She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 200 - The Phone Number

Chapter 200 - The Phone Number

Chapter 200 - The Phone Number

Paul frowned as he listened to what he said.

He picked up his cell phone, went to Justin's private number, and took a look. Then, he said, "No, it isn't. It's quite the coincidence, though. To think he's only off by two numbers."

Terence curled his lip at once. "I knew she was a fake!"

Paul scoffed and said, "Someone is actually pretending to be Justin Hunt's daughter? Now, that's hilarious. After all, he has never had a daughter!"

The fact that Justin had a son was already kept a secret.

However, that was only in outsiders' cases. Families like the Quinlans had to pay close attention to the changes among the wealthy.

Paul had also tried various ways and means to ask around over the years, but in the end, he only managed to find out that Justin had a five-year-old son. Apart from that, he didn't find out anything else at all.

Terence became even angrier when he heard that. He clenched his fists and said, "Hmph, how dare she lie to me! I'm going to punch her teeth out on Monday!"

It was Friday, so it was the weekend the next day. They didn't have any classes on the weekends, so he could only take his revenge on Monday instead!

Terence then looked at Paul again and asked, "Daddy, can I go and watch the car race tomorrow?"

A smiling Paul replied, "Sure, no problem. We're also part of the racetracks that Jordan Hoffman established, aren't we?"

He fell silent for a moment at this point, and the look in his eyes became a little more sinister and ruthless.

The Hoffmans and the Quinlans were of equal standing in the underworld.

However, everyone knew that Paul was fiercer and more ruthless than Jordan, so they were more afraid of him. This was because even though he looked polite and refined, deep down, he was actually much more vicious and violent than Jordan.

That guy had a scary face, but he had a lot of reservations and boundaries in the way he did things.

The two families had been competing with each other all this time.

Therefore, he had agreed to it when Winston wanted to make things difficult for Logan. After all, Jordan had made a lot of money through Logan—The Racing King!

Winston had used his name to threaten people in New York, such that they wouldn't dare to buy Logan's sports car.

However, someone had actually refused to show him courtesy in the end.

When he asked who they were, he learned that it was the Hunts.

Paul let out an icy laugh. What a small world, huh.

However, he wasn't going to mess with the Hunts if he could help it. After all, should they back up Jordan, he would become even more difficult to deal with!

With that in mind, Paul said coldly, "Stay away from the Hunts' children if you encounter them in the future, no matter what kind of occasion it is. Don't mess with them."

Terence had always relied on his father backing him up to carry out his misdeeds, so he knew especially well who he could mess with and who he couldn't. Thus, he hastily nodded.



Pete went home with Tanya as usual.

After the two got into the car and Tanya drove away in the jeep, Joel finally reluctantly retracted his gaze.

Brandon and Mia came out together and got into Joel's car.

As soon as he got in the car, Brandon asked, "Uncle Joel, is Cherry's father Justin Hunt?"

Joel nodded. "Yeah."

He then looked at his daughter. Mia was hanging her head—obviously, she was not in high spirits.

Joel looked at her gently and dotingly and ruffled her hair. He asked, "What's wrong, Mia?"

Mia glanced at him and hung her head again. "It's nothing, Daddy."

When Joel wanted to ask further, Brandon piped up and said, "I know what's going on, Uncle Joel! Mia wants to dance, but Ms. Turner won't take her in!"

Mia hurriedly raised her head and waved her hands while she said, "N-no, that's not true. I… I don't actually like dancing that much."

Mia didn't want her father to force Ms. Turner to teach her. If that happened, Ms. Turner would suffer too much injustice.

Besides, her mother didn't like her dancing, either.

Joel's eyes flickered. He ruffled Mia's hair again and said comfortingly, "Okay, I see."

Brandon had a restless look in his eyes and was unable to sit still the whole way home. It was as if he was holding in a little secret. Joel saw it all but did not interfere.

When they got home, Joel saw Brandon making an excuse and dragging Mia off to play.

Joel gave the nanny a look. She immediately nodded and followed after the two.

Less than half an hour later, the nanny came back and reported, "Brandon is trying to get Mia to go and watch a car race tomorrow afternoon."

Joel, "…"

The nanny lowered her head and asked, "Do you want to stop them?"

Joel thought of the timid look in his daughter's eyes. Then, he thought of how gutsy Brandon was to take a knife to cut off his little willy so that he could become a little girl. He held his forehead.

He wanted to encourage his daughter to become more cheerful, but he couldn't help but be worried about Brandon's presence. Thus, he said, "Let them go, but get a few people to protect them secretly."

"Yes, sir."


The next day at the Andersons'.

Nora slept all the way until the time to watch the race. After she got up, she lazily put on a black baseball cap, a black shirt, and trousers. Without bothering to dress up, she took Pete out with her.

As soon as she exited the bedroom, she saw Logan walking out of his room.

He had an especially awful look on his face, and it seemed like his foot injury hadn't healed yet, causing him to limp as he walked. The sight made Nora frown. She asked, "Are you still going to take part in the race today?"

Logan let out an annoyed grunt.

Yanci hadn't replied to his email at all. Jordan had also called and said that he hadn't managed to contact him. Thus, he could only brace himself and go for it today.

Losing meant that he would have to pay back 50 million dollars.

The profits from the Carefree Pills probably wouldn't amount to that much even if the Andersons were to receive them now.

Logan had never wanted to cause the Andersons any trouble. He gritted his teeth and walked out.

Nora followed behind him.

When they went out, Logan's friend came over to pick him up.

He got into the car and left.

As for Nora, she drove off in the jeep after Pete sat in the backseat obediently and fastened his seatbelt.

The race was held in an abandoned factory in the suburbs. A professional racetrack had been built inside. The abandoned area was relatively big, so it was impossible for one to tell from the outside at all that there was a racetrack inside.

Jordan had actually already bought the whole plot of land there.

The security there was very good, and everyone going in had to go through strict inspections and show their admission tickets!

The car stopped. When Logan got out of the car and was about to enter, his friend tugged on his sleeve and asked, "Logan, isn't that your cousin and niece?"

Logan, "?"

He turned around to see Nora parking her car behind theirs. The woman got out of the car without paying any attention to the person in the backseat.

His little niece unfastened the seatbelt herself and pushed the car door open. Then, the little fellow hopped off the thick chassis, jumped, and closed the car door strenuously herself…

Logan frowned. His friend asked, "Did you get them tickets?"

Logan, "…"

His friend went on and said, "It'll be very difficult for them to get in without tickets. Mr. Hoffman has strengthened the security for today's race."

Logan became even more irritable.

They should have told him in advance if they wanted to watch the race. Instead, they had followed him like that! How troublesome!

Just as he was about to walk over, he instead saw…