and the other three people heading to the racecourse.

He stared at the girl's graceful figure, his eyes darkening a little as he gazed at the exquisite curve of her back.

Lawrence was also looking at them. "Is that Ms. Smith? Is she actually going into the field in person?"

Justin's reaction, however, was to say, "… Where do you think you're looking?"

Lawrence, "???"

His gaze, however, stopped at that waist that looked as if one hand was more than enough to circle around it, as well as those long and powerful legs…

They silently followed behind the four, upon which they saw Nora getting into the car.

In the distance.

"All racers, please get ready."

As the announcement rang out, the racers put on their helmets and got into their cars.

Logan held Nora's shoulders before she got into the car. Justin's scorching gaze was fixed on his hands, much as if someone was touching something precious to him…

Logan instructed, "The ranking doesn't matter. Your life is what matters the most. You can just take it that you're driving normally."

Nora patted him back on his shoulders. The corners of her lips suddenly curled into a smile and she said, "Don't worry.. Just wait for me to return with the first place for you."