She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 201 - Justin Hunt Is Here!

Chapter 201 - Justin Hunt Is Here!

Chapter 201 - Justin Hunt Is Here!

Nora actually bypassed him and walked straight toward the entrance.

Logan, "?"

He was a little surprised. Then, he walked over and asked, "Do you have tickets?"

Nora replied casually, "Yeah."

Logan let out a sigh of relief. He said, "Alright, you can just queue up to go in, then. I'm heading over to the racers' area."

The racers and the audience had different entryways. They still had to queue up, so Nora waved and said, "Go ahead."

Logan went to the racer's passage and went straight backstage to warm up and get ready.

Nora held Pete's hand and stood in line leisurely.

She let out a lazy yawn.

Of course, she had something as simple as admission tickets.

As Yanci, wasn't it just a matter of saying the word if she wanted admission tickets to such races?

Besides, she already had people rushing over to give her tickets a long time ago.

It had been really long since she last participated in a race, so she was somewhat itching to race. She wondered if she could look for Jordan and ask him to let her drive a couple of rounds around the tracks after the race.

While she was musing, Pete, who was next to her, was sending a text message to Cherry with his head down: 'Where are you guys?'

Cherry replied very quickly: 'We'll be there in a moment!'

A relieved Pete wrote: 'Remember not to give anything away.'

'Okie-Dokie! Don't worry, Pete! I, Cherry, will definitely get everything done right!'

Pete, "…"

He was about to give her another couple of reminders when two children suddenly dashed over and knocked against his arm.

Pete put down his phone and looked over—it was actually Brandon and Mia?

The two children didn't expect to see Pete here, either, so they immediately called out excitedly, "Cherry!"

Pete, "…"

He had especially worn unisex clothes today because he didn't want to be mistaken as a girl. However, the people around them must have realized his gender the moment they shouted that name, right?

He fell silent for a while. Then, he asked, "What are you guys doing here?"

Mia glanced at Brandon timidly and replied, "We're here to watch the race! Brandon said that car racing is very fun."

What was so fun about it…?

Pete looked around the two children but didn't see any adults with them. He, who usually didn't make any requests or trouble, looked at Nora and asked, "Mommy, why don't we let them come with us?"

Nora, who sounded as if she didn't really care one way or another, uttered an 'okay'. She stood by them and watched the three children talk among themselves. To be honest, her son should try and make more friends. During her observations of him recently, she found that Pete's mild autism was actually slowly getting better.

As a result, the people in the line went from two to four people.

The queue moved very quickly—after all, those who could get their hands on tickets were no ordinary people. The people at the entrance didn't dare to make things too difficult for them, either.

Soon, it was their turn.

Nora handed over the admission tickets.

The security officers took a look at the tickets and then glanced at the three children. Only then did he look at Nora and say, "You can go in, but the three children can't."

Nora raised her brows.

Brandon was already shouting. "Why?"

The security officer coughed and replied, "Children are not allowed to go in."

Children weren't allowed to go in?

Nora was a little surprised. She hadn't expected such a restriction. When she was abroad, she had easily taken Cherry to the races.

Perhaps it was due to cultural differences?

While she was thinking about it, she saw Terence running over with three children from the kindergarten behind him. Without queuing at all, they went straight into the venue.

The security officers didn't stop them.

Nora, "?"

She raised her eyebrows. She was about to speak when Brandon spoke ahead of her and asked, "Then why are they allowed to go in?"

Terence stood inside and made faces at them. He said, "Because my father is Paul Quinlan! So, I can bring in as many people as I want!"

Brandon, "?"

He got angry and said, "Even my uncle and Mia's father is Joel Smith! Why can't we go in?"

The security officers looked at one another at the mention of Joel's name.

Needless to say, it was Terence's idea to stop the children from entering. Although this was Jordan's turf, they nevertheless had to show Paul some courtesy.

Little did they expect the two children to be from the Smiths, though?

They looked at Terence, who waved magnanimously. Then, he pointed at Pete and said, "Of course, the Smiths can enter. The two can come in, but she can't!"

"Why not?"

Brandon and Mia were up in arms. Brandon even shouted, "She is Justin Hunt's child!"

Justin Hunt???

The security officers at the entrance became even more astonished. What was going on today? Had all the big families in New York come together to watch the race today?

While they were hesitating, Terence scoffed, "Justin Hunt's child? What nonsense. She is a fake!"

Terence shouted, "The phone number she gave me yesterday is wrong! I already asked my father! Cherry, how dare you pretend to be Justin Hunt's daughter! Hmph! You liar!"

Brandon shouted, "That's impossible! I asked my uncle. She really is Justin Hunt's daughter!"

Mia also nodded. She said earnestly to the security officers, "Aren't you afraid that Uncle Justin will get mad if you don't let Cherry in?"

The security officers at the entrance were rendered speechless. Oh, we're totally trembling with fear here.

Nora's brows drew together as she listened to the children's conversation.

That boy named Terence totally looked like he needed to be taught a good lesson. He was likely very naughty and mischievous. Also, he was actually making things difficult for Pete?

Was Pete being bullied in school?

The look in her eyes turned sharp. She was about to speak when a voice that made others feel terribly uncomfortable reached them.

"She's Justin Hunt's daughter? Here, let me take a look!"

Nora turned to see a man dressed in a suit approaching.

He seemed like an amiable person, but his eyes had a sinister look in them that discomfited others. As soon as he came over, Terence also ran over while calling out, "Daddy!"

The security officers stood up straight and greeted him respectfully. "Mr. Quinlan!"

Paul ruffled his son's hair and then, he looked at Pete and Nora. His gaze swept across Pete to fall on Nora. He smiled and said, "How audacious of you to use Justin Hunt's name to do whatever you want outside. Are the two of you sick of living?"

Nora narrowed her eyes.

She had never been one to allow herself to suffer any injustice. Should she deny that Pete was Justin's child in a situation like this, it was highly likely that Pete would be hurt.

He was a sensitive boy and wasn't as hardy as Cherry.

Thus, Nora only hesitated for a brief moment before she countered resolutely and said, "And how would you know this child isn't Justin's, Mr. Quinlan?"

Paul gazed at the gorgeous woman in front of him. She carried herself in a manner that was neither lowly nor overbearing. Her pretty face was peerlessly stunning, and the aura around her didn't seem like it had been suppressed by his. Paul narrowed his eyes.

Terence shouted, "She's not! She's a fake! Cherry, you're not going to be able to get in! Hmph!"

At this point, a commotion suddenly broke out in the distance.

Someone said, "Mr. Hunt is here!"