She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 203 - Daddy!!

Chapter 203 - Daddy!!

Chapter 203 - Daddy!!

That one line from him made everyone there dumbfounded.

Everyone looked at them incredulously.

Pete kept quiet for a while before he finally said, "Daddy."

Justin nodded. He took a step forward and took the initiative to ask, "Didn't you go to the bathroom? Why are you here instead?"

Pete, "?"

As it turned out, Cherry had made up an excuse and gone to the bathroom. No wonder his father didn't recognize him!

At practically the same time, a bodyguard came over and said, "Mr. Hunt, the little mister is gone. We…"

He'd only just said that when he spotted Pete. He closed his mouth right away.

Both Nora and Pete fell for their act.

Pete immediately adopted a different stance and said, "I came to look for Mommy."

He held Nora's hand after he spoke.

Nora raised her brows.

She glanced at the bodyguards and then at Justin. She couldn't help feeling that something was a little amiss, yet she couldn't pinpoint it. Wasn't Justin purported to have a very high IQ?

How was it possible that he couldn't even see through such a low-level loophole?

But… it did make sense!

There practically weren't any boy-girl twins that looked identical in this world. If she weren't their mother, she probably wouldn't have ever thought that she also had a daughter, right?

With that in mind, Nora lowered her head as if she had thought it through.

Next to them, Paul was dumbfounded. He stared at them incredulously and sputtered, "The… the two of you…"

Nora raised her eyebrows. "I told you. Who says this child isn't Justin's?"

Mia and Brandon also immediately jumped in and said, "Yes, that's right! Cherry is a child of the Hunts! We weren't lying, yeah!"

Terence, "!"

Brandon looked at Terence again. He stuck his tongue out and said, "Nanny nanny boo-boo! To think you wanted to bully Cherry. So, Cherry can go in now, right?"


Justin finally understood what exactly had happened after he said that.

It seemed that his son had been bullied by a six-year-old in kindergarten.

How useless.

He secretly dissed him inwardly before he pulled a long face and said, "What's going on? Are the Hunts' children not allowed to enter the racetracks?"

The security officers, "!!"

The security officers at the entrance broke out in cold sweat at once. They said, "Of course they are!. It's an honor that your child graced our racetracks with her presence, Mr. Hunt! It's my fault for failing to recognize a famous person when I see one. Please come in, please come in!"

Both Justin and Nora knew that the security officers were just threatened by Paul, that's all.

He was just a man trying to make a living, so why bother holding it against him?

Nora scoffed and said insinuatingly, "Never judge a book by its cover. Remember to keep your eyes open the next time you do anything."

The security officer nodded at once.

Next to him, Paul, who had wanted to do Justin a favor, looked livid.

Never would he have ever expected things to turn out this way!

"Cherry, where are you?"

Worried about her safety, Pete sent Cherry a text message immediately after he entered the racetracks.

Cherry: 'I'm already seated in the benches! Come and look for me later, Pete!'

Knowing that she was safe, Pete breathed a sigh of relief.

Only then did he look up at the two people walking in front of him.

Justin was smiling, and his dark eyes were full of mirth. He said, "So, Ms. Smith, you've been claiming to outsiders that you're my woman?"

Nora, "…"

She stuffed her hands into her pockets casually, seemingly disinclined to carry on the topic. She asked, "What put you in the mood to come and watch the race, Mr. Hunt?"

"It can't be helped. My son likes it," replied Justin.

As expected, it really was because of little Cherry.

Nora let out an 'oh'. Just as Justin was about to say something, she suddenly did a U-turn and said, "Since you're here, then please take Pete and the two children from the Smiths with you to watch the race, Mr. Hunt. I have to go backstage to visit my dear cousin."

Although Cherry was a clever and adorable child, this was ultimately a messy place. Nora was worried about her safety.

Justin narrowed his eyes and said, "Okay. See you at the benches later?"

Nora waved but didn't answer.

He must be kidding. Was she supposed to go to the benches so that the family of four could meet one another?

She was dying to avoid him instead!

Justin watched as the woman's slender figure disappeared into the distance. Only then did he look back at Pete.

After a few days of separation from the little brat, it seemed like there was now light in his eyes, especially with Mia and Brandon next to him at the moment. The three of them standing together looked like they were on pretty good terms with one another.

Justin cast his eyes down.

Pete didn't have any friends at the Hunts. In addition, Pete didn't allow anyone other than him to go near him.

In spite of that, because the children weren't walking properly, Brandon bumped into Pete from time to time, yet he didn't show any sign of annoyance.

Justin's brows drew together.

The woman might look lazy and sloppy, but by her side, Cherry had grown up to be a lively and lovable girl. Her son had only been with her for a few days, yet he also seemed to have become much more cheerful.

Was he really not as good as that woman at raising a child?

While he was reflecting upon himself, Paul came over to make up for what had happened just now. He smiled and said jokingly, "Information about you is really too confidential, Mr. Hunt. I always thought that you had a son, but as it turns out, it's actually a daughter?"

He glanced at Pete and hesitated again before he asked, "So, is he a boy or a girl?"

Justin glanced at him with his deep-set eyes and slowly replied, "Either is possible."

Paul, "?"

He wanted to say more, but Justin had already turned around and left with the children. It was obvious that he wasn't interested in talking anymore.

Paul, "…"

What the heck did he mean by either was possible?

Elsewhere, Nora called Cherry and was informed that the little fellow was at the benches. However, it seemed that she had slipped into the benches to the west, so she was planning to go over and look for her.

They were currently in the north. This was where the final sprint would be, so the point of view was excellent there. It was a position that only people like Justin could occupy.

To get to the west side from the north side, she had to pass by a row of resting areas.

The racers were currently resting there.

The abandoned location occupied a huge area, so the resting area was made up of a row of small houses. When Nora was passing by, a couple of racers happened to walk past her. They were chatting earnestly with each other.

"Have you heard? Logan has a leg injury. He definitely won't be able to take first place in the race anymore!"

"Of course. I even heard that it was the Myerses who did it to go against the Andersons, but no one dares to say anything about it. After all, Paul Quinlan is backing up Winston!"

"What should we do? If Logan loses, will the bookies let him off?"

"No way! Logan probably won't be able to step out of this place alive today. You have no idea how fierce those people are."

"Sigh, how tragic.. If he insists on racing with his leg injury, his leg will probably be a goner after this. With the way things are now, he's doomed unless Yanci descends from heaven to save him!"