She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 195 - Jimmy Is In Danger!

Chapter 195 - Jimmy Is In Danger!

Chapter 195 - Jimmy Is In Danger!

Logan, "??"

Little Yellow?

While he was wondering about it, Nora replied, "Oh."

The voice on the phone then said, "But I like pink! So I'm going to paint it pink~"

"It's up to you."

Nora only noticed Logan after she uttered the few words. She was taken aback.

The boy stood where he was, casually, with his hands in his pockets. Although one couldn't tell the condition of his body, there were injuries on his face.

He had a bruise at the corner of his mouth and a band-aid on his nose.

They added a little more of that wild and untamed feeling to the youth. It was just that he had a somewhat hostile look in his eyes at the moment.

Nora turned off the phone. She thought that the look in the boy's eyes was because she was blocking his way upstairs, so she stepped aside and gave way to him.

Logan limped up the stairs after he saw her stepping to the side. When he was walking past her, Nora suddenly asked, "Hasn't your foot healed yet?"

She seemed to recall that something was already wrong with Logan's foot when he came home the other time?

The boy was a car racer, so both his hands and feet were equally important. Could he drive a sports car in that condition?

She was wondering about that when the young man looked over fiercely with anger in his eyes and snapped, "It's none of your business!"

Nora, "?"

Logan really was rather mad.

Even though he had bailed her out at Mr. Hoffman's, he was ultimately still just a teenager, so it was inevitable that he would be resentful about it. He couldn't help but ask, "Do you know how much trouble you can bring to others with a single sentence of yours?"

Nora, "??"

She had only just woken up, so she was still rather sleepy and didn't know what Logan meant at all. However, the boy didn't seem like someone who would lash out at others for no reason, so she asked hesitantly, "What's the matter?"

Logan thought of the whole mess and ultimately said nothing about it. He replied, "It's nothing. Just manage your own affairs properly and it'll do."

He went upstairs after saying that.

Nora, "…"


What a brat. He must have come back to vent his frustrations after suffering injustice outside.

She went downstairs, poured herself a glass of water, and then went back upstairs with the glass. As soon as she went back up, she received a call from an unknown number. When she answered, Mrs. Hoffman's voice reached her through the voice. She said, "I'm not going to let matters rest this time, Ms. Smith!"

Nora, "?"

Mrs. Hoffman sounded as if she was crying as she said, "My son was so scared by what you said that he threw up again. He only fell asleep after taking a tranquilizer pill. Even though Logan has shouldered the blame for you, if anything should happen to my son, I will never let you off!"

She hung up right away after saying that.

Nora narrowed her eyes.

Logan had shouldered the blame for her… What kind of blame had he shouldered for her?

Now wasn't the time to be thinking of that, though.

He had thrown up again…

From the looks of it, the boy was in terrible condition!

The woman, who had never been one to be nosy, merely thought about it for a moment before she got onto the bed and lay down. However, she still felt rather uneasy.

Pete came out of the shower a while later. After he got onto the bed, he asked hesitantly, "Mommy, will Jimmy be okay?"

Nora was surprised. She asked, "Are you on very good terms with him?"

Pete nodded. "He likes Cherry very much. There was once I didn't manage to grab an apple during mealtime, but he had managed to grab two, so he gave me one."

Nora closed her eyes. "Mm. Go to sleep now."

Pete closed his eyes.

Ten minutes later, Nora suddenly opened her eyes. She ruffled her hair, sat up in annoyance, and said, "Pete, Jimmy isn't in good condition tonight. I'll go and take a look at him."

Pete nodded.

Nora picked up her cell phone, hacked into the Golden Sunshine Kindergarten's computer system, and found Jimmy's address. After that, she got up, changed into a set of black clothes, and left the house.

As she drove the jeep along the quiet streets, she felt that she must be out of her mind.

She didn't know why she was being so nosy this time, either.

To be honest, she had already done her duty as a doctor when she warned them time and again previously.

Besides, Jimmy's mother didn't look like she was someone easy to get along with. However, Jimmy was innocent; he was only five.

It was already midnight by the time she arrived at the Hoffmans' clubhouse.

She stopped the car and tried to enter. However, someone stopped her at the door and asked, "Who are you looking for?"

Nora revealed her identity and replied, "I'm Nora. I'm here to look for Jimmy's mother. Alternatively, his father would also do."

The man asked Nora to wait while he went in to report her arrival. Soon, he came back out and told her to go in.

Nora followed the few men into the gym.

The environment was very dark, and even the light in there was yellowish. The whole room was very dim.

Nightlife in the underworld had only just begun, so Jordan was full of energy. Muscles bulged on his upper body, which was naked. He looked at Nora's tiny physique and sneered, "Huh, did Logan abandon you in the end after all?"

Nora didn't understand what he was saying. She merely said, "Jimmy's father, I came here to tell you that Jimmy has encephalitis. If he continues to vomit and becomes unconscious, I'm afraid he will be in great danger!"

Jordan, "?"

He sneered and stood up. "Are you crazy? You've already come all the way here, yet you're still saying that? Are you more amazing than the doctors in the hospital?"

Nora shook her head. She replied slowly and earnestly, "No, that's not the case, because the doctors may not know that his head hurts. Moreover, Jimmy is very young, so he can't express his symptoms clearly. It was just my guess in the beginning, too; that's why I told his mother to send him for a lumbar puncture. However, I've basically confirmed the diagnosis now."

Jordan narrowed his eyes.

Mrs. Hoffman had already come downstairs after she heard the news. Upon hearing what Nora said, she was so furious that she came forward with her fists brandished to hit her.

"How dare you come here! Nora Smith, are you naive or just fearless?"

Nora took a step back and dodged her fists. She said, "Calm down, Jimmy's mom."

"Calm down, my a*s! Jimmy was crying and kicking up a fuss in the evening just now. If it weren't because the doctor had prescribed him tranquilizers that helped him to sleep, he would definitely be even more scared now! He's having convulsions now because your words scared him so much! You'd best behave and let me beat you up. If you dare so much as to duck again, I will make sure you and Cherry won't be able to attend school anymore!"

Nora frowned and said, "It's not your call whether Cherry can attend school or not, but your son is in great danger now!"

"You're trying to scare us again! Fine, you claim to be a doctor, right? Which hospital are you working as a doctor at? Can you show me your license?"

"… I didn't bring it with me."

She didn't have the habit of bringing Anti's doctor's license around with her. After all, she only performed two operations a month.

Mrs. Hoffman sneered, "You didn't bring it with you? I bet you don't have one at all!"

She gave a wave after she said that. Men around them came forward and surrounded Nora. She said, "Since you have the guts to come all the way here, I'll let you come in on your feet but sent out on your back!"

Nora, "?"

She balled up her fists and narrowed her eyes.

At this point, hurried footsteps came over and someone shouted, "Mrs. Hoffman, something terrible has happened!"