She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 197 - The Race!

Chapter 197 - The Race!

Chapter 197 - The Race!

Jordan, the big and rough boor, bowed at Nora and said, "Ms. Smith!"

Logan, "??"

Utterly astounded by the sight, he felt like his eyes were about to fall out of their sockets.

Nora waved casually and asked, "Yeah. Is Jimmy alright now?"

Jordan was exceptionally respectful toward her. He replied, "He's fine now. His mother wanted to come over and apologize to you in person, but Jimmy is still hospitalized for now, so she can't come over for the time being. This is all her fault for not appreciating your kindness. Don't worry, Ms. Smith, I will definitely teach her a good lesson!"

Nora raised her brows when she heard what he said.

Sure enough, the next moment, Jordan explained, "To be honest, this incident resulted from our negligence as parents. We didn't expect that Jimmy couldn't explain his symptoms clearly due to his young age, so he didn't express them clearly to the doctor even when we brought him to the hospital, which ended up delaying his treatment in the beginning. Sigh! It's fortunate that you came to my place last night. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to save Jimmy this time! By the way, the hospital asked about the pill that you fed Jimmy last night. They want to buy a batch of it…"

Nora yawned and replied, "You can contact my uncle with regard to that."

Simon was in charge of all of Harmonia Pharmacy's matters.

Jordan immediately nodded and said, "Okay, no problem!"

Nora nodded. When she saw that Jordan was still staring at her, she asked hesitantly, "Is there anything else?"

Jordan immediately shook his head. "No, there's nothing else. You saved Jimmy's life, Ms. Smith. If there's anything you need in the future, I, Jordan, will do anything you ask!"

"… Oh, okay." Nora paused for a moment before she yawned again. Then, she said, "Okay, I'm going to sleep."

She turned to enter the bedroom but instead saw Pete standing there and looking at her expectantly. He let out a silent sigh and said, "Mommy."

Nora, "?"

It was only then that she remembered what had happened to Pete. Thus, she said to Jordan, "By the way, Mr. Hoffman, can you ask your wife to withdraw her complaint against Pete… I mean Cherry, and let her return to school?"

Jordan nodded at once. "No problem! The Hoffmans will cover Cherry's tuition fees in the future!"

"… You don't need to do that."

"Don't stand on ceremony, Ms. Smith. Also, I will get Jimmy to protect Cherry in school in the future, so that no one will bully her!"

Pete, "…"

He quietly packed his schoolbag, slung it over his shoulders, and went downstairs. Then, he asked the Andersons' chauffeur, "Mister, can you take me to the kindergarten?"

Nora, "…"

Nora went back into her bedroom to sleep after the little fellow left.

Logan and Jordan were the only ones left flabbergasted downstairs.

Jordan walked over casually to Logan and patted him on the shoulder. He sighed and said, "Boy, we need to give a notice of at least three days in advance if we want to postpone a race. We've already missed the deadline today. How about this? I'll try and contact Yanci for you and see if he's willing to come back and help you take part in the race. If he isn't willing to do it, then you'll have to prepare 50 million dollars. I'll guarantee your safety after the race."

In the past, the Andersons would definitely be able to fork out 50 million dollars.

But now…

Logan knew that Jordan had already tried his best, though, so he nodded.

Before they left, Logan asked, "What's going on between you and Nora, Mr. Hoffman?"

Jordan gave him a simple recount of what had happened and then left.

After he left, Logan went upstairs. Before going into his bedroom, he glanced at the bedroom where Nora was.

He knew that Nora was a doctor, but he didn't expect her to actually be so skilled that she could save Jordan's son.

Logan looked at his ankle… He wondered if Nora could heal his injury?

But even if she could, there was no way she could do it anymore at the moment.

The race was in two days. They really didn't have any more time to waste. He would just ask her again after the race instead.

With that in mind, Logan entered his room.

He mustn't just sit around and do nothing.

Given his ankle's condition, he would definitely lose if he took part in the race.

He sat up and took out his computer. He found Yanci's email address and sent her an email: 'Yanci, may I know if you're interested in racing competitions held in the US?'

He lay down on the bed after he sent the email. Then, he suddenly received a call from Jordan. Jordan's voice was very loud as he said, "It suddenly occurred to me that I may have a way to contact Yanci. How about this? I'll contact him for you."

Logan replied, "I just sent him an email, but I don't know if he'll come."

Jordan said in a friendly manner, "Let me do it instead. I'm a little more familiar with him than you are. After all, we've talked before."

When he said that they had talked before, he was referring to their email correspondence in the past.

Logan was very grateful to him. He said, "Okay. Thank you, Mr. Hoffman."

"You're welcome."

At the Hunts'.

"Wow, Little Yellow is so eye-catching!"

Cherry circled Logan's sports car and inspected it excitedly. Sean watched the little mister from the side. He couldn't but keep feeling there was something off with him lately.

He asked respectfully, "Shall we put the car in the garage?"


Cherry said childishly, "I wanna change its color!"

Sean nodded.

He didn't find yellow that attractive a color, either. It was too ostentatious and not low-key enough. Neither did it conform to Mr. Hunt's sense of aesthetics. Having it changed to black, white, or gray sounded like a pretty good idea.

He was about to suggest it when Cherry declared, "I want it changed to pink, yeah!"

Sean, "?"

He was taken aback for a moment. He stared at 'Pete' in disbelief and uttered, "What?"

"Pink, yeah!"

Cherry skipped back home after saying that. Sean followed behind her. When they entered the room together, Justin had just finished processing a few documents and was walking out.

When the two met, Sean suddenly said, "Mr. Hunt, Pete just told me to change the color of the sports car to pink. What do you…"

Justin smiled and replied, "Okay, do as he says."


Sean was stunned.

Mr. Hunt, are you serious? Are you sure you want to raise the little mister into a little princess?!

While he was dumbfounded, he saw Justin walking over to Cherry. He bent over, picked her up, and asked, "Shall Daddy play Barbies with you today?"

"Okay! Daddy's the best, yeah!"

Sean, "…"

Sean swallowed hard. Then, he looked at Justin and recounted to him what he'd encountered earlier that day. Justin, who was about to leave, paused for a moment.

Cherry said, "Did someone bully Uncle Logan? Daddy, let's help him! Even though Uncle Logan pretends to be cool all the time, he's actually very nice!"

When Justin heard what she said, he looked at Cherry dotingly and asked, "Do you want to watch car racing?"

Cherry nodded repeatedly.

Justin looked at Sean and said, "Get two tickets ready."

"Yes, sir."

Elsewhere, when Pete got home, Nora said, "There's an underground car race in two days. Do you want to go and watch?"