She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 182 - Tina York's Fate!

Chapter 182 - Tina York's Fate!

Chapter 182 - Tina York's Fate!

"I didn't know I was someone who cannot tell what's good for myself."

When the woman's low voice reached her ears, it made Tina wonder if she had misheard.

She hurriedly explained, "I wasn't talking about you. I…"

Before she could finish, though, she understood something in an instant. She looked at Nora incredulously and sputtered, "You… you… you…"

She didn't manage to finish her words even after repeating 'you' thrice.

Nora, however, didn't pay her any more attention. Instead, she turned and entered the operating room.

Tina, who was still in shock, stood where she was and stared after her.

This continued until someone called out, "Dr. York?"

Only then did Tina finally come back to her senses. She walked into the operating room like a zombie, glancing at the resolute-looking figure from time to time.

Nora Smith was Anti?

No, she must be dreaming! How could she possibly be Anti?!

Tina swallowed hard.

While she was in a daze, everyone in the operating room had begun making preparations for their respective tasks. The patient had been anesthetized and was currently unconscious.

Nora put on a pair of gloves, and started to draw the craniotomy's incision lines on the child's head with a marker pen. Then, she took a step back to take a scalpel.

At this point…

"Dr. York?"

Someone called out, making Tina snap back to reality. It was then that Nora realized that Tina was in a trance. Only after the person called out to her, did Tina finally hastily pick up a scalpel and step forward to perform the craniotomy.

Nora frowned.

Her gaze swept across everyone in the room—all of them looked serious, and their excitement at meeting her just now was all gone. Once they were at the operating table, they were doctors saving the sick and wounded.

Lisa was a newcomer who had never entered an operating room prior to this, and Tina had even deliberately made things difficult for her before they entered the operating room; but even she was staring at the patient seriously at this moment. She didn't make any mistakes in the tasks that she was assigned at all.

Nora felt that she hadn't misjudged her, after all. Even though her little cousin was quite the pushover in her daily life, she was able to focus and keep herself from being affected by anything at the operating table.

In contrast, Tina, as an experienced surgeon, had already performed innumerable operations before, yet she was still behaving like that. She was simply too irresponsible!

Her expression turned cold. She stepped forward, stopped Tina, and said, "I'll do it instead."

Although a craniotomy was a simple procedure, one must treat every operation with caution and reverence.

Everyone could tell that Tina wasn't in the right frame of mind. Thus, no one doubted Anti when she said that.

Tina was the only one who frowned and glared at her furiously.

However, no one was to refute the chief surgeon's instructions when they were in the operating room. Thus, she could only take a step back.

Nora lowered her head and started to perform the operation seriously.

For a while, the operating room was silent as everyone busied themselves with their tasks.


Nora suddenly stretched out her hand behind her.

Tina, whom Nora had forced behind her, was stunned for a moment. She hurriedly picked up the forceps from the operating table and handed it to her, but Nora unexpectedly didn't take them from her.

Tina looked back up to see Anti, who felt so foreign to her, saying frigidly and slightly sarcastically, "Are you unable to even distinguish between forceps and hemostats, Dr. York? Were you really the head of the surgery department at Hospital Finest? Have you really performed operations before? Are the patients you operated on still alive? Also, I really suspect that the person who hired you must be blind."

Every word of hers was like a knife that ruthlessly lacerated Tina's cheeks, making her feel as if her skin had been sliced into ribbons and all fallen onto the floor.

The students around them also looked at her.

Tina felt as if all the blood in her had rushed to the top of her head in an instant. She suddenly said shrilly, "You're picking on me!"

Right after she shouted, she hurled the object in her hand at Nora!

Nora, who was already on the alert, abruptly stretched her leg out and kicked Tina away while her arm was swinging down!


Tina slammed against the wall and fell onto the floor. She wanted to get up, but she instead tasted something sickly sweet in her mouth. The next moment, she coughed up a mouthful of blood.

None of the others in the operating room could react in time to her sudden lashing out.

Nora, however, had held on steadily to the craniotomy instrument with one hand without even moving.


Her calm and contained voice brought everyone back to their senses. Michael was the calmest among them, but he was relatively far away. He was about to walk over and pass Nora the tool when someone reacted and handed her the forceps.

Michael looked over—it was Lisa.

He was a little surprised, but after that, he couldn't help but sigh. Anti really did have a great eye for people. Everyone thought that the postgraduate student she had taken was too much of a pushover, but unexpectedly, she could actually react so quickly in the face of such an accident.

She was really devoting her whole mind and body to the operation.

Despite the small episode in the middle, the operation went on smoothly.

Four hours later, Nora finished the last step. She stepped aside and instructed Michael, "Stitch the wound."


The others helped Michael while he was stitching up the wound. Nora took the opportunity to move her fingers and her wrists, as well as her shoulders.

A four-hour operation was no biggie to her.

After she stretched, she finally looked at Tina, who had collapsed onto the floor and passed out in an area some distance away.

Her going crazy in the operating room was something that no one could have seen coming.

Otherwise, Nora would never have allowed her to enter the operating room and pose a threat to the patient.

It was also because of this that she had applied more force and made her pass out with a kick.

She casually picked Tina up and dragged her out of the operating room.

Some of the others happened to look over. When they caught sight of Anti's back view, they suddenly broke into a layer of cold sweat.

Twenty minutes later, Tina slowly opened her eyes.

Director Shaw and the others were standing in front of her. He berated her sternly. "You've really disappointed us, Tina! How could you get into a fight in the operating room?! If it weren't for Anti, were you also going to ruin the operation?!"

Tina's eyes widened in shock.

Director Shaw then announced her penalty. He said, "Your medical license will be revoked. The school will also cancel your qualification as a professor and dismiss you!"

They were going to revoke her license? If they did that, she would never be able to perform surgery ever again! Her career would be utterly ruined!

Tina panicked. She jumped right up from the bed and said, "Director Shaw, I—"

But before she could finish, the police came over and said, "I'm sorry, Dr. York, but the patient's family members have made a police report and accused you of interfering with the operation. Please assist us in the investigations."


While the police were taking Tina away, Nora changed back to her clothes. She dragged her feet and slowly shuffled off. She was about to leave the floor when a voice suddenly came from behind her.

"Ms. Smith?"

A surprised Nora turned around to see Joel standing behind her not too far away.

He looked as amicable as ever. His upturned eyes were slightly narrowed as he looked at her, and there was a scrutinizing look in his eyes…