She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 180 - A Slap In The Face!

Chapter 180 - A Slap In The Face!

Chapter 180 - A Slap In The Face!

An excited Quentin placed the bag of hair into his pocket. By the time he looked up again, the man had already escaped!

Quentin smacked himself on the head in annoyance.

Since Joel, the head of the Smiths, had asked him to get Ms. Smith and Uncle Ian's DNA compared, that must mean that he suspected that they were father and daughter.

Should they really be father and daughter, then that would make Nora his cousin.

That man actually had the audacity to attempt to kill his cousin just now. He should have caught him and handed him to Uncle Ian! However, one must admit that the man was indeed agile. Although he didn't have much physical strength, he excelled in nimbleness.

Quentin cast his eyes down. When did someone like that appear in New York? It seemed that it was time they ought to check it out!

He took out his cell phone and called Joel.

"I got the samples."

Then, he gave him a brief report of the process.

Upon being informed that someone was targeting Nora, Joel's voice became a little grave. He said, "Protect her for the time being. Don't let anything happen to her, just in case she's really our cousin."


Joel then asked, "The samples didn't get switched, right?"

"No way."

Quentin was very sure. He was also exceptionally confident in himself. He said, "I watched him the entire time after he got the samples. He didn't have any time to switch them in between."


The careless Nora didn't feel any lingering fear at all even after she returned to the Andersons'. Neither did she feel any pressing sense of crisis. Instead, she took out her laptop and started to look up Sponsor Grandpa's identity for her daughter.

But in the end!

Someone had encrypted his Messenger app. While she could indeed decrypt it and locate him, forcibly breaking through the firewall would expose her identity as the hacker, Q. However, if she were to bypass it without breaking the firewall, it would take her some time.

Nora hesitated for a moment before she silently quit the program. She sent a message to Cherry: 'I only found out that he is a New Yorker. I didn't find anything else.'

Cherry replied very quickly: 'You must not have tried your best, Mommy! With your invincible skill, there is absolutely no way you would have any problem investigating what you want!'

Despite the few days of separation, the little fellow was still as much a flatterer as ever!

Nora sighed. "I'm going to bed for now. I'll look him up for you again after the operation tomorrow."

"Okie-Dokie! I knew Mommy's the best! Cherry loves you~"

Nora couldn't be bothered with her crazy bouts of flattery. She stopped the voice messages and went to bed.

The child's operation was scheduled the next day, so she had to have a good sleep today.

The operation was held in the New York Hospital.

Director Shaw was the head of the Department of Neurosurgery in the hospital. It was also a big hospital on par with Hospital Finest in reputation.

Nora drove to the hospital and reached the car park on time. Then, she entered the exclusive elevator and went upstairs.

Doctors used different routes from patients' family members. Michael and the others were already waiting for Anti in the sterile zone.

Lisa, who was wearing a sterile surgical gown, stood at the back of the crowd with her eyes bright and shiny.

She was finally going to meet Anti. Even though Anti had taken her as her postgraduate student, this was the first time Lisa was going to meet Anti.

The thought of it alone made her rather nervous.

While she was thinking about this, the people next to her were also talking to one another with their voices lowered. One of them said, "Oh my god! I'm actually going to be part of the same operation as Anti!"

"I also feel so lucky! But the happiest has gotta be Lisa. I heard that she originally wasn't on the list. Moreover, this operation is so important that even doctoral students and professors want to come in and observe. Lisa is the only graduate student among them!"

"What's the big deal about that? In my opinion, Lisa will definitely be able to take part in all of Anti's operations in the future!"

Lisa, who was a little embarrassed by the praise, lowered her head shyly.

Tina, however, frowned and reprimanded them. "Stop gossiping and get ready to enter the scrub room for disinfection."

Tina could be considered the leading teacher, as well as the second surgeon, in the operation. Apart from the important parts that she would do herself, Anti would be assigning some of the other tasks to her.

Therefore, one could completely consider them as operating side by side.

Upon being lectured, the others stuck out their tongues at one another, entered the scrub area for disinfection, and also put on their masks, scrub hats, and so on.

Lisa followed behind them. She was about to go in when Tina suddenly sneered and said mockingly, "You're just Anti's student, that's all. What's there to be so proud of? Everyone knows that Anti has always been based abroad and won't be returning to the States to develop their career. You staying within the country sure puts you in a rather awkward and embarrassing situation!"

Lisa frowned when she heard what she said.

She wanted to say something, but when she thought of how the other party was a professor, she could only shut her mouth.

After they disinfected themselves, Tina looked straight at her and ordered, "You're in charge of looking after the surgical tools and the surgical sponge supply!"

Lisa was taken aback.

Surgical tools and surgical sponges in the operating room were supposed to be handled by the accompanying nurses, but Tina was actually assigning the task to her?

She was clearly oppressing her.

Lisa bit her lip, but could only give a resigned nod in the end.

The few of them then went out and waited for the chief surgeon's arrival.

It was at this moment that Tina suddenly caught a glimpse of a familiar figure through the windows outside the door.

She was stunned.

Nora Smith?

Why was she here?!

Could it be that she still hadn't given up and was intending to enter the operating room?

"Professor York, what are you looking at?" asked a doctor.

Tina withdrew her gaze at once. Her eyes swept across her side and she spotted Michael, who was nervously familiarizing himself with the things he needed to pay attention to during the operation. He looked very serious.

She pretended to walk over inadvertently and asked, "Dr. Lange, did you see Ms. Smith?"

Michael was taken aback. "What?"

Tina immediately said, "She just walked past. It seems like she has entered the changing room."

The changing room?

Michael was stunned.

Tina went on. "Anti should be in the changing room now, right? Will Ms. Smith cause any trouble to Anti if she enters the changing room like that?"

Michael rushed over practically right after she said that.

Anti didn't like to reveal their face. This was something that all of them already knew before they came for the operation. Thus, Director Shaw had specially prepared a changing room for Anti. Anti was the only one who was allowed to go in.

Only one person would be seeing what Anti really looked like today, and that was Michael—because he was Anti's assistant today!

When Michael reached the changing room, he was just in time to see Nora pushing the door open and about to enter.

He took a step forward in alarm and grabbed Nora's arm. "What are you doing? Do you know what this place is? This is a changing room that was prepared for only Anti!"

Nora raised her eyebrows and looked at him calmly. "I know that."

Michael frowned and said angrily, "Then why you are still going in? Can you afford to take the responsibility if you disturb Anti and end up affecting the operation today? I know you want to enter the operating room very much, but those shameless pestering tactics used for job hunting aren't appropriate here. You…"

Before he could finish, Nora withdrew her arm from his grasp. The seemingly amused woman asked dispassionately, "How am I supposed to operate if I don't change?"

Michael's eyes abruptly widened at her words. "W-what did you say?"