She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 205 - I'll Do It!

Chapter 205 - I'll Do It!

Chapter 205 - I'll Do It!

The few of them looked over to see a chubby but beefy woman striding in.

Behind her was a petite figure that had been completely covered by her. It wasn't until Mrs. Hoffman entered the room that the others saw the person behind her.

Winston's eyes lit up at the sight of her.

The woman's almond-shaped eyes were half-lidded, and she gave off a very dispirited air. However, her facial features were gorgeous, and her skin was so fair that it was as if it was luminescent.

She was the one who had spoken just now.

Logan obviously also saw Nora. His wild and untamed countenance was filled with surprise. He tensed his jaw but didn't immediately refute her.

Surprisingly, it was Linson who frowned and asked, "Who are you? What are you doing?"

Mrs. Hoffman thought of what had happened just now and became rather angry. She immediately said, "She is Jimmy's savior, as well as Ms. Smith from the Andersons."

'Ms. Smith from the Andersons'… Obviously, she had made a name for herself at the dance party the other time.

Perhaps because Linson had also heard of her, he didn't question any further. He merely sneered, "So, it's you, Ms. Smith. I'd advise you not to interrupt when other people are talking. Those who didn't know any better would have thought that you were going to race in Logan's stead!"

"Is Logan's name something you can say?" Logan's friend yelled angrily, "You should be calling him Mr. Anderson!"

In the world of car racing, seniority mattered a lot.

Linson cast his eyes down and said very arrogantly, "I think people should talk with their capabilities in the world of car racing instead. Also, this is the racers' lounge. It's best that women stay out of this place. Yours is a special situation though, Logan. With your leg in that condition, it's understandable that the Andersons would worry about you and send someone to supervise you."

Then, he laughed and said, "Ms. Smith, right? Don't worry. There is no doubt that I'll let Logan lose in a very dignified manner today! After all, no matter what, I have to show our racing king here some courtesy, right?"

His words angered the few of them.

Mrs. Hoffman rebuked him. "Linson, you're here to race, so just race like you should! Why must you speak in such an infuriating manner?"

Linson sneered, "Mrs. Hoffman, I know you're the organizer of this place. Are the races you hold so fair and square that people don't even have the right to talk anymore?"

Mrs. Hoffman, "!"

She had never been an eloquent person and only knew how to act shrewishly. However, it didn't seem like acting shrewishly would be of any use in this situation.

This was because there was no way Linson would show Jordan any courtesy at all. He was a racer whom Winston had approached specifically to deal with Logan. In addition, he was also someone whom Paul was using to deal with Jordan.

After all, Jordan had made a ton of money over the years through Logan!

Seeing that Mrs. Hoffman was so mad that she was rendered speechless, Winston laughed and said, "These are men's affairs, Mrs. Hoffman. What are women interfering for? We men may be competing with one another, but we'll still take into account our personal relationships with one another, so this won't affect our relationship. Right, Ms. Smith?"

Winston had wanted to take Nora as his wife back then but had failed to do so. Although he hated her for it, at the sight of her face, he couldn't quite hate her anymore.

It would be great if he could get his hands on a beauty like her.

Upon hearing him say that, Linson also cooperated with him and said, "Alright, let's not argue anymore. You'd better hurry up and find a substitute, Logan—The Racing King, lest no one takes your place in the race later. Given the condition of your leg, your life will be in danger if you can't step on the brakes!"

The racetracks were filled with places of a high level of difficulty. The racers also drove at the highest speed they could muster, so it would be terrible if one couldn't brake.

When Linson said that, Mrs. Hoffman immediately looked at Logan and said, "Yes, that's right. If you really can't, then don't bother going into the field and just give up! You can make back the money after you lose it, but if you lose your life, you won't be left with anything!"

Logan gritted his teeth.

He was about to speak when Nora said, "Didn't I already say? I'll do it."


The lounge fell silent for a moment.

A brief moment later, Mrs. Hoffman was the first to speak. She said, "Racing is not like driving, Ms. Smith. It's not that simple. Moreover, you need to have a good sense of the car and its quirks. You mustn't go into the field…"

Winston also laughed. He said, "She's right, Ms. Smith. This isn't a joke. 160 miles per hour is already the fastest you can usually go when you drive, right? In racing, however, the minimum speed starts at 200 miles per hour! People who don't know how to race will completely be putting their lives at stake!"

Linson also curled his lip disdainfully. He said, "Have you completely given up, Logan—The Racing King? Instead of letting a woman race in your stead, it'll be more dignified for you if you just concede defeat straightaway!"

Almost as soon as he said that, Logan suddenly said, "I have the freedom to choose whoever I want as my substitute. If memory serves me right, this place seems to be my lounge. Linson, if you want an exclusive lounge, then please wait until you win the championship. Now, please leave!"

Only champions had their own lounges in the racetracks.

Even if Linson was the first runner-up, he still had to change and warm up with the rest of the racers.

This was an unwritten rule in the world of racing.

Logan's words provoked Linson, making him narrow his eyes. He sneered, "Certainly. Well, enjoy your exclusive rest for the last time, then, Logan—The Racing King. After all, I'm afraid you'll never get to enjoy such treatment ever again after today!"

After leaving those words behind, he turned around and said, "Let's go!"

Winston glanced at Nora. He wanted to hit on her and strike up a conversation, but in the end, he left without saying anything.

In the lounge, only Nora, Mrs. Hoffman, Logan, and Logan's friend were left.

It was obvious that none of them took what Nora said just now seriously. Mrs. Hoffman said worriedly, "What's going on? Even if you can't take the first place, the substitute should be able to go into the field, right? Hasn't Jordan been looking for a substitute for you the last few days?"

Logan pressed his lips together tightly while his friend said angrily, "When had Team White ever needed a substitute in the past when Logan was around? We needed one at the last minute this year, so we looked for one, but with Linson threatening them, no one is willing to do it! I'm practically speechless! They are driving us into a corner!"

Mrs. Hoffman said angrily, "Those people are too wicked!"

Just as the three of them were awfully worried, Nora asked, "Where can I change my clothes?"

The other three, "??"

Mrs. Hoffman was the first to turn to her. She looked at her incredulously. "Ms. Smith?"

Logan's friend was next. He asked, "Weren't you just trying to bail us out? Surely you weren't serious, right?"

Nora ignored the two of them and looked fixedly at Logan.

Logan kept quiet for a long while before he suddenly asked, "Do you have a racing suit?"

Racers' suits and helmets were all custom-made.

Nora brought the backpack on her back to the front and held it up a little to indicate that her racing suit was inside.

Right from the start, her purpose in coming over was to see if she could find a chance to go a couple of laps, so she had naturally brought her equipment along.

Logan balled up his fists and said, "… Alright, then."