She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 202 - Father And Son Meet

Chapter 202 - Father And Son Meet

Chapter 202 - Father And Son Meet

Everyone looked into the distance as one to see a row of black Audis approaching. The bodyguards dressed in black suits and leading the way got out of the cars first. After confirming that the surroundings were safe, Justin finally got out of the car.

This was Justin's mandatory lineup whenever he went out.

It was just that when he got out of the car, Cherry instead took out a baseball cap and put on a face mask. After getting out of the car, she suddenly held her stomach and said, "Daddy, my stomach hurts!"

Justin narrowed his eyes, not sure what his daughter was up to this time.

However, it must be because that woman was nearby that she desperately wanted to leave this place at the moment.

He beckoned to the person next to him and said, "Take Pete to the bathroom."

After saying that, he also whispered something else to him.

The bodyguard immediately understood. He nodded and took Cherry to the bathroom nearby.

People at the racetracks here were generally either rich or of high social status. Therefore, even the bathrooms were exceptionally clean—in fact, they even had VIP toilets there.

Cherry secretly changed into a skirt after she went to the bathroom. Then, she openly swaggered out from the bathroom with a mask on.

Her brother was in trouble and needed to borrow Daddy for a while. She mustn't be a hindrance to him!

Seeing that the bodyguard really wasn't paying any attention to her as she had expected, the petite Cherry went around the crowd and headed straight into the racetracks. Hehe, she was going to go and admire some handsome guys!

She didn't notice that a plainclothes bodyguard was following her closely after she came out.

How could Justin possibly not worry while his daughter was out and about?

Justin strolled around aimlessly after Cherry left. By right, since he had come in person, it went without saying that he would definitely use a special entryway. However, to everyone's surprise, he actually walked straight to the normal entrance.

Nora was currently in a confrontation with Paul.

Justin's lineup was too grand during his arrival. The people around them were already moving about and telling one another about it. Paul stared at Nora and sneered, "When you were using Justin Hunt's name, I bet you didn't expect that the man himself would really come, right?"

Nora raised her eyebrows. Her cool and distant countenance was totally calm.

Even if their family of four should meet, then so be it. She would simply clarify the ties between the two of them with Justin, lest the guy kept thinking that she was in love with him. She couldn't even be bothered to pretend anymore…

In the midst of her thoughts, everyone stepped aside.

Nora looked over and saw Justin striding over under the escort of his bodyguards.

Little Brandon looked at Mia, then at Terence, and then finally at Pete. However, he noticed that his eyes were flickering a little, and he seemed a little scared.

Brandon panicked at once. He stepped forward, held Pete's arm, and asked, "Cherry, a-are you really Justin Hunt's child?"

Next to them, when Mia heard him, she immediately said, "Brandon, Cherry really is his child! Don't you believe what Daddy says?"

But before Brandon could breathe a sigh of relief, Terence yelled, "That's impossible. He's not the Hunts' child! He is a little bastard! Hmph, now that Justin Hunt is here, you and your mother are going to get your just desserts, Cherry!"

After he spoke, Terence even grabbed Pete's arm and said, "You mustn't run away!"

Pete, "…"

Wouldn't he be admitting that he was lying if he ran away now?

That wouldn't do at all.

While Pete was frowning, he saw Nora giving him a look.

Pete was short. Additionally, they were also surrounded by crowds, so he couldn't see what it was like in the distance. However, Nora had already noticed that Cherry was not with Justin.

She didn't know where she had gone, but the little fellow must have slipped away when she saw that something was wrong. She was surprisingly very quick-witted.

Seeing that Justin was coming closer and closer, Paul took a couple of steps forward and said politely, "Long time no see, Mr. Hunt."

Justin was wearing a black suit and a white shirt, which looked surprisingly like lovers' matching clothing with the black outfit that Nora was wearing.

When he came over, his eyes locked onto Nora right away.

The girl stood there lazily with her back straight, but there was obviously impatience in her almond-shaped eyes. Clearly, someone who couldn't take a hint had provoked her.

Justin raised his eyebrows. The beauty mark at the corner of his eye became increasingly dazzling. He was about to walk over to her when Paul blocked his path, causing Justin to frown. Nevertheless, he was forced to stop and say politely, "It's been a while, Mr. Quinlan."

Paul was a standard villain.

As they said, it was better to offend a gentleman than to offend a villain. The saying was referring to exactly people like him.

The Hunts weren't afraid of him, but they weren't willing to offend him easily, either.

Paul smiled and made small talk. He said, "Do you also like to watch car racing, Mr. Hunt?"

Justin replied, "My child likes it, so I came to join in the fun."

Paul nodded. "Do you have a favorite, Mr. Hunt?"

Justin shook his head. "No. I'll probably place a random bet later."

Paul wanted to continue the small talk, but Justin instead asked, "Is something the matter, Mr. Quinlan?"

Only then did Paul stop talking.

Over the years, the Quinlans had actually been trying to curry favor with the Hunts. After all, should they gain the Hunts' protection, they would surely do even better. However, Justin was terribly hard to get hold of. He simply couldn't establish any sort of ties with him even after interacting with him several times.

They had even considered sending him women before, but Justin had driven them out right away. He even publicly announced that whoever sent him any women in the future would be his enemy.

Therefore, everyone speculated in private that Justin might not like women.

After all, with the exception of his child, he had always practiced abstinence ever since he was a child, and had never had any women trouble.

With that in mind, Paul replied, "There is indeed something trivial. I just didn't expect that there would be people using your name to do whatever they want outside, so I stopped them, Mr. Hunt."

Justin was a little taken aback. "What?"

Paul knew that Justin would definitely be very angry and fly into a rage.

Thus, he didn't mind doing Justin a favor. He pointed to Nora and Pete and said, "That mother-daughter pair claim to be your woman and your child. That child, especially, has been showing off and wreaking havoc, and telling everyone that you are his father."

Terence also shouted, "Yes, he's the one. He insisted that his father is Justin Hunt. All of us kids know about it!"

He looked at Pete happily and said, "Did you see that? That is the real Justin Hunt. Is your father really Justin Hunt? Do you dare to confront him face-to-face about it?"

Pete, "…"

He glanced at Justin in silence. Only then did he see that Justin seemed to have only just spotted him. He looked at him and raised his eyebrows a little.

Seeing that all of them weren't saying anything, Paul immediately smiled and said, "You don't have to be too angry about it, Mr. Hunt. After all, you have a good reputation out there. That's why there are even children who are pretending to be your child. I just happened to chance upon them doing something wrong, so I decided to expose them. It's mainly because I was concerned that they would do worse things outside…"

He had only just said that when Justin asked, "Why are you here?"