She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 196 - So, Nora Smith Was Right!

Chapter 196 - So, Nora Smith Was Right!

Chapter 196 - So, Nora Smith Was Right!

Mrs. Hoffman was startled to hear that. She frowned and asked, "What happened? Did he wake up in fear again?"

After saying that, she didn't have the luxury of bothering with Nora anymore, so she turned around and walked out.

Jordan also followed closely behind the few of them. Jimmy was his only son, after all, so he cared very much about him.

Nora wanted to follow them up the stairs but was stopped. Someone said, "You can't go up there, Ms. Smith!"

Nora's brows were drawn together, and she was rather anxious.

This was a moment of life and death!

Nora didn't have the luxury of caring that much anymore. She reached out, hooked her arm around the man's, and pulled him over forcefully at once. She threw him over her shoulder and flipped him onto the ground.

The rest of the thugs rushed toward her one by one at the sight.

Nora stretched out her leg and kicked one of them away. The man, who had been sent flying sideways, blocked the rest of the people rushing toward her, which allowed her to run upstairs.

As soon as she went up, she heard Mrs. Hoffman screaming shrilly, "Jimmy! Jimmy, wake up! Wake up!"

The nanny next to them was also shouting anxiously, "Jimmy, Jimmy…! What's wrong with him, Mrs. Hoffman?"

Jordan yelled, "Get out of the way! Call 911! Hurry!"

Nora's eyes widened in horror. She rushed straight to the room and saw Jimmy lying on a clean bed in the brightly-lit room. He was foaming at the mouth and convulsing.

Mrs. Hoffman touched his forehead and exclaimed, "Why is he so warm?! Jordan, hurry up and call 911!"

Nora rushed over anxiously. Jordan, who was on the phone, noticed her. He frowned at once and was about to speak when Nora bypassed him and stood at Jimmy's bed.

Jordan was furious. "You—"

But before he could finish, Nora ordered coldly, "Get out of the way!"

Mrs. Hoffman was dumbfounded.

Nora grabbed her by the arm. Then, she looked at the nanny and instructed, "Get me some diluted alcohol to lower his temperature."

Then, she immediately pulled Jimmy's eyelids up skillfully and checked his eyes—the boy's pupils were already dilating. She didn't have the luxury of caring that much anymore. She immediately took out a pill from her pocket, tore off the tinfoil, and fed it to Jimmy!

Mrs. Hoffman finally came back to her senses at this point. She rushed over and shouted, "What did you feed Jimmy?!"

Nora looked at her coldly. "If you continue to stop me, your son will die!"

Her calm and steady voice, as well as her words, made Mrs. Hoffman dumbfounded.

Seeing that she finally wasn't coming forward anymore, Nora took the diluted alcohol from the nanny and physically cooled the boy's temperature.

The bodyguards at the door rushed up at this point and said, "Mr. Hoffman! Nora, she—"

Before he could finish, he was stunned by the sight of Nora repeatedly torturing Jimmy.

Jordan, whose eyes were red, glared at Nora menacingly. However, he suddenly said, "Let her do it. Nora, if anything happens to my son, I won't let you off!"

The bodyguards finally retreated.

The long-overdue ambulance finally came. By the time the paramedics came upstairs, Jimmy had already fallen into a deep sleep. His breathing had also become much more even, and he looked much better.

Worried about their son, Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman hurriedly followed them into the ambulance.

It was only after they got into the ambulance that they realized that Nora had already left at some point. Mrs. Hoffman frowned. "Why did she leave?"

The nanny replied, "It seems like she only left after she saw that the ambulance was here."

Mrs. Hoffman bit her lip.

Jordan said, "It's fine. She may have left, but her home is still there! If anything happens to Jimmy, I will look for the Andersons!"

Mrs. Hoffman nodded. She gritted her teeth and said, "There's the kindergarten, too. She can run, but she can't hide! Besides, even if she did save Jimmy's life, he was sick in the first place because of her!"

Jordan nodded.

The group of them finally arrived at the hospital. By the time the doctor came over, Jimmy was already awake and muttering about having a headache.

A nurse said, "Doctor, he had already undergone professional first aid measures by the time we went over. That person also told me that we must conduct a lumbar puncture on the patient."

A lumbar puncture…

Something clicked in the doctor's head at once and he said, "Don't bother with the brain CT and MRI for now. Perform a lumbar puncture on him right away instead!"

"Yes, sir!"

After the staff took Jimmy away, the doctor also left to attend to his duties.

It was only at daybreak that the doctor finally walked out of the ward while wiping his perspiration. Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman went up to him at once and asked, "Doctor, how is my son?"

The doctor took a deep breath and held their hands excitedly. He asked, "Who performed first aid on the child? What exactly did she feed him?"

Mrs. Hoffman flew into a rage at once. "What's wrong? Did something bad happen because of what he was fed? Ahhh!! I'm going to kill her!"

Jordan also panicked. He asked, "Doctor, what exactly is going on? Is there something wrong with that pill? My son was having convulsions because she scared him so badly!"

The doctor was dumbfounded at how agitated the two of them were. He said, "Convulsions from fright? What nonsense! The child has acute meningitis! If it weren't for the person who saved him in time, the child would probably be dead now!"

The doctor then went on and said, "I'm just very curious about the medicine she fed the child. To think it's so amazing! The fever had already subsided by the time the child was sent to the hospital. His condition had mostly also stabilized by then. They basically saved his life!"



At the Andersons'.

By the time Nora got home after the whole hullabaloo the night before, it was already one o'clock in the morning.

After washing up, she slept all the way until noon the following day, where she was woken up by people knocking on the door downstairs.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The banging on the door was deafening, as if some kind of underworld force was at their doorstep.

Nora got out of bed lazily. The moment she exited her bedroom, she saw Logan going down the stairs quickly. He went to the door and opened it. When he saw Jordan, who was wearing a thick gold chain around his neck, at the door, he was utterly stunned. "Mr. Hoffman? Why are you here?"

Jordan stared at Logan. After a long silence, he finally asked, "Where is Nora Smith?"

Logan narrowed his eyes. He blocked the way in at once and said, "Mr. Hoffman, she's just a woman. Come at me if there's anything you want."

Jordan thought of what his subordinates had reported to him the night before—she had beaten up five or six of them all by herself and rushed up the stairs after that. The corners of his lips suddenly spasmed a little and he replied, "She's not just any ordinary woman."

Logan's misunderstanding deepened even further. He said, "Which part of her isn't ordinary? Mr. Hoffman, just come at me if there's anything you want…"

However, the men behind Jordan pushed him away. The group of them entered the villa with great momentum, alarming the elderly Mrs. Anderson upstairs so badly that even she came out and asked, "What's going on? Huh? Logan…"

Logan's brows drew together tightly as he watched Jordan walking toward Nora, who was upstairs.

The woman even yawned. Obviously, she had just woken up and was completely unaware that danger was descending upon her!

He immediately went forward anxiously to stop them, but…