She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 181 - Nora Smith Is Anti!

Chapter 181 - Nora Smith Is Anti!

Chapter 181 - Nora Smith Is Anti!

Nora didn't look at him anymore. Instead, she went straight into the changing room.

Michael stood outside the door, totally frozen in place.

What Ms. Smith had said just now… Was she saying that she was Anti?

This… Surely not?

Michael swallowed hard. He had really never once imagined that Nora might possibly be Anti. After all, it took time for one to train their skills in surgery, and one needed to perform many operations in order to cultivate a feel for things.

Most of the amazing surgeons in their industry were middle-aged. Not only could they keep up in terms of stamina, but they were also experienced. Therefore, everyone assumed that Anti must be a middle-aged man or woman.

Nora… was a little too young!

Given her age, she might not even be good enough to be Lily, Anti's first assistant, right?

W-was… was she really Anti?

While Michael's expression was changing again and again, Nora had changed and came back out. Her hair was tied up, and she was wearing a surgical gown and a surgical cap.

Surgical caps were fastened very tightly to prevent hair from being exposed. This was to prevent people from bringing germs and bacteria into the operating room. Most people looked very ugly wearing it, but when Nora's face was fully exposed like this, it instead made her look even more stunning.

She had a very cold expression on her countenance, and her eyes were downcast. The air around her was still as casual as ever.

She had previously given Michael a lazy and frivolous feeling, but she felt completely different now—this was self-assurance and confidence!

As expected of his idol, indeed!

Michael's eyes were shining. He simply watched as she walked over to the sink next to him. After washing her hands and fingers carefully, she looked back at him…

Michael was so excited that he wanted to run a few laps around the hospital.

He had finally met his idol!!

At the sight of him staring at herself as though he had gone daft, Nora's almond-shaped eyes narrowed a little as she smiled at Michael and said, "Anti is human, not a god."

Michael, "!!"

He suddenly thought of how he had refuted Nora and misunderstood that she was looking down on Anti when she had said that previously. But in the end, she was just being self-effacing!

He suddenly flushed crimson all over his face. He swallowed and said, "Ant—"

However, before he could finish, footsteps coming toward them suddenly rang out. They were likely from the medical staff who had finished putting on their surgical gowns and were about to enter.

Nora abruptly turned her head and suddenly stretched out a finger, gesturing to him to keep quiet.

Michael's words immediately became stuck in his throat.

Nora took out a surgical mask and quickly put it on, followed by a pair of goggles. Her movements were neither too quick nor slow; it was as if she had calculated the time just right. By the time they entered, she had completely covered herself up.

No one could see her original appearance at all when she was all covered up like that.

"Is Anti ready, Michael?"

A voice reached them before the others even approached. Right on the heels of it, Tina led the few medical staff over to wash their hands. When they saw Anti, who had already changed, the whole group was stunned.

Someone couldn't stop themselves from asking softly, "Professor… Anti?"

Nora looked at them. Her gaze swept past Tina to ultimately fall on Lisa, who was standing at the back of the crowd but also staring at her with bright and shiny eyes like Michael.

She nodded slightly, making the group of people excited.

"Anti, you are my idol!"

"Professor Anti, I'm so lucky to be able to watch you perform an operation with my own eyes!"

"… Ahhh, I'm so excited!"

Nora raised her eyebrows. She smiled at the excited doctor and said jokingly, "Do remember to keep your hands steady."

The doctor immediately straightened his back and promised, "Rest assured, Anti! There definitely won't be any problems!"

Amid the cheer and harmony, a discordant voice rang out. "Where is Nora Smith, Dr. Lange?"

Tina's voice was neither loud nor soft, yet it was still within Nora's earshot. Tina looked at Michael and said, "I clearly saw her just now. Is she hiding somewhere so that she can sneak into the operating room?"

Michael, "…"

He wanted to say that Anti was Nora herself! But when he thought of how Anti had gestured him to keep quiet before the others came in… She must be asking him to keep her identity a secret, right?

Thus, Michael replied, "Don't bring that up anymore…"

"Why not? I'm just trying to warn Anti about it, lest she suddenly pops up out of nowhere during the operation." Tina deliberately heaved a sigh as she tried to give Anti a bad impression of Nora.

She was afraid that Anti would give Nora special treatment because of the Hunts.

It stood to reason that Anti would ask about what had happened after she said that, right? This way, she would be able to naturally say certain things after that.

But unexpectedly, those eyes behind the goggles looked as if there was only icy coldness in them.

She must be mistaken, though.

After all, Anti was joking with the others just now and seemed rather even-tempered.

Seeing that she wasn't saying anything, Tina went on by herself and said, "My apologies, Anti, this is an oversight on the school's part for allowing someone who really wanted to observe your surgery to break in. We will definitely sue her if we discover her later! This has reached the point of serious medical malpractice!"

Nora, "?"

With which eye had Tina seen her breaking in? Those who didn't know any better would have thought that she must have done something really nefarious!

Her expression became even colder.

Afraid that Anti would become angry, Michael stepped in front of Tina and said, "Alright, that's enough. Let's go to the operating room!"

On account of Michael, Tina nodded at everyone behind her.

Everyone had to enter the operating room to make preparations in advance and ready all the tools to be used later. When Lisa passed by Nora, she greeted her cautiously, "Hello, Professor Anti."

Nora smiled at her and said encouragingly, "I'm relatively busy at the moment, so follow Dr. Shaw and do your best to learn from him for now."

Her voice… It sounded rather familiar to Lisa.

She cast a hesitant glance at Nora again—those eyes behind the goggles also looked a little familiar. In the midst of her hesitance, Tina reprimanded her. "What are you spacing out for? Hurry up and go in!"

Lisa hurriedly retracted her gaze. She glanced at Nora again before she followed the rest into the operating room.

Nora frowned.

Her cousin was a little too much of a pushover. Did she allow just anyone to shout at her?

She was about to speak when Tina suddenly came up to her and said, "Professor Anti, I am Tina York, a professor that the medical university also specially invited. I am honored to take part in the same operation as you."

Nora stared at her.

Tina said unhurriedly, "Professor Anti, did you take Lisa Black as your postgraduate student because of Nora Smith's connections with Mr. Hunt?"

Nora, "?"

Tina continued to lodge a complaint against Nora. She said, "To be honest, Lisa's exam results weren't the best at that time. Moreover, the research topic she proposed is also an unpopular one. Oh, by the way, she is Nora Smith's cousin, and is someone who cannot tell what's good for herself, just like Nora…"

Now, that was going too far.

She was originally planning to get rid of the woman after the operation, but she was simply too noisy.

Nora suddenly raised her eyebrows and said, "I didn't know I was someone who cannot tell what's good for myself."